Two girls saved by Facebook

On Sunday night, in Australia, two young girls trapped in a storm drain have been saved, not by calling the emergency services but by updating their status on Facebook.

Alerted by a visitor, the fire brigade of the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) has been coming to the rescue two young children aged 10 and 12 years but still concerned about the nature of the emergency call sent. Glenn Benham, the SFF, said: "For us it is worrisome because it made us lose time in our rescue mission." He added: "If they were able to connect to Facebook from their mobile phones, they might as well have dial 000. In this way they would have told us directly and we’d arrived on the scene faster. "

Yet despite these incidents, according to psychologist Tracy Alloway of the University of Stirling in Scotland, Facebook will make us smarter. She says the Telegraph as well as games of strategy, such as the Total Wars series, can contribute to working memory. "I’m not saying they are helping to develop a sense of sociability, but they force you to use your memory the (…) sudoku also work just as staying in touch with Facebook friends."


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