iPod nano 5G

The new iPod nano in terms of its design is good.Where older version hold together where eye may confuse between generations 2008 and 2009. A regular user can quickly noticed the bigger screen the presence of an optical sensor on the back and shiny housing.

Also its with the video recording feature, the voice recorder, FM tuner, a pedometer and the loudspeaker, we find a fifth version in new well weighted and inflation price


Apple has not reissued the experience of a design change was known as the 3G model 2007 with its square format. The tubular format launched last year and it is maintained, with its slightly curved front and a pronounced finesse (6.2mm). The dimensions have not changed . The hull is smoother to the touch and shows an aspect lacquered gloss instead of matte treatment.

With its 36.4 grams nano 2009 is even lighter about a breath of air compare to the 2008 model 36.8 grams.The new nano is simply a beautiful object in the neat. It comes in nine colors including both red and yellow are sold only on the Apple Store.

The screen was stretched thereby offering a definition of 240x376 against 240x320 before. Won by 56 pixels in height to see who give slightly more in the videos and adding two lines of commands in the navigation menus. The brightness is more pronounced with the 5G, the difference is not huge, but it is noticeable when looking at two generations of the player.While playing movies, there are more black support .

Finally, there is the video sensor present in the back it is indeed the paradox, the nano known for film, but not for photograph. Explanation of Apple on that is to house a sensor image quality would have to thicken the player.

Video Camera
One of the two main attractions of this model is that little video camera. The definition is made clips of 640x480, H.264 and the audio is in AAC. It is 20 MB per minute of video.

Operation is extremely simple, although it requires to go through the menus (no new dedicated button on the box). We need to go into the menu video camera and we can start recording by pressing the center button. A counter is displayed with a red LED. Prolonged pressure on the middle button will display 15 thumbnails of video effects. They apply in real time on the film.

It is everything and a lot of futile black and white, sepia, thermal X-ray deformities, vision of cyborg, blur, camera surveillance, etc..The result is not bad and sometimes funny as the context. Once the nano connected to the computer, we get these clips into iPhoto or directly in the DCIM subfolder of the player.

The quality of these videos is generally correct. It falls short of what will produce a compact camera even medium range, but for short videos taken on the thumb is quite satisfactory. With one exception when the lighting is dim, the picture quickly becomes poor. If you want to capture the good

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But you didn't point out the radio doesn't work when hard docked to external speakers. Many docks don't allow for the ear buds to also be plugged in.

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