New Web address for FF-XII

Square Enix has opened a new Final Fantasy XII “sub site,” which will be releasing new information and media on the game while the main site is closed for “repairs.”

“The official site is currently in preparations for a renewal. We’re sorry for all the fans that have been waiting a long time for an update. Until the renewal is complete, please check out the latest information from this ‘special issue site,'” comments Square Enix on the new site.

The site currently hosts two sections: one for screenshots and one that is an introduction page to the characters. The site also has a story section and a download section, which will go live in the near future.

The character section features information on two characters that weren’t revealed on the main site, Penelo and Basch. Penelo is a 16-year-old Hume and is the girlfriend of the main character, Vaan. Though Penelo lost her family during the previous war, she lives a cheerful life by helping out in a bazaar. A singer and dancer, she is also skilled in the military art she learned from her brother, who was a knight.

Basch is a general working for the Dalmascan army. A 36-year-old Hume, Basch is known for his heroism in battle and his strong sense of justice. However, Basch killed the Dalmascan king during its treaty ceremony with the Arcadia Empire. Why he did so is unknown but will likely be explained during the game.

Final Fantasy XII is planned for release on the PlayStation 2 sometime in the winter of 2004 or spring of 2005. No retail price has been announced

News source: Gamespot


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