WET Game (Xbox 360)

Action game mixing tons of influences of John Woo via Kill Bill or Tomb Raider, WET puts you in the skin of so soft and sensual to the destructive Rubi. The beautiful is very comfortable with a katana with an automatic and does not seem to take pleasure in his bath or legs in the air, emptying several magazines ...

  • Developer(s): Artificial Mind and Movement
  • Publisher(s) : Bethesda Softworks
  • Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
  • Release date(s): NA September 15, 2009; EU September 18, 2009
  • Genre(s): Third-person shooter
  • Mode(s): Single-player


WET is a highly-stylized third person shooter that seamlessly blends gun play, sword kills and over the top acrobatics to create the ultimate action experience. The Game allows you to shoot anywhere, anytime. You will have the freedom to shoot while running, sliding down ladders, sliding across the floor, or performing any number of acrobatic moves. Featuring an ironic mix of humor and violence, unique retro film visual treatment, and original 70's inspired music, WET is a third person shooter experience unlike any other.

When Rubi Maloni, a gun for hire, agrees to fix a wealthy man's problem by finding and bringing back his wayward son, she thinks it's all going to be cut and dry. She thought wrong. The job turns out to be more complicated then expected and the man who hired her isn't who he appears to be. On the run and looking for the man who betrayes her, Rubi is leaving a massive body count in her wake.

So we end up before a good TPS violent mixing action and antics with bullet time integrated. You know, this effect inherited from Matrix, which can slow down time for each waterfall? Needless to say he'll have you do. Already, because unlike other games of its kind in WET, you can use it and abuse it all you want, since no gauge not just limit its impact. Secondly, because the waterfall is just the rational of WET.

Sliding on his knees, running along walls, uneven bars, and especially diving forward to John Woo, a gun in each hand, aiming two opponents simultaneously. A figure-ballistic acrobatic also at the heart of the gameplay, as Rubi, our heroine, is automatically the nearest enemy with a weapon, while they may seek a second hand of another.

Honey, it's going to cut

Unless they prefer to firearms than the sword never leaves Rubi. For WET is a little post-movie Grindhouse Kill Bill what Max Payne was in film. If unnecessarily vulgar dialogues and the pauper scenario dig painfully enough aesthetics 1970 game, the grain deliberately dirty and so the effects Old film of poor quality fare even better than they used quite effectively to hide peanuts and graphics also unimpressive. Developers, however, there are not forging ahead on the jets of blood and killing spectacular. Good for fans of gore.

One can not but regret, however, that behind this bias. Interestingly, the handling is proving very clumsy. The Rubi sometimes plays like Lara Croft on game, but with moderate success. One has the impression


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