Samsung E1120 Mobile Phone

One of the most important user groups to Samsung, are those who want the low-end phones as possible, at a reasonable price. E1120 is the second cheapest phone you can buy today. We have had the phone on the test bench for a while now, and here is the result.

The phone’s appearance is fairly traditional and anonymous. Lids are plastic, which is not quite giving you the exclusive feel. But it can not claim with the S1120, since it costs Rs. 2080.

Good keys

Both the menu keys and number keys are made of soft rubber, in addition, to all big mobiles. This makes it very comfortable to type SMS with the phone. Each menu key, however, has an ever so slight clicking sound when you use it.

The screen on E1120 is simply wicked little, or 1.52 inches high, if we are to go into details. The resolution is 128 x 128 pixels. This gives you a little and low dissolved screen.

E1120 is a simple phone, which is reflected in the menus. A grid of nine icons provide shortcuts to the alarm clock, SMS, settings, calendar, history, games, notes, phone book and programs.

Both icons and menus are otherwise transparent and easy to orient themselves in. The simple graphics are also in style with the limited screen size and resolution, so it all looks neat and nice.

Such a simple phone that E1120 does not have much information to process for each keystroke. And it marked, for the phone is in fact lightning fast in menus.

Piece of SMS writing

The SMS-writing goes smoothly with the E1120. You can find easily in both spaces and punctuation menus. The phone also gives you great letter of sentences, which is far from it, has been a matter of course for Samsung’s simpler models previously.

E1120 does not have camera, music player or radio, but however one game. The game is Sudoku. Should you get tired of Sudoku, it’s stupid for you. For you have no possibility to install other games on the phone.

Otherwise you will find a small list of programs and features, such as Calendar, Converter, calculator, stopwatch and timer. Need a little extra light in the darkness, the phone’s screen can also function as a flashlight by light up in white.

Talking on E1120 works usually fine. The sound is completely normal in our end, but the other side complained of and to the mincing of the sound and big wave vote.

Speech time, however, nothing to complain about we think. The phone keeps out over a week with moderate to little use.


Compact phone with metallic accent

  • Compact bar design features premium metal details for a stylish yet robust look
  • Vibrant 1.52” 65K CSTN LCD offers an expansive window of the phone’s contents
  • Easy and intuitive interface & short UI flow for controlling menu

Call time limit/Call manager

  • Alarm notifies the user when a call time limit (set by the user) has been reached, helping users curb lengthy calls
  • Call Manager keeps track of call costs and duration so you know exactly how much you are spending on your conversations

Great mobile power

  • 200-entry phonebook contains all your phone numbers for easy retrieval
  • SMS storage of up to 100 messages
  • 800mAh battery prolongs the battery life

Upgraded security

  • Mobile Tracker alerts the user when the mobile’s SIM card is changed
  • SOS Message sends out emergency messages to pre-designated contacts with just a single click of a button



  • Dimensions: 10.6 x 4.3 x 1.5 cm, 66 grams
  • Technology: GSM 900 / 1800 MHz
  • Memory: 200 phonebook entries
  • Screen: 1.52 inch, 128 x 128 pixel color display
  • Other: SMS, calculator, alarm clock, a game
  • Battery: 8.8 hours talk, 24 days rest, 800 mAh 
  • SAR value: 0.813 W / kg


Samsung E1120 is one of the cheapest phones you can buy today. For Rs. 2080 you are provided with a simple phone, that is in practice can call and send SMS with. In addition, it has a calendar, notepad, a game and various other small programs.

This phone is of the few that gives the phrase "You get what you pay for" positive tone. E1120 has in fact very SMS-friendly keys, simple and sensible menus, as well as the basic programs you need.

On the other hand, it does not have, are features like music player, camera and radio. You can not download and install new applications or games. But are you looking for such opportunities, you would probably be looking at a completely different price range than the E1120 is in.

There is only one thing we have to postpone the E1120: One is the sound of conversations. In our end is the sound quite good, while its counterpart at times complained of mincing.

All in we think you get what you may require a phone for 250 dollars, and then some. Are you looking for a simple extra phone you do not have to be very afraid, E1120 is one of the better opportunities per day. It lacks, however, a bit of voice quality that we can give your phone a dice-five recommended stamp.



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