Samsung Might buy Rambus

The South Korean giant Samsung, which has Existance in many markets (memory, telephone, television, computer, disk drive, microwave, vacuum cleaner, etc..) Could Overtake the American Rambus, also the so called the king of trials in the memory market …

Coveting since last year SanDisk, American society that specializes in flash memory and digital music players, Samsung has finally abandoned its prey officially last Thursday.

Known as the news, rumors were immediately shot to Rambus. If it has already worked with Samsung in the past, it will be recalled that in 2005, at the height of the procedural period of the American, South Korea was one of the first to calm the situation by opening soon his wallet.

And if a reconciliation between Samsung and Rambus could pose some problems of competition, remember that the memory market has been and is still being singled out for different collusion between major Asian and American manufacturers. A new acquisition should not improve the situation …

Samsung has denied having had contact with Rambus. The latter has still not reacted to the news.


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