Buffalo Launches New External USB Hard Disk

The Japanese brand Buffalo announces the availability of a new external hard drive.

Plugged into the USB port on the computer to supply 5 volts and data transmission with speeds up to 60 Mbps, this external hard drive weighs 190 grams and displays 16 millimeters thick, which is 6 mm less than the previous generation.

Besides, it incorporates a system that stops the rotation of the plates in the absence of use and reduces to 27% energy consumption. A more significant when using a laptop, since it allows not wasting autonomy.

Four models HD-PV320U2-BK-HD-PV500U2 BK PV320U2-HD and HD-WH-WH-PV500U2 are present in the catalog. They correspond to a black finish on 320 / 500 GB and a white finish in 320 / 500 GB.

– Format 2.5 inches
– Storage Capacity: 320 or 500 GB
– Data transfer with USB 2.0 / 1.1
– Dimensions: 81 x 16 x 130 mm 
– Weight: 190 g
– Finish: white or black
– Supply 5 V via USB
– System power management to stop the rotation of the plates in the absence of use


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