Blades of Fury iphone game

Gameloft has struck a blow by offering
one of the first fighting game in 3D for iPhone and iPod touch Blades
of Fury. But the editor is not merely to develop a fighting game fun
the technical implementation pushes the limits of what can be seen on

Blades of Fury difficult to deny that levels characters and effects
have a certain family resemblance with the famous license. We would
have preferred something more original, but Gameloft will probably not
wish to risk too much. Make a fighting game with a purely virtual
interface is already a challenge, it is necessary to attract new iPhone
gamers, eager to recall the feeling of their favorite franchise.

Because the content of game is definitely impressive! Blades of Fury
proposes to take in hand for the destiny of a fighter through a
preposterous story-based magic armor. In short the pitch is not
particularly exciting, but ultimately, we spend our time fighting and
rightly so. Each character is inspired by the heroic fantasy, has its
own weapons (whip, sword, spear, knife, etc..) And combat techniques.
The combination of moves are obviously the party and the magic that can
be given more power with blows or hitting an opponent.

10 characters are available including four to unlock As your
performance. The fighting is taking place in so many arenas each with a
different atmosphere. The game is not one dimensional opponents so you
can turn around 360 degrees, revealing the passage of the details of
the arena. In certain areas of combat, it is possible to bring down
enemy outside the arena important is the fight ends more quickly like
counter strike.

Getting Started:
The publisher has worked on a combat system inevitably entirely
virtual. The player has the option to choose a virtual joystick or a
joypad (one key controls). I personally prefer the first but the second
mode is also effective.

On the right side the player has four buttons two to attack or defense,
and the last to activate the magic. The first button launches an attack
down stroke of the corp, the other active fatally attacked near the top
of the body. Combined with the joystick the attacks turn into
devastating combos …

No need for explanations about the defense button which allows, well to
defend against an attacker. The magic button is more interesting it
responds to time pressure and following the blue bar under the life bar
, the curse will be more or less powerful and special effect on screen
is more or less impressive! depends. Note that it is possible to
combine magic with physical blows for even more power.

Fighting show surprisingly readable, despite the many effects that
invade the screen. The player is never lost and we know what we need to
do . Level of gameplay not find the sensations of a natural throttle,
it should be noted that Blades of Fury is particularly convincing. The
virtual joystick and buttons correspond to a quarter second takes
pleasure in chaining the perfect combo. Jumping movements are less easy
to accomplish since they require tapping the defense and the joypad up.
Fortunately there is often little opportunity to use it.

Game Modes:
Blades of Fury offers four modes of play history therefore takes the
scenario of armor, which offers a different purpose for each fighter.In
Arcade you can face 10 opponents in a row, as survival of fighters that
we want to tackle, lastly Training can be well in hand the various
possible head movements.

Four levels of difficulty is there for the player. Obviously the Easy
and Normal modes are especially dedicated to beginners, but with the
methods difficult, very difficult some thing more is there! It will
nevertheless finish the game in all modes to unlock all the characters
and their is many closets. Note that the game has trophies that are
strangely not accessible from their profile.

Once you have complete all game modes in all difficulties you can get
multiplayer mode on wifi and Bluetooth. The game on wi-Fi appears
effective, although sometimes the connection is lost quite often.

Finally a tab Gameloft Live (named after the social network of the
publisher) appears, on the homepage of the game and that creates an


All achievement level of fighters and arenas are made in 3D graphics.
Developers of Gameloft have been able to push the iPhone and iPod touch
in their entrenchment and thus offer what is probably one of the best
games for such platform! The decor is lively and full of little details
and just to admire its beauty, i purposely turn around the arena.

The effects like camera movements, sparks, streaks of light … It’s
great art that is sure to impress! Moreover, it is possible after each
match to keep the film you see when you want a pity that unlike Real
Racing, it is not possible to export the video to YouTube account.

The soundtrack is fairly standard and follows the standards of the
heroic fantasy. The sound effects are amusing, especially the voice of
fighters, all of which feature a shock sentence particularly corny.
Well, it’s fun , but quick to pass these sequences. Note that it is
possible to launch own songs


The graphics are excellent very colorful fully 3D. There is nothing to
say on this side for Gameloft really at that level! To compare take a
good Tekken 3 on PS One and that’s about the quality of play on iPhone.

Well I must say that the controls are quite complicated if you do not
have the tutorial that you have to get it first, In addition you can
choose between 2 commands with buttons, which is now standard on the
phone with a joystick on the left and several buttons on the right as a
shield to protect

You start at 6 characters and you unlock 4 later Like I said earlier
you have a story mode for each of the 10 characters and even if you
finish this mode, you still have the survival mode that lets you to see
what you can! You can also give training in how to better win victories
with friends in multiplayer mode. If the story mode is finished, I
think it tired very quickly thereafter, especially if we know the
characters by heart. Then it must be admitted, there is a lot of shots,
but not doing a combo of 50 shots as a Street Fighter would have no
trouble to make.

The music is good, the original configuration leaves blows louder than
the music but you can set this in options. Note anyway that you can put
your personal playlist by clicking on the little note at the top right,
which can be annoying if you play in order slipped, but it is a small
detail …

Conclusion :

Impressive is the word that immediately comes to mind when we took over
the game for the first time! The graphics and animation strike the eye
and allow for a bright future for the next game to come on our platform
..However the lifetime and the depth of the game is a bit short. if
you’re a fan of fighting game like me … Power play anywhere in the
bus, train, subway, plane or car, this game is a pleasure to entertain
you for hours without tiring!



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