Yahoo! Flickr has its official iPhone application

The famous-sharing service Flickr photos, run by Yahoo, is now applying his official (and free) Application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Community service for sharing photos online Flickr is accessible from a mobile application officially published by Yahoo! IPhone and iPod Touch, to consult but also to publish photographs.

It offers the ability to upload photos taken from the NPC ‘s iPhone and organize them by tags or group them in albums, or even by the geotag geotagging. The application can also be notified of updates to contacts.

A search function and consultation lets users find pictures of a given contact and comment or pictures to mark your favorites. The search can also be done from a name or place, providing access to photos of users worldwide.

Flickr for iPhone and iPod Touch is a free downloadable application from the App Store. To Run Flickr on iPhone and iPod you need 3.0 OS to be installed.


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