Crucial Memory Brings DDR3 Performance Benefits to Mainstream Desktops

 Key Messages:

  • 1GB and 2GB Crucial DDR3-1333MHz (PC3-10600) non-ECC and ECC UDIMM memory modules are available now.
  • New Crucial memory upgrades support the latest Intel desktop processors.
  • Crucial DDR3-1333MHz memory options have been validated with new Intel technology and are Intel-certified.


Multimedia Elements:

  • Crucial Image Gallery
  • Intel DDR3 Non-ECC Validation List
  • Intel DDR3 ECC Validation List

Lexar Media, a leading global provider of memory products for
digital media, today announced the availability of Crucial DDR3-1333MHz
(PC3-10600) 1GB and 2GB ECC and non-ECC UDIMM memory modules. These new
modules have been qualified for compatibility with Intel’s latest
generation of desktop processors and chipsets – the Intel Core™ i5 and
Intel Core i7 processors, with Intel P55 chipsets. This latest Crucial
DDR3 memory offering opens up DDR3 performance gains to mainstream

"Intel’s new P55 and Intel Core i5/Core i7 based processors,
coupled with Crucial’s DDR3-1333MHz UDIMM memory upgrades, bring DDR3
performance to mainstream desktop computing
which until now has been targeted mainly at performance enthusiasts and
high-end workstation applications," said Jim Jardine, Lexar Media’s
senior worldwide product manager. "We’ve worked closely with Intel to
ensure our memory has been validated as compatible with these next
generation platforms."

The new DDR3-1333MHz modules are available in 2GB and 4GB kits
through select resellers worldwide and at,, or With the Crucial Memory
Advisor online tool, customers can also find guaranteed-compatible
DDR3-1333MHz memory upgrades by choosing their system make and model
from a drop-down menu. Like many Crucial memory products, the new
DDR3-1333MHz ECC and non-ECC modules include a limited lifetime


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