Adobe offers CinemaDNG format for raw video

Adobe has released the first beta version of CinemaDNG, a raw format for video. The new format is it possible in the finishing phase characteristics of various digital video recorded to adjust.

According to video in the Adobe format without quality CinemaDNG edited. Because no gamma correction is performed on the data, the format can also be easily integrated into existing workflows. It is possible to to write files to the OpenEXR format, open the hdr-standard video from Industrial Light & Magic.

CinemaDNG format also offers the advantage that the individual frames can be stored in a directory structure or in a mxf container. Is only 1KB per frame overhead required. According to the underlying rest Adobe DNG format, tiff, XMP or mxf any patent claims and is not necessary for those formats licensing agreements. The development of CinemaDNG in April 2008 was announced.

Adobe is not the first in a raw format for video. Thus camera manufacturer RED works on such a solution, but CinemaDNG is the first open format for raw video. The format is supported by eleven organizations including Fraunhofer. Adobe has released the beta version of the CinemaDNG format via its Adobe Labs site and also released a tool that CinemaDNG files published by Adobe After Effects CS4 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 can be read.


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