Sony announces high-end ZX51080p LCD TV with wireless connectivity

Sony has announced high-end ZX5 after the success of his ZX1 LCD television . The high-end ZX5 uses improved Motion Flow technology and receives the image signals like its predecessor, wireless via an external box.

As expected, both models will
support full HD at 1080p and will come wrapped in a truly low-form
factor slim frame design that measures in at a mere 16.6mm thick for
the 52-in model and 15.8mm for the 46-inch.The wireless connectivity
box accepts HDMI inputs and features both Internet connectivity and
integrated video-on-demand.

Sony latest high-definition televisions will fit right into the
already award-winning line of BRAVIA HDTVs. Known as the ZX5 series,
the two new sets are definitely at the high-end of their product line
in both features and price. Both sets will sport Sony wicked 240Hz Flow
Motion technology that virtually eliminates motion blur and pixelation
at high movement rates, integrated wireless streaming and edge-mounted
white LED backlighting to enhance the mood.

The new Sony BRAVIA ZX5 series is expected to hit the shores of
Japan sometime this November and so far it looks like it will include
only the 46 and 52-in models. As of yet, Sony has not released pricing
or additional availability info.


  1. I dont think that its useless, such inventions are often guarantees the innovation of technology. Once these products launched in market, it does take time to improve. For example even a simple example: cd burner first came with write speeds of 2x and 4x for And now its 32x


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