It will be an adaptation of the published version on the Xbox 360 with lots of improvements.  Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will include
several new features 

The game

The most intense challenging action returns with Ryu’s latest adventure, the now legendary ninja. Travel from Tokyo to New York while you end up with a multitude of new enemies, thanks to the huge arsenal of ninja weapons that you are getting in your way.

Exclusive to PS3, again enjoy one of the sagas that best reflects the spirit of action games on the new generation. The great success of the first delivery, both critical and sales, says the success of this second part.

Essential characteristics

  •  Rachel, Ayane and Momiji appear as new playable characters, from Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword, respectively
  •  30 different enemies, 17 missions and 70 scenes are impressive numbers this new delivery
  • Enemies and bosses never seen before entering the already formidable cast of creatures that populate these fascinating scenarios
  •  Every time you repeat a level, rivals appear differently and adopt tactics to attack non-repetitive
  •  The weapons that you can be getting upgraded to increase their power and acquire new techniques
  •  Excellent visual and noise level thanks to the graphics in Full HD and 5.1 audio. Immersion in the game is complete.
  •  34 additional missions are unlocked for play in multiplayer mode both online and on an individual basis.

Main Characters

Ryu Hayabusa – A descendant of the Lineage of the Dragon Ninja, is a youth component of the Hayabusa Clan. It has overcome many hardships and has evolved into a man who is not ashamed of the nickname "Super Dragon and Ninja Ninja. Although Joe Hayabusa is alive and well, the entrusted Ryu the Dragon Sword, an ancient sword that has passed through generations of clan leaders.

Ayane – is a young kunoichi, or female ninja, who is always willing to lend a hand to Ryu. Not a member of the Hayabusa Clan and his reason for helping Ryu is not clear. Although he is young, has shown himself to be fulfilled a prodigy in the ninja arts management. Throwing knives are decorated with a flower its house brand and complete sample of the Ninja Master Ayane.

Momiji – is a young ninja from the Hayabusa Village and the only Shrine Maiden of the Dragon. In your home is considered an elder sister for all children. He admires Ryu who believes his teacher and after a thorough training in the ninja arts has created its own unique ability. Momiji is skilled in the art of using the long sword or naginata.

Rachel – A "Hunter Amiga" whose terrible fighting powers contrast with its beauty, is afflicted by the curse of the "Blood of the Demon". His younger sister Alma also suffered the same curse of blood, through which eventually died. Create your own power may cause the curse and every day trying to bury the curse in the dark of night.

Other characters

Sonia – A CIA agent who is investigating a case of high secrecy about the Devils. Sumptuous and exuberant, not afraid to face the most dangerous situations you may encounter, as their faithful revolvers always ready to act.

Muramasa – is a legendary master swordsmith. His Herrerías are scattered throughout the world. Currently he can be seen selling antiques in Tokyo.

Joe Hayabusha – Hayabusa Ninja Clan Leader and father of Ryu Hayabusa. It’s the perfect example of a Ninja Dragon, and boasting an improper legendary strength even for someone who comes from the Dragon Lineage. Joe would sacrifice himself for the greater good without thinking twice.

Sanji – A boy from the Hayabusa Village. Although still very young, very promising is a ninja. Momiji loves like his older sister and she feels the same for his "little brother".


Genshin – Clan Leader of the Black Spider Ninja, who runs with an iron will. Although it seems unperturbed, the centuries-old rivalry between his clan and the Hayabusa Ninja Clan tagged him with hatred and anger.

Elizébet – A mysterious woman with a blood-red coat. Has made its way to the Clan of the Black Spider Ninja, and now has much power, but who is really still a mystery. She has a cruel look after hiding something horrible.

Tengu – A strange creature, with priest’s robe, slippers and wings on his back. Most people think they are a legend. But ninjas are with them often and know they are very real. Rarely are often meddle in the human world. But if they did would be a terrible threat.

Obaba – The Butcher Clan of the Black Spider Ninja. Half his body is shaped like a giant spider. Rarely saw him go straight into action. However, it seems that something in the Hayabusa Village she wants and has been driving the Clan of the Black Spider Ninja, drawing them to her wicked web …

Marbus – a demon who was expelled from the human world. Lost one of its horns to be defeated by Ryu after the incident with the Dark Dragon Sword. Now, under the cover of night and chaos, has once again heaving …

Contents of Special Issue

– A complete copy of the game
– 80 page book that contains the prologue of the game in comic form, a conceptual image gallery and characters, the mini strategy guide and various comments from members of Team Ninja
– CD with the soundtrack to the full
– Costume exclusive downloadable via PlayStation Network


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