Cooler hint 3G e-reader with color in 2010

InteRead the company behind the e-reader developing an e-reader with a color screen and 3G connectivity. Also the new e-reader will be touch sensitive and affordable. Perhaps the device will be in the shop next year.

Neil Jones, CEO of InteRead, has declared . It is not known if InteRead will bring the color e-reader on the market , but InteRead has confirmed that at the CES trade show in January next years ‘big things’ will be announced.

If Jones is indeed referring to an e-reader with a color screen, would InteRead the first of the major players in the e-reader market that comes with a color version. According Amazon boss  there will be color Kindle in some years  , while the Dutch company Irex willl also finish an e-reader with color e-paper in 2011. It is not known from which manufacturer InteRead has involved his color e-papers.

Despite the advent of 3G connectivity, the device which like the Amazon Kindle, contact with an online store also possible to connect via USB e-books on e-reader also can convert. "We will never remove that option because the opportunity to travel to purchase e-books and put on the device," said Jones.

The market for e-paper displays will according to a recent report by DisplaySearch coming years the explosive growth of 431 million U.S. dollars this year to 9.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. Currently, most displays have come from leading E-Ink, which was recently acquired by Prime View International. Next year there will be other manufacturers who enter in this growing market.


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