Gaikai beta this month in Europe

David Perry of Gaikai Europe has opted for a first region of the beta online service Gaikai with cloud computing technology. It shows how in the video that can reach to this address. Within a Firefox window you can see running several next-generation games and PC that are actually processed by a remote server that is located 800 miles from the computer but running on Firefox.

In the words of Perry the games have not undergone any changes over their counterparts in the original and Firefox is running without plug-ins or other changes. Furthermore the system is able to handle multiple games at once because the calculations are run from another PC remotely. We note some slowdown due to the latency of the Internet connection.

One of the reasons for the success of the iPhone depends on the ease of access. We have taken this philosophy to our new technology to allow users access to games with just one click regardless of location (home, work, school on the road). The games come on a normal browser windows, inside Facebook, MySpace, Flash sites, etc.. writes Perry.

This technology is being developed in the offices of Perry in California..As for cloud computing the basic principle is to the calculation of the graphics remotely and send the images already rendered on the terminal at home without performing other calculations. The most important project in this field is OnLive.Check this video


  1. Gaikai is a service similar to OnLive and also stream games via the Internet.Gaikai will take place entirely through the browser, there is no special software or hardware and only requires the latest Adobe Flash Player. The beta has not started yet, but if you register you will automatically be heard when it starts.


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