Buffalo Technology secures external storage

Buffalo Technology, a global leader in the design, development and
manufacturing of storage and wireless networking, today launches the
Buffalo DriveStation with Hardware Encryption. An external desktop hard
drive with built-in encryption, the new DriveStation is perfect for
those requiring a stylish USB storage device with the peace of mind of
added security.

With two modes of encryption, the new glossy black DriveStation
secures all private data from unauthorised access. Its Full Disk
Encryption mode, with robust AES256bit encryption, secures all data as
soon as it is written to the drive. With access only available via a
pre determined password, users can be sure that all data is secure,
safe and hidden. For convenience, the new Secure Lock Manager Easy
feature automatically remembers passwords, eliminating the need to
enter one each time the drive is accessed.

Paul Hudson, Northern European Sales Director, Buffalo Technology,
said: “The new DriveStation with Hardware Encryption is the perfect
solution for the security conscious home or office user. Knowing that
your digital images, music and business documents are securely backed
up and stored not only takes the stress out of managing all your files,
but also frees up your internal PC or Mac hard drive so you can enjoy
even more digital content.”

The DriveStation with Hardware Encryption also has a Non-Encryption
mode, allowing sharable files to be viewed by a PC or Mac via USB
connection. Other features include Memeo AutoSync software, which
automatically syncs the DriveStation with a PC or Mac, ensuring backed
up files are always kept up to date.

For the energy conscious, Ecomanager spins down the DriveStation’s
hard drive when it is idle, saving power until the drive is next
accessed. The auto-power on/off switch also automatically shuts down
the drive when a PC is switched off.

The DriveStation with Hardware Encryption’s key features include:

  • Full Disk Encryption for Windows to protect data from unauthorised access
  • Secure
    Lock Manager Easy for Windows – remembers your log-on credentials and
    logs you on to your drive quickly when using Full Automatic Encryption
    for Windows
  • Memeo AutoSync backup software to protect your files
  • Picasa software from Google that allows you to easily organise and edit digital photos and movies
  • Eco friendly features –  new Power Saving Mode for Windows that automatically powers on and off with your PC
  • Easy to use and set up out of the box with no drivers needed
  • Connects via USB to any PC or Mac


Pricing and availability
The Buffalo
DriveStation with Hardware Encryption is available from Amazon, Dabs,
Insight, Misco and other leading resellers.

  • HD-CX500U2 – SRP £69.99 Inc. VAT
  • HD-CX1.0TU2 – SRP £88.99 Inc. VAT
  • HD-CX1.5TU2 – SRP £129.99 Inc. VAT
  • HD-CX2.0TU2 – SRP £209.99 Inc. VAT


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