GlacialTech F101 PWM Cooler Honored to be Intel’s official partner in Lynnfield Launch

Come September.08 Beijing is going to organize a press conference to unveil Intel P55 chipset and LGA1156 Core i7/i5 processors. One
of the biggest launch events hosted by Intel Beijing, it will be a
demonstration of Intel Core i7/i5 Processors and GlacialTech CPU Cooler
F101 PWM, as an official partner.

As GlacialTech is an
official partner for first Intel Lynnfield Core i7/i5 Processors launch
in Beijing, GlacialTech is going to display PC enthusiasts the gaming
solutions. GlacialTech has been invited by Intel to showcase the
applications based on the combination of Intel P55 chipset and LGA1156 Core i7/i5 processors
solution and GlacialTech CPU Cooler F101 PWM. GlacialTech will also
have various activities in place including random quiz contest, lucky
draw and live demonstration of racing games for the visitors. The event
will also witness a battery of senior GlacialTech executives who will
give away the prizes to the winners at the end of the day.

gaming enthusiasts and the technocrats will agree that there is nothing
more exciting than rolling out of Lynnfield which can raise the PC
gaming with GlacialTech CPU Cooler F101 PWM to the optimum level. It is
nothing smaller than any large TechEd (Large Technical Education
Seminar) where in apart from the gamers, the technocrats and
enthusiasts will share a single platform to flex their imagination on
various contours of applications.

Expected to be a congregation
of the IT professionals, journalists, and OC Gamers from in and around
of Beijing, it will be a spectacle to watch out for.

To be
held between on 8th of September and organized by Intel, it will be the
first public display of Lynnfield, the quad-core CPU in Beijing. The
latest Intel Core i7 and Core i5 processors featuring LGA 1156 socket
(code named Lynnfield) with the memory controller integrated directly
into the processor die, supports 2 channel DDR3 memory for blazing fast
memory performance .

Featuring Intel Hyper-Threading technology
allows multi-threaded application to get the most performance out of 8
threads across the 4 cores. It also includes an integrated PCIe 2.0
controller with support for both ATI CrossFireX multi-graphics
supports, delivering the ultimate in graphics performance for gaming
enthusiasts who demand the highest frame rates without compromising.

the other hand, focused on the hardcore gamers, the latest GlacialTech
CPU Cooler F101 PWM incorporates a specially aligned sinter heat-pipe
(combination of two pipes) that dissipates the heat from the CPU
directly into the heat sink fins. From there, the Silent version’s fan
quietly and efficiently brings the temperature down.  The CPU cooler
comes with a 120 mm fan, which offers a unique shape, as part of the
cooler hovers over the chipset.


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