MSI unveils Xtreme Speed mainboard Series

World-renown mainboard and graphics card manufacturer, MSI has just
released its Xtreme Speed mainboard series, providing maximum
performance with the P55 chipset and support for Intel’s Lynnfield Core
i7 and Core i5 processors. Additionally, the Xtreme Speed mainboard
series integrates three high-power features – OC Genie, SuperPipe, and
DrMOS – to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. The OC Genie
automatically finds the best BIOS settings to overclock your system and
boosts performance with the push of a button. SuperPipe’s heat-pipe is
made with strictly selected materials for the most effective cooling.
The DrMOS power supply’s outstanding module design offers enhanced
power-saving and stability. In addition, this series equips other
unique features such as APS, Direct OC, and V-Kit to let users break
through barriers and reach the most extreme speeds.

 OC Genie: Auto OC to boost performance in 1 sec

speaking, the major considerations when customers purchase mainboards
are the overclocking ability and performance. However, traditional
overclocking methods are too complicated for the general public to
master. With over 20 years of R&D experience, MSI has released OC
Genie technology to make overclocking more accessible; simply by
pressing the OC Genie button, the OC Genie automatic overclocking chip
detects and sets performance-optimized CPU, RAM, and chipset settings
within one second, for easy performance expansion that gets the most
out of every part.

SuperPipe: Advanced 8mm Copper Heat-Pipe, An Outstanding Cooling Experience

the CPUs’ thermal design power (TDP) value approaches 150W, efficient
cooling technology for mainboards becomes critical as it determines the
board’s overclocking ability and stability. As such, MSI introduces the
SuperPipe cooling design. The 8mm full copper heat-pipe is 60% thicker
than traditional pipes, and is also the thickest heat-pipe in the
market. According to tests, the MSI mainboards with SuperPipe run 50℃
cooler than those without, proving that MSI’s SuperPipe offers the most
effective chipset cooling in the market.

DrMOS: 400% faster phase switching, 90% better power efficiency

provide customers with superior products, MSI has been equipping DrMOS
since the introduction of its P45 mainboards. DrMOS technology combines
a Driver IC、a Top MOSFET and a Bottom MOSFET into one chip. The shorter
distance between every component provides 4 times faster phase
switching speed and over 90% better power efficiency. The design not
only decreases the working temperature, but also increases the
stability of the power supply – especially in high frequencies. For the
best stability, DrMOS is essential for professional overclockers and
power users. Having become a mainboard manufacturer renown for its
performance and overclocking capabilities, MSI’s implementation of
DrMOS into its high-end mainboards proves that DrMOS is leading the
industry in power supply design!

Other unique technologies provide better performance and more convenience

The above advantages aside, the Xtreme Speed mainboard series contains many other easy-to-use features.


Points combines with V-Switch’s V-Kit to provide power measurement pins
and on/off switch. Users can measure the CPU and RAM voltages with a
multimeter, while the V-Switch feature provides the maximum system
voltage within a definite range in one switch. The feature can help
save advanced overclockers valuable time by eliminating the need for
manual circuit modification. These combined features can be
indispensable during overclocking competitions.

APS (Active Phase Switching)

(Active Phase Switching) can dynamically detect and shift the number of
PWM Phases During heavy loading, all phases will be turned on to offer
maximum performance; but in light/middle loading, the unused phases
will be turned off for more than 93% power saving. Combined with DrMOS
power design, it can reach the best energy use efficiency!

Winki 2.0

2.0 is a free Linux-based O/S which is based on the Linux core. With an
ultra-fast booting speed and a multi-language interface, the built-in
Winki 2.0 provides an easy-to-use internet environment that includes
the most popular functions such as internet surfing, web mail, instant
messaging, picture browsing, and more. It’s the most practical way to
be online in the shortest time.

Direct OC

OC is attractive function for ultimate overclockers – by pressing the
+/- buttons, users can instantly adjust the CPU frequency on-the-fly.
Its pure hardware design allows Direct OC to work in any situation
without restriction, and, when coupled with OC Genie technology, offers
a noticeable performance increase.

True Blu-ray Audio

sampling without Blu-ray protection support downgrades sound quality to
the CD 16bit/48KHz level. However, MSI’s True Blu-ray Audio provides
high definition, 7.1 channels of quality 24bit/192KHz audio sampling to
satisfy a home theater enthusiast’s needs!

Power eSATA

eSATA improves the traditional eSATA standard with a new power supply
feature. This feature allows cuitumers to directly use low-power eSATA
devices without having to plug-in an extra power cord. Similar to USB,
this feature makes eSATA even more convenient without sacrificing any
of its high-performance advantages.

USB Safeguard

Safeguard can prevent mainboards and USB devices from being damaged by
short-circuit and ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) with Anti-ESD chips
built-into the mainboards. Additionally, the safeguard can protect
against such dangers multiple times, and greatly improves product

Easy Button 2

and power users often need to turn on/off or reset their PC without any
chassis installed. Easy Button 2 equips power, reset and clear CMOS
touch-sensitive keys directly on the mainboards, so users have
immediate access to these functions immediately.

MSI’s Xtreme
Speed mainboards easily meet customers’ demands for easy overclocking,
effective cooling, and power-saving. Additionally, these boards offer a
slew of practical functions putting MSI’s Xtreme Speed mainboards in a
class of their own.


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