Samsung C6625 Mobile Phone

Windows phones are usually the expensive ones. Samsung C6625 is on this side with no clean budget, but it is definitely cheap to be a Windows-based mobile phone with full keyboard.

Cheapest in class

In fact, the C6625 is the cheapest professional phone with full keyboard that you can find in our price guide right now. When it was launched and we had a sneak peek at the phone, we were admittedly been mirrored an even lower price, in fact it should cost under 8000 without subscription. Currently you can not get C6625 so cheap, even without GPS software, but it is not impossible that you cannot afford it.

It helps however how small the phone is and it is cheap if it does not live up to the expectations. With the full keyboard and Windows menus, this is a mobile phone for professional users, and they are often more interested in functionality than the price.

The first impression C6625 provides is absolutely promising. With full keyboard, of course, the phone is wider than a normal phone, but it is still quite handy, something the moderate thickness, and the rounded edges help.

All keys ended up in front

The first thing you notice is that the C6625 has unusually few shortcut keys. It appears that Samsung spent all the money on a full keyboard, the only shortcut key is actually the volume key.

Full keyboard works well in return. Moreover, the keys well-raised and slightly separated, so you can write your e-mail, messaging, or whatever in a respectable pace.

The keys are obviously small, which is unavoidable on a phone with full keyboard of this size, but with a little adaptation you will learn to type faster on this than on a phone with a regular keyboard.

The biggest drawback with the full keyboard is the fact that the number keys are a bit tricky to use. To dial a phone number in the speed you need to concentrate a bit for sighting in to the right numbers.

Menu keys should also be mentioned, they have a reasonable size, and works as you expect.

Custom home screen

Like most manufacturers of Windows-phones, Samsung has made his own start screen; you actually have a small handful to choose from. Start screen is practical and straightforward to use – with one important exception. Calendar entries displayed namely, not on the front, which is almost a requirement for a professional phone.

Fortunately, you can switch to one of Windows’ default themes that have the calendar on the front.

A little small pick

A small detail of the home screen for Samsung is that it has a shortcut for your e-mail. If you use multiple email accounts and will be notified of new e-mail you do not know what e-mail box that has received new mail, and when you press the icon that shows that you have new mail, you end up not necessarily in the right mailbox.

So in general you require Windows phones no adoption if you have not used similar phones before, and if you are not looking for a professional phone, the other menu systems are preferred. Having said that there have been major improvements also with Windows Mobile in recent years, so most people should get to use the C6625 without major problems.

Some funny things, we still noticed. The dictionary worked fine, but with a full keyboard at your disposal did it just instantly write the old fashioned way. For some strange reason is that when only automatically capitalize the first in a sentence when answering a text message, and not when you compose a new message. Like most Windows phones have C6625 otherwise threaded sms.

A small annoyance to the way is when you switch between applications. Press the C key to switch between various active programs you get a little surprise if the browser is one of the programs that are running. When you come into your browser just go to the previous page and not to the previous application as you had expected.

Sometimes we got a little too obvious association with the PC world. Among other things, then text message the program crashed a few times. In good Microsoft Tradition, you have the possibility to submit an error report to Microsoft, and then just cross fingers and hope that the error is corrected immediately.


The shape of the C6625 allows the monitor in widescreen format. This works great on a pro phone. Calendar and e-mail do so much better on a wide screen where you get a different list than on a conventional mobile screen.

The screen itself is sharp and fine without excel particularly in either one or the other. Samsung is generally good on the screens, and the price considering you get a good screen for the money.

When the monitor is turned off, which it does by default after a few seconds, press three different keys to open the keypad lock if you have enabled this. Slightly in excess if you ask us.


C6625, unfortunately, has its own Samsung connector for charging and data cable. In fair to say that Samsung starts to go over to Micro USB standard connector, but this has not yet come into place on the C6625.

Included accessories are pretty traditional, more specifically this:

  • C6625
  • Battery
  • Chargers
  • Headsets
  • Data cable
  • Memory of 1 GB
  • Adapter for memory cards
  • Instructions for Use
  • CDs with software

Technology and features

  • Mobile Network: GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz, HDSPA 2100 MHz 
  • Internet Speed: GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA 3.6 Mbps
  • Wireless transmission: Bluetooth 2.0
  • Retrieving e-mail: POP3, IMAP, Exchange
  • The quoted battery life: 3G, Up to 14.6 days rest, 4.3 hours talk time; GSM, up to 20.8 days rest, 8.7 hours talk time
  • SAR value: 0.73 W / Kg
  • Internal memory: 80MB, support Micro SD memory card
  • Address: Unlimited
  • Calendar: Yes
  • E-mail reader: Yes
  • Features: Alarm, Converter, tasks, timer, stopwatch, world clock, calculator, file manager, recorder, A-GPS, Office Mobile, PDF viewer Synchronization: ActiveSync, Outlook, RSS

When the sixth generation of Windows Mobile was released, finally got the Windows phones sound good. Unfortunately, the C6625 is an exception. You hear so far so good, but opponents have at times great difficulty hearing what is being said.

Do you use hands-free, it helps a little, but it is nevertheless not durable with a bad sound in a mobile phone. We compared the course with other phones, among other things; we put the same SIM card in the HTC Touch HD and got a completely different sound.

Better battery

We had not the greatest expectations of battery life when we began to test C6625. The combination of Samsung and professional telephone meant that we had the charger ready.

Fortunately, we thoroughly wrong, C6625’re actually a couple of days with normal use between charges, which is absolutely acceptable for a professional phone.

Office in pocket

When you buy a phone with the Windows logo on top of the box, you know that here you have the need to use the phone in connection with work.

C6625 have included Office Mobile, so you can read common document formats like Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

Of course you can also sync to Exchange, so you have e-mail and calendar entries up to date wherever you are.

Some professional users will miss the opportunity to connect to wireless networks, but the average user will not matter primarily to use the mobile network to transmit data. C6625 does not support everything that is of frequencies and speeds, but the Super-3G with a speed of 3.6 Mbps in the press and lots of normal browsing, and synchronization.

Surfing makes you rest with Internet Explorer, which works fine. Are you hooked on the Internet, you may wish to install the Opera Mobile 9.7.

Just the ability to install additional programs is one of the great advantages of a phone with a smart operating system. Another advantage is of course that you have a host of settings and can configure the phone almost exactly as you want, only you have the time and knowledge.


Samsung C6625 has built-in GPS. You can buy the phone in two versions, with and without the software for navigation. The software is called Route66, and is known from other Samsung phones.

We were not entirely convinced of Route66 this time. Firstly, it seems that the program is a bit heavy to carry for your phone, so it is slow when you use it. It is not without reason that you are notified that you should close all other open programs when you start Route66.

In addition, we sit back with the impression that the interface of Route66 is more suited for phones with touch screens, namely the program can sometimes be a little complex to use.

The navigation works, however, as it should, you can find your position quickly and the phone shows the way to where you are.

Apart from using the Route66 application, the phone has a good response. This is reflected also in our tests Java, MIDP 1.0-under-test floppy C6625 up with a score of no less than 25566.

Samsung C6625 looks a bit dry and boring. It oozes the gray functionality rather than the colorful games and festive functions.

The games included must be said to be quite traditional. We have seen Solitaire and Bubble Breaker countless times before on various Windows-phones.

An ever so slight splash of color is the program Midomi. This is equivalent to Sony Ericsson’s TrackID, that is, a program to find the songs you hear.

Interestingly, it has its own function, which you use if you do not remember the name of a song, but remember the melody. To overcome the incredibly embarrassing it can be to sing into your mobile, please C6625 may give you the name of the song you have on the brain.

We are unfortunately not equipped with a singing voice that is suitable for public use, but easy blushing trying us with half a stanza from various songs, did the phone to recognize the Beatles’ Yesterday.

Windows Media Player

As it should be for a Windows phone, use Windows Media Player to play music. Here you will find what you need normal music playback relatively easily accessible.

Are you tired of the music you have stored on the memory card; you can always use the built-in FM radio.

No megapixel race

Although the number of megapixels far is all that counts in terms of image quality, it is a sign that the camera is not particularly high priority when the resolution is very moderate two megapixels.

All things considered, we are therefore positively surprised by the images that C6625 does. Without being able to boast a lot of megapixels, and devoid of LED flash and autofocus, you can completely manage photos with this phone.


Samsung C6625 provides a pretty sturdy first impression, which is difficult to avoid when black and gray is an accurate summary of the color scheme. Fortunately, the design of highly functional, and you get a full keyboard and wide screen in a convenient package.

Many keys

With a full keyboard that covers half the front of the phone, there is little doubt that this is a phone for people who use e-mail and calendar much. Are you keen on SMS; it is of course no disadvantage with a decent keyboard.

Unless your fingers are of the rough variety acts keyboard well, despite the fact that the keys of course are quite small on a phone of this type.

Wide Screen

The writing you see on a wide screen, a format that is very convenient for calendar and e-mail. The C6625 is in fact a cheap pro phone, actually the cheapest phone with full keyboard that is available in the price guide spring.

Despite the low price, C6625 is equipped with the most important functions. Some compromises have admittedly Samsung had included, among other things; it will not have Wi-Fi, which is soon to expect as standard on Windows phones.

C6625 is therefore Windows-based. With Windows Mobile 6.1, you have lots of options in the menus, and you can install programs of your choice. Although the menus are affordable to operate, is the dark side, with a sophisticated menu is also the phone more complicated to use.

Battery life is approved, so you can scroll through the menus in a few days before the charger must be submitted.

A little fun

Although C6625 is not an entertainment machine, you can play both mp3 and wmv and listen to the radio to get the time to go. The camera is of the easy ones, but takes snapshots of acceptable quality. Should you have been getting lost while you were playing with the phone, it has built-in GPS, which, is a bit slow, can help you find your way home.


The sound is in fact really bad. There was hardly a conversation without the other side complained for the sound. Regardless of price, this is a major complaint, so we hope this is something Samsung is geared up in.

C6625 is in fact no competition in a price range. Nevertheless, we would have considered going for the more conducted Nokia E71 if an extra 500-patch can be added to the pot. Apart from this there are not many alternatives, if we look away from the swine animal BlackBerry phones.



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