Lancool PC-K62 Cabinet

Lian Li is known worldwide for their aluminum enclosures. The quality has been very good from the start, and all praised both we and others have given out, they have earned. Lancool is a subsidiary brand of Lian Li. Cabinets that are sold under this name, is separated out because they are constructed of steel rather than aluminum. Aluminum characteristics of Lian Li is thus preserved.

PC-K62 is the latest steel cabinet. Cabinets come with good cooling solutions, cable management ring and something we want to mention that perhaps the best tool-free assembly solution. Enclosure comes with side window and glowing fans, and it should have very good space. We take a closer look!


  • Dimensions: 214 x 496 x 498
  • Material: Steel, plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Model Number: PC-K62
  • Expansion Position 5.25 ": 5
  • Expansion Position 3.5 ": 4
  • Fans, including: 1 x 120 mm, 3 x 140 mm
  • Expansion Ports: 8
  • Motherboard Support: ATX, micro ATX
  • Extra features: 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x Headset, 1 x mic
  • Power supply width: 1, down
  • Weight: 8 kg

Lancool have put in place a small but handy function panel. The most widely used and very basic contacts are in place. As the picture shows is the talk of two USB ports and various connections for audio. Two buttons are also in place, one for boot and another for reboot. Both have a pretty long journey, so you do not need to be right for the wrong pressure.

Enclosure comes with several big fans, there is talk of three 140 mm and one 120 mm. They are set up so that it is created negative pressure in the enclosure. Cold air is pulled into the front of the hard disk before it is sucked out through the back and top lid. The three biggest fans turns blue.

The front is well perforated, so it is much air being sucked in here, too. Dust filters are in place, along the whole front. Cabinet stands on rubber feet, but make sure you do not go enclosures along the substrate it is on. We experienced the fact that it set up solid black marks. It was fortunately easy to get this out.

Exterior design

Although the cabinet is comprised of a lot of plastic on the outside, we feel that this does not become too dominant. The whole thing is quite completed, and the front has a straight-through and light design. Side door comes with a window, and the chassis can not be purchased without this.

Home has no door or anything like that can cover it all. That is why the air to purchase optical devices and like who's in style with the front. It is simple air filters in all of the well lids.

The back is in our opinion, quite pretty. The power supply silks into the bottom, from the inside. 8 expansion slots have been placed, providing good opportunities for spin wild card setup. You also have opportunities for water cooling in the chassis. The implementation gaps allows remote solutions will be best.

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