Silverlight 4 with support for DRM outside the browser and support multicast.

Microsoft leaked some information on Silverlight 4 with support for DRM outside the browser and support multicast.In a statement the Redmond company announced that part of its technology to rival Adobe’s Flash will be presented in its fourth version of Silverlight where the conference IBC (International Broadcasting Conference) will be held in Amsterdamin the Netherlands from 11 to 15 September 2009. At that time Microsoft will make some demonstrations of new possibilities of Silverlight 4.

Microsoft shows already that this demonstration will focus on the support of its technology DRM PlayReady for the content offline. This feature will allow movie studios to offer the same interactivity via digital copying and Internet distribution as proposed with the DVD or Blu-ray. Support native multicast has also been mentioned.

Microsoft has also indicated its intention to propose within a month the final version of IIS Media Services 3.0. With Silverlight 3.0 and feature Smooth Streaming to adjust the bandwidth of a network this platform enables delivery of movies in high definition (1080p).

Moreover the specifications of IIS Smooth Streaming Transport Protocol Interoperable and Protected File Format (PIFF) will be published under license from Microsoft Community Promise. No prosecution in perspective so for third-party developers who will implement these technologies for interoperability with IIS Media Services.



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