Midway Sues Sony Ericsson

Midway Games, a Videogame maker, has filed a suit accusing the US unit of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications of distributing its ‘Defender’ game on cellphones without permission.

Midway said in its complaint, filed on June 24 in US District Court in Delaware, that Sony Ericsson included ‘Defender’ on some of its cellphones, including its T68 model. Midway, which also named the US unit of Sony Ericsson part owner, Ericsson, in its suit, said it never authorized distribution or copying of ‘Defender’. In the complaint, Midway claimed its business and property has been ‘severely injured’ as a result. It requested that the court award it damages and reimbursement of its legal fees and require Sony Ericsson to turn over all mobile phones, software, and other materials in its possession related to the alleged copyright violation. An Ericsson spokesperson declined to comment, saying that the company had not yet been formally served with the lawsuit.

A lawyer representing Midway, Michael Bonkowski, confirmed the existence of the suit, but declined to provide additional comment.

News source: America’sNetwork


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