Samsung C6625 Mobile Phone

Windows phones are usually the expensive ones. Samsung C6625 is on this side with no clean budget, but it is definitely cheap to be a Windows-based mobile phone with full keyboard.

Cheapest in class

In fact, the C6625 is the cheapest professional phone with full keyboard that you can find in our price guide right now. When it was launched and we had a sneak peek at the phone, we were admittedly been mirrored an even lower price, in fact it should cost under 8000 without subscription. Currently you can not get C6625 so cheap, even without GPS software, but it is not impossible that you cannot afford it.

It helps however how small the phone is and it is cheap if it does not live up to the expectations. With the full keyboard and Windows menus, this is a mobile phone for professional users, and they are often more interested in functionality than the price.

The first impression C6625 provides is absolutely promising. With full keyboard, of course, the phone is wider than a normal phone, but it is still quite handy, something the moderate thickness, and the rounded edges help.

All keys ended up in front

The first thing you notice is that the C6625 has unusually few shortcut keys. It appears that Samsung spent all the money on a full keyboard, the only shortcut key is actually the volume key.

Full keyboard works well in return. Moreover, the keys well-raised and slightly separated, so you can write your e-mail, messaging, or whatever in a respectable pace.

The keys are obviously small, which is unavoidable on a phone with full keyboard of this size, but with a little adaptation you will learn to type faster on this than on a phone with a regular keyboard.

The biggest drawback with the full keyboard is the fact that the number keys are a bit tricky to use. To dial a phone number in the speed you need to concentrate a bit for sighting in to the right numbers.

Menu keys should also be mentioned, they have a reasonable size, and works as you expect.

Custom home screen

Like most manufacturers of Windows-phones, Samsung has made his own start screen; you actually have a small handful to choose from. Start screen is practical and straightforward to use - with one important exception. Calendar entries displayed namely, not on the front, which is almost a requirement for a professional phone.

Fortunately, you can switch to one of Windows' default themes that have the calendar on the front.

A little small pick

A small detail of the home screen for Samsung is that it has a shortcut for your e-mail. If you use multiple email accounts and will be notified of new e-mail you do not know what e-mail box that has received new mail, and when you press the icon that shows that you have new mail, you end up not necessarily in the right mailbox.

So in general you require Windows phones no adoption if you have not used similar phones before, and if you are not

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its a very handy and good mobile....i love it very much.

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Did you mention you had to press 3 keys to unlock the keypad?

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Ok i wana get one but how is the hearing sound,do you have problems?

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That is not all, this is like the celeron amongst the P4's when it comes to slow response of any key....

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