ASUS ready to launch Updated B3 Revision Motherboards

Technology leadership benefits consumers once more as innovation and proactive adaptability result in better products.

Strong showing by exclusive ASUS features such as DIGI+ VRM, EFI BIOS and BT GO! marks the arrival of updated P67-based motherboards. Guaranteeing quality and unmatched performance, these products directly cater to consumer demand and community feedback, offering the ideal platform for new Intel technology.

Setting a new standard of digital power design ASUS P67-based motherboards have received much acclaim and praise since their launch, and B3 revision models are set to continue this trend. Consumers and technology media have welcomed the innovations the series has to offer. One of the biggest attractions has been the second-generation Dual Intelligent Processors 2 architecture, reinforced with DIGI+ VRM digital power controls, which incorporate digital voltage regulation to eliminate the latency associated with analog-to-digital power conversion. This gives users an unprecedented amount of control over the fine-tuning of their PC with the ease of a natively digital design. Overclocking becomes effortless, offering entry-level users the option of Auto Tuning, made available through a software interface and a simple onboard switch. Advanced in-depth overclocking modes expand the range of parameters users can modify. Like all ASUS innovation, DIGI+ VRM system tuning flows from consumer feedback and expectations, therefore meeting actual user needs.

User-friendly, intuitive EFI BIOS innovation The exclusive ASUS EFI BIOS provides users with the world’s first intuitive graphical interface for control over both basic and advanced BIOS settings with mouse input. Changing system settings becomes more accessible and much easier than with traditional text-based BIOS versions, as consumers can choose between different levels of tuning, from EZ Mode for basic settings to complete system supervision via Advanced Mode.

Bluetooth enhanced and expanded for seamless digital experiencesBT GO! offers another ASUS exclusive feature, combining seven Bluetooth modes in one interface. With consumers operating more and more wireless devices and requiring seamless integration via PC, ASUS has crafted BT GO! to meet this demand right on the motherboard, placing it at the heart of the system ? no additional adapters required. All B3 revision models ship with BT GO!

First ever whole-motherboard thermal protectionThe ASUS TUF SABERTOOTH P67 motherboard was created to offer a new generation of durability and reliability for users who put their machines through their paces, debuting the industry’s first thermal protection for the entire motherboard ? the exclusive ASUS Thermal Armor. It quickly became a favorite among both media and power users. Feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, with reviewers and consumers reporting noticeable gains in performance, overclocking and stability thanks to the Thermal Armor, which offers a shield to protect against heat. The design also uses an internal shunt for better airflow, improved cooling and greater stability. Media reviews confirmed this, measuring drops in temperatures due to the protection offered by the Thermal Armor. ASUS has further developed the exclusive 12-sensor Thermal Radar to monitor actual temperatures and help with fan speed adjustments. Users and media have realized the benefits of this technology, commenting on its ease of use and flexibility in pursuing cooler, more stable systems.

Stepping up to B3 guaranteed qualityOn 31 January 2011, Intel announced that it had detected a design error in its new P67 chipset as part of routine quality checks. In accordance with its own strict quality assurance procedures and deep commitment to customer satisfaction, ASUS immediately suspended the shipment of all affected products across its distribution and retail channels. The company began shipping new and updated B3 revision Intel 6 series-based motherboards in late February. ASUS also announced a comprehensive refund or replacement program for all affected products. As Intel indicated the design error only occurs with certain SATA 3Gb/s ports, ASUS also created an online tutorial to help customers clearly identify all unaffected SATA 6Gb/s ports for each relevant product. This information can be found at

Updated versions retain all product specifications, performance and exclusive features. Users are assured complete compatibility across all versions.



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