SatGuide introduces Device With Worldwide Maps

SatNav Technologies, pioneers in GPS Navigation in India since 2005,today launched a navigation product that will work all over the world, withcurrent map options of India, USA, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe. This isthe first time an Indian GPS service provider has launched a single productthat empowers the buyer for all multiple regions. Consumers travelling to theseregions will now have access to a detailed road network across more than 250provinces in USA and Canada and 21 countries in Europe in addition to India mapswith 404 cities and more than 16 lakh destinations (points of interest) on SatGuide P360 PDA (Personal DigitalAssistant).

Indian outbound travel market has grown tremendously over the lastdecade. North America, Canada and Europe remain their top destinations oftravel. The World Tourism Organization of the United ‎Nations (UNWTO) predictsthat India will account for 50 million outbound tourists by 2020. SatNav aimsat targeting this customer base with its innovative range of navigationdevices.

In addition, India is becoming immensely popular as both a tourism andbusiness destination with over 5 million people visiting annually, a numberexpected to grow over the coming years. A Navigation system that works for themat home as well as in India will be a boon to these travelers who are used togetting to their places of interest with ease.

“With the rising number of Indian citizens visiting US and Europeancountries each year, as well as the inbound visitors increasing, the need fornavigational devices that offer detailed road maps of these regions alsoincreases. SatGuide PDA is an indispensable travel tool for internationaltravelers which they can immensely benefit from”, said Amit Prasad, Founder andChief Executive Officer, SatNav Technologies. “Our philosophy has always beento provide our consumers with the best products at a reasonable price. Thisproduct takes it a step further in that direction empowering consumers with afully loaded device enriched with both national and international road maps, ata very reasonable price”, he added.

The comprehensive navigational maps, sourced from a global partner,which SatGuide PDA buyers can now navigate from, include detailed road networkof New York, Washington, Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, California, Florida,Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, Ohio, Oklahoma and many more cities in US. Italso covers Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Balkan countries, BalticStates, Scandinavian Countries, France, Hungary, Slovakia and UK in Europe.

These maps are compatible with all other PNDs (Personal NavigationDevices) and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) operating on Windows CE,WinMobile and Symbian platforms. The maps for US/ Canada and European countriesare priced at INR 2,999 (two thousand nine hundred ninety nine only) and INR3,999 (three thousand nine hundred and ninety nine only) respectively and areavailable exclusively at

SatGuide P360 (PDA) offershigh quality satellite navigation with full PDA capability. It’s a greatlooking device, doing far more than just navigation. Installed withcutting edge technology, it comeswith a windshield suction cup holder and all accessories to charge it in yourcar or in the office. SatGuide PDA is a trendy gadget option for all yourPocket PC and Navigation requirements too.

The device is priced at INR. 19,999 (nineteen thousand nine hundredand ninety nine only) for an international region plus India maps, makingit an eye-catcher for anyone who is looking at purchasing a stylish yetaffordable PDA.


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