New Apple iPod Classic 160GB

After Apple has been the capacity of the iPod classic brought back to 120 GB the company stated on Wednesday that the iPod classic 160 GB storage capacity is available.

Despite the increased storage capacity price will remains the unchanged. The iPod classic 160 GB can seat about 40 thousand songs and 200 hours video. Both the appearance and functions of the iPod classic have remained unchanged. The iPod classic is available in black and silver both with 160 GB. Previously there was a 80 GB model available but it took Apple two years ago from the range.

Recently were still rumors that the Apple iPod classic from the range would make the player a long time because no significant change was seen. These rumors proved highly exaggerated. It seems with the new capacity is not the classic that Apple would want to get out of the range though the player is gradually mature to be.

The main focus of Apple is now on the iPod touch,which the company has more than twenty million copies sold, and the brand-new iPod nano which used to be but preferably more than one hundred million copies were sold. Apple claims the nano is the best selling iPod ever followed by the iPod touch.



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