Griffin Technology Unveils Case Collection for New iPod Nano 5G

Griffin Technology Inc., creative leader in ingenious peripherals
for iPod, iPhone, Mac and PC, today responded to Apple’s new product
announcement with the first in their Fall line-up of cases for the new
5th generation iPod nano. The release includes the new iClear Sketch
and iClear Shade, as well as the classic iClear, all designed to
accommodate the new iPod nano in form and function.

iClear Sketch

A new look for the iClear family, iClear Sketch combines proven
durability and protection with a decorative translucent pattern. The
result is a subtle, stylish case for new 5th generation iPod nano that
allows complete access to controls, dock connector and headphone jack.
iClear Sketch is available in a wide variety of patterns, including:
Dusk, Tartan, Pipeline, Summit, Hatch, Bloom, Landmark, Warp, Camo,
Plaid, Rampt, Baroque and 8-bit.

iClear Shade

iClear Shade gives the world a peek at 5th generation iPod nano,
then fades to black. The case begins with an iClear, and features a
graduated tint called an ombre finish that fades from clear to dark
grey. The effect, which has gained popularity in everything from custom
auto finishes to designer clothing, is the perfect compliment to any
color iPod nano 5G. Lasting protection and dramatic style accompany the
new iPod nano 5G with iClear Shade.


The classic and rugged iClear combines new Griffin design
innovations with years of proven, every day use. The case offers
complete access and protection in a custom-molded shell, perfect for
users who want hard-shell protection that allows the colorful new iPod
nano to shine through. Griffin EasyDock design allows quick docking
without removing the case.

Designed specifically for the new 5th generation iPod nano, iClear
is also available with a clip and armband. The clip is removable and
makes a stand for hands-free viewing, and an armband is easily fitted
to the clip for sport use.

Pricing and Availability

Griffin’s case collection for the new 5th generation iPod nano will
be available Fall 2009.

  • iClear Sketch for iPod nano 5G: $24.99
  • iClear Shade for iPod nano 5G: $24.99
  • iClear for iPod nano 5G: $19.99
  • iClear with clip and armband for iPod nano 5G: $29.99


  1. Just got my ‘Dusk’ case. Great beautiful looking product, sadly mine does not close completely shut. There is a 1/8" gap preventing full closure. FYI: try it on your iPod Nano 5G to make sure it fits before purchasing.


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