Lancool PC-K62 Cabinet

Lian Li is known worldwide for their aluminum enclosures. The quality has been very good from the start, and all praised both we and others have given out, they have earned. Lancool is a subsidiary brand of Lian Li. Cabinets that are sold under this name, is separated out because they are constructed of steel rather than aluminum. Aluminum characteristics of Lian Li is thus preserved.

PC-K62 is the latest steel cabinet. Cabinets come with good cooling solutions, cable management ring and something we want to mention that perhaps the best tool-free assembly solution. Enclosure comes with side window and glowing fans, and it should have very good space. We take a closer look!


  • Dimensions: 214 x 496 x 498
  • Material: Steel, plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Model Number: PC-K62
  • Expansion Position 5.25 ": 5
  • Expansion Position 3.5 ": 4
  • Fans, including: 1 x 120 mm, 3 x 140 mm
  • Expansion Ports: 8
  • Motherboard Support: ATX, micro ATX
  • Extra features: 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x Headset, 1 x mic
  • Power supply width: 1, down
  • Weight: 8 kg

Lancool have put in place a small but handy function panel. The most widely used and very basic contacts are in place. As the picture shows is the talk of two USB ports and various connections for audio. Two buttons are also in place, one for boot and another for reboot. Both have a pretty long journey, so you do not need to be right for the wrong pressure.

Enclosure comes with several big fans, there is talk of three 140 mm and one 120 mm. They are set up so that it is created negative pressure in the enclosure. Cold air is pulled into the front of the hard disk before it is sucked out through the back and top lid. The three biggest fans turns blue.

The front is well perforated, so it is much air being sucked in here, too. Dust filters are in place, along the whole front. Cabinet stands on rubber feet, but make sure you do not go enclosures along the substrate it is on. We experienced the fact that it set up solid black marks. It was fortunately easy to get this out.

Exterior design

Although the cabinet is comprised of a lot of plastic on the outside, we feel that this does not become too dominant. The whole thing is quite completed, and the front has a straight-through and light design. Side door comes with a window, and the chassis can not be purchased without this.

Home has no door or anything like that can cover it all. That is why the air to purchase optical devices and like who’s in style with the front. It is simple air filters in all of the well lids.

The back is in our opinion, quite pretty. The power supply silks into the bottom, from the inside. 8 expansion slots have been placed, providing good opportunities for spin wild card setup. You also have opportunities for water cooling in the chassis. The implementation gaps allows remote solutions will be best.

Top lid can remind a lot of air holes on the hood of an above average sharp car. At the bottom are the two large fans that pull air out and away from the chassis. A small advantage is the fact that air is directed backwards, for those who actually do not want to get blown hot air in the direction of the body.

The right side of the chassis is quite clear, without any form of profiles or profiling. The left side has a pretty large and high profile window. It is perhaps worth mentioning that this is mounted on the outside, not inside like other windows often are.


For the machine to be complete, you will not need to do more than to remove the side doors. It can however be wise to take both the top lid and front. This is a very easy job, and if you do this you avoid the light scratches and the like as soon as you arrive at the assembly.

Motherboard The board is not free, but it has holes in it for mounting the backboard to the coolers. Installation of the motherboard is easy, Lancool attached thumb screws. When it comes to CPU cooler, you can earn a degree that the fan mounted to blow air upward. If there is no room for this, you can also mount it to blow air into the back as we have done. Coolers with a top mounted fan can quickly destroy the airflow in the chassis.

The power supply mounted on the easiest way you can think of. Push the power supply in place, hook the supplied clip and tighten. The clip is very tight and firmly, and a rubber strip ensures that the whole does not slip.

The assembly of the video’s on the screw loose. There is no question of a few small and thin plastic parties, but a solid mechanics of steel.

The end result is not particularly bad. A couple of holes in the board makes clear the job considerably easier, and it all looks much better. Lancool have also attached some cable catchman that you can put in the bottom of the enclosure. Using these you can easily get some control of the redundant cables from the power supply.

Hard Drives

Like much else, is a hard drive screwless assembly. You attach the hard drive by putting it in the frame, and tilt around the clips on the page. The entire frame, which is vibration isolated, silks then in place in the cabinet. A small lock ensures that the frame stays securely in place.

Optical devices

Optical devices, and other things you feel the need to put in the 5.25 "-wells, is pushed into place from the outside. The top two wells have screwless assembly, while the bottom three must be submitted with the screwdriver – for the first time in the assembly process.

Thermal properties

Cabinet has plenty of fans that should ensure a good air flow in the chassis. Under pressure ensures that air is pressed from many directions, which can affect the temperature, both positively and negatively. As we mentioned on the previous page you might want to mount the fan on the CPU cooler so that air is sent out on the top or the back.

With temperature tests conducted, we see that the PC-K62, place them on the slightly negative part of the graphs. Not that this is far too bad, the cabinet makes it still well-known.

Without abnormal loads, the processor temperature is a little notch above where we want to see it. Under larger loads keep it up, however, quite intact. The same we will also say whether the video card temperature, while both hard disks and chipset relate relatively cold.


Big fan means in most cases, a lower noise level. They can move much air at low engine speeds, compared to smaller fans that need to work harder to move as much air. How we feel about PC-K62, there is nothing wrong in. It gives away more noise than the models we have described as very quiet previously done, but it’s still not talking about a noise bucket.


Lancool have with their new PC-K62 constructed a pretty public housing. Temperatures are not the best, but fitting in this case even those who do not know what a screwdriver is processed, get to. The noise level is not particularly bad, and at the price you must pay, we believe that you get exactly what you will pay.

Installation process goes quickly away, and the whole thing is very simple. As long as you do not assemble more than two 5.25" devices, you never actually take the screwdriver. Hard Drives, optical devices, motherboard, monitor, power supply – all fitted with solid tool-free methods.

Cabinets come with eight expansion slots, so even the hottest graphics layouts is a possibility. Water cooling is also something you can put in place, but the internal solution requires a little knowledge.

Under temperature tests we are not directly impressed, but the results we see is definitely not a deterrent. We’ve seen worse, and we are pleased with both the chipset and hard drive temperatures. If you mount the fan on the CPU cooler the other way than what we have done, you can earn a few extra degrees on your processor.

When it comes to design is and will remain this a matter of taste. Some will not stand negatively to the use of the side window and the plastic in front, others will not like this. In our opinion, is fortunately not the use of plastic excessive.

Although the cabinets from Lian Li is often in the higher price, kept everything under the name Lancool on a very nice level.


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