SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 2 Released

SeaMonkey, the all-in-a successor of the Mozilla Suite, now in version 2.0 beta 2. In addition to a browser based on the Gecko rendering engine of Firefox, Thunderbird it also includes an address book, a chat module and a text editor.

This new version loads tab faster for reading emails. This also give user the power to view the content of individual files or list of received emails in different accounts simultaneously. Note that the Lightning extension , based on the Sunbird calendar will be opened in a dedicated tab only . On Mac OS X SeaMonkey has a new GUI for Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard.

SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 2 includes features that are already implemented in Firefox. Thus only  the extension system has been revised and now  installing or  uninstalling a plugin easier is much more easier.Note also that there is now a  possibility to reopen accidentally closed tabs. The manager of maila and discussion groups can now also receive RSS

There is also mention of an interface for SeaMonkey SMILE JavaScript library which enables the  developers to develop extensions  more easily

Download SeaMonkey 2.0 Beta 2, final version of SeaMonkey 2.0 is expected for the month of October.


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