Broadcom Announces High Definition Satellite Set-Top Box SoC

Broadcom Corporation, a global leader in
semiconductors for wired and wireless communications, today announced
new single-chip, multi-format high definition (HD) satellite set-top
box (STB) solutions featuring an integrated Multimedia over Coax
Alliance (MoCA) 1.1 core. With these new system-on-a-chip (SoC)
solutions, service providers worldwide can now offer whole-home digital
media distribution and connected TV services that enable subscribers to
securely access, store and share multiple types of digital media
content including HDTV programs, video-on-demand, multi-room digital
video recorder (DVR) programming, Internet content, user-generated
video, music, photos and voice over Internet protocol.

The new energy efficient MoCA-based solutions enable service
providers to deploy a whole-home connected entertainment environment
featuring multi-room DVR while providing a consistent look across an
entire range of STBs in the home. With support for the Digital Living
Network Alliance (DLNA) Interoperability Guidelines, the new satellite
STB SoCs facilitate the easy sharing of digital content between
DLNA-enabled devices, allowing a seamless experience for sharing and
enjoying digital media and content services throughout the home. Other
features include a 3D graphics engine for an advanced user interface
along with support for the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) to deliver
interactive TV applications, the Adobe Flash Platform for the Digital
Home enabling a rich web-based TV video experience and the RVU
Alliance’s pixel accurate Remote User Interface (RUI) technology that
allows an identical user experience on multiple devices.

Announced today are the Broadcom BCM7340 and BCM7342
single-chip satellite receivers that enable unmatched functionality for
direct broadcast satellite (DBS) set-top boxes and support multiple
worldwide formats including the DVB-S2, DVB-S and 8PSK standards, with
backwards compatibility to the DVB-S standard. Building upon Broadcom’s
field proven and successful family of STB solutions, these new chips
offer extremely high levels of integration and performance that enable
worldwide service providers to offer the latest in connectivity and
advanced applications to their subscribers while significantly reducing
power requirements, complexity and overall bill of materials cost. Both
chips feature high performance and cost effective DDR3-based memory
that provides significant cost and energy savings over DDR2-based

The BCM7340 and BCM7342
satellite receivers each feature dynamic power management controllers
that provide a very power efficient ecosystem, capable of shutting down
unused system components in real-time. Even in these low power modes,
the SoCs continue to remain aware of network events both in the home
and from multiple service provider access points, enabling them to
quickly respond to network and user inputs. Both chips offer support
for Energy Star and are European Code of Conduct compliant.

The BCM7340 and BCM7342 are similar in their respective feature sets; however, the BCM7342
MoCA-integrated satellite solution acts as the media center to enable
service providers to offer multi-room DVR capabilities while the BCM7340
acts as a thin media client, allowing multiple users to store, time
shift or access content from media servers or residential gateways for
playback on STBs anywhere in the home.

"With integrated MoCA and DLNA support, our latest generation
of high definition satellite set-top box SoCs are ideally positioned to
drive the connected home entertainment experience," said Nicholas Dunn,
Senior Director of Marketing for Broadcom’s Satellite Set-Top Box line
of business. "As consumers continue to expect more advanced features,
such as multi-room DVR, Broadcom is enabling the transition to a more
connected and interactive home network environment that also reduces
the power, complexity and overall cost for the solution provider."

Technical Information

The BCM7340
is Broadcom’s next generation satellite set-top box SoC with integrated
MoCA 1.1 technology designed in a 65 nanometer CMOS process. It
integrates a single tuner/demodulator from Broadcom’s BCM4505
front-end technology and uses the latest generation of AVC decoder that
supports multiple video formats and dynamic power management
capabilities. It supports several TV output interfaces on-chip
including HDMI, baseband composite, component or S-Video, and utilizes
a high definition video encoder (with copy protection) that supports
NTSC, PAL and SECAM, with simultaneous standard definition output
integrated on-chip. It also incorporates Broadcom’s advanced 2D/3D
graphics engine offering true studio-quality text and graphics with
extremely efficient use of memory and bandwidth. Broadcom’s flexible
architecture also allows MoCA tuning from 500 to 1500 MHz (to be
compatible with satellite signals on the same coax).

The BCM7342 is identical to the BCM7340 with the addition of DVR watch and record capabilities. It also integrates a dual tuner/demodulator from Broadcom’s BCM4506 front-end technology (versus the single tuner/demodulator of the BCM7340 that uses Broadcom’s BCM4505 front-end technology).

Availability and Pricing

The Broadcom BCM7340 and BCM7342
high definition satellite set-top box SoC solutions with integrated
MoCA are now sampling to early access customers. Pricing is available
upon request.

MoCA Background

MoCA technology enables the distribution of high quality digital
multimedia content throughout the home using existing coaxial cable
simultaneously with content provider services. With a content service
provider’s media center managing the digital rights, MoCA streams and
distributes the content to multiple thin media clients in the home.
MoCA has emerged as a popular method for in-home multimedia
distribution among cable, satellite and telecommunication service
providers in the U.S. and is gaining recognition as a reliable and cost
effective solution for international adoption.


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