ASUS launches P7P55D Series Hybrid Motherboards

The ASUS P7P55D Series Features the Latest Intel Chipset, 48 Hybrid
Phase Power, and SATA 6Gbps Connectivity for the Ultimate in

ASUS, the leading innovator of advanced motherboard solutions, today
launched the ASUS P7P55D Series motherboards. Featuring the Intel P55
Express chipset, the P7P55D Series supports the latest LGA 1156 socket
for Intel Core i7/Core i5 Processors for maximum performance. The
P7P55 Series is based on groundbreaking "Xtreme Design", a winning
design formula drawn from many years of engineering innovation, to
optimize overall system performance and hardware reliability. It also
includes the latest Hybrid Technology—Hybrid Processor, Hybrid Phase,
and Hybrid OS—to give users intelligent performance enhancement, active
cooling, and rapid online access.


Achieving 6Gbps Storage Bandwidth with Exclusive Expansion Bridge

Equipped with a specially-designed onboard chip, the P7P55D Premium
is the first motherboard to natively support 6Gbps data transfer
bandwidth with the latest SATA storage interface. With this expansion
bridge, the P7P55D Premium unleashes the performance potential of the
latest hard disk drives, achieving almost double the throughput from
existing SATA compatible drives. By eliminating any transmission
bottlenecks, the expansion bridge enables 50% faster reading and
writing of disk data. For other P7P55D Series models, ASUS also
provides an expansion card to achieve the same results.

Optimizing Efficiency with Revolutionary Hybrid Phase Power Delivery

Users can expect maximum power efficiency, extremely cool
operations, and enhanced component longevity from the P7P55D Series.
With its Hybrid Phase Technology—combining ASUS Xtreme Phase with ASUS
T.Probe—the series delivers maximum efficiency and extremely stable
power. P7P55D Premium’s 48 Hybrid Phase technology is the most
power-efficient design in the industry, surpassing other 48-phase
prototype motherboards. ASUS T.Probe is the world’s first active
cooling technology that detects and balances power phase loadings and
temperatures in real time—especially around the active CPU. A new
frequency conversion technology further improves efficiency by
maximizing energy utility. High-grade materials also help enhance
component longevity and further minimize power loss. Additionally, the
P7P55D Premium includes Stack Cool 3+, and is the world’s first
motherboard with four layers of 2Oz copper in an 8-layer PCB design.
This delivers ultra-cool performance even under extreme overclocking

Enhancing Performance with Intelligent Hybrid Processor

With its new Hybrid Processor, the P7P55D Series lets users achieve
superior overclocking performance with the latest Intel CPU and the
ASUS TurboV EVO, which functions like a second microprocessor. Both
novice and hardcore overclockers can easily boost system performance
with TurboV EVO’s intuitive interface. Additionally, overclocking is
simplified by onboard tools including Auto Tuning which automatically
overclocks the system to an extreme yet stable state; ASUS OC Profile
which offers the best overclocking settings for different scenarios;
ASUS Turbo Key which creates more physical overclocking buttons on the
keyboard for instantaneous overclocking; and ASUS TurboV Remote* which
allows users to overclock from a convenient controller.

Hybrid OS Delivers Express Gate and Windows 7 Benefits

Hybrid OS integrates Windows and ASUS Express Gate onto the ASUS
P7P55D Series for more flexibility. Users can upgrade to Windows 7 and
have better security and faster performance, while Express Gate
delivers rapid access to online applications—within five seconds.




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