Altec Lansing announced Orbit USB iML237 – Ultra portable USB speaker

Altec Lansing introduced its Orbit line of portable speakers and it seemed that they were destined to end up in the throwaway category.Today, there is one more member added in the Orbit family, that is Orbit USB iML237 – a ultra portable USB speaker. It is a perfect for the frequent traveler, providing surprisingly big sound and the convenience of plug-and-play USB connectivity for netbooks and laptops. Weighing in at less than six ounces, this powerful little speaker boasts Altec Lansing’s Audio Alignment design, which is the precise balance and craftsmanship of the key audio components the driver, the enclosure and the electronics. The sonic result is astounding volume, clarity and depth in a small system.

The circular shape provides a 360-degree sound field and the retractable stand aims the audio wherever wanted. Built to survive tough travel conditions, the Orbit USB includes a stylish neoprene case with hook-on carabineer as well as tangle-free cord storage. The Orbit USB can be tossed in a backpack and provide powerful instant sound at any time. Next, business people can enhance their presentations with board-room filling sound from the Orbit USB, which is small enough to pack in a briefcase. And then they can listen to music in their hotel rooms at night. Whether you like to listen to iTunes, watch movies or simply need better presentation sound, the Orbit USB’s plug-and-play audio will work for you. And the battery-free design offers an environmentally responsible solution.


  • Incredible digital clarity : From the source to the speaker, sound stays digitally wired through the USB connection. No fuzz, no muffle, just quality audio.
  • Surprising power : The Orbit USB packs a powerful sonic punch for its small size.
  • 360O sound field : Push astonishing sound in all directions.
  • USB powered : No batteries or AC cord, just plug-and-play.
  • Audio Alignment : Perfectly balanced components ensure ultimate sound.
  • Tough design : With aluminum and composite construction, it can handle knocks.
  • Neoprene case : The stylist black case comes with carabiner hook—perfect for travel
    LED power indicator
  • Stand : Retractable stand lets you aim the sound in any direction.
  • USB cord storage : Free from tangle, just wind up the 16” cord and go. 

The Altec Lansing Orbit USB iML237 will be available in mid-September at BestBuy, and other leading consumer electronics retailers, as well as at MSRP is US$49.95.


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