Samsung Corby S3650 Mobile Phone

Samsung has accustomed us to target mobile phone users closer to their concerns, and the Corby S3650, or simply Corby (the TXT Corby and Corby Pro coming soon) are no exception to the rule. The mobile primarily comes with a touch screen for teenagers demand and is compatible with most community sites. All in a deliberately young dress. It is clearly seen. But the device responds to the expectations?

To strike hard at the outset, the builder has put it in a pretty box almost three cubic shell color. We had, for this test, the trio yellow, yellow and black silk screen, but Samsung promises more colors later. Black model is just too good. Black model is the one who deserves a generous pinch of imagination.


Anyway, the object is quite nice and fits comfortably in hand. In back, there is a camera without flash, while the volume buttons and the shutter sit on the sides, like a push lock. But no headphone jack, Samsung sticking to one of its proprietary connectors to do everything charging, audio and USB.

A touch screen like the iPhone

Just insert a SIM card. We also discover, under the microSD slot, the support for up to 8 GB of additional memory where you can store a lot of clips and photos. After startup, it falls on the office menu of Samsung, with sidebars containing the widgets.

In fact, a study on three pages, pages that are plucking of some fingers, and although Samsung does not promote the screen of Corby is sensitive and need to support enough contacts. This type of screen, unlike the touch screen on which you must press (possibly with good old pen) makes all the difference if one really wants to use his phone on his finger.

In short, the Corby has a screen of similar technology as that of the iPhone, although its operating system does not support the motion with two fingers (multitouch). It is not found then never be in doubt for having determined his action: the contact is recorded and, if nothing is found then the Corby is not always highly reactive.

The recreational uses of honor

Moving quickly on the functions essential but conventional dormant under the hood of this little mobile. First, the data link. No 3G, it will simply Edge (less than 200 Kb/s really). Adequate for mail activities, including community applications, but not for Web or YouTube. Warning: as long as your operator does not cover your area so that it provides 3G, you "fall" in GPRS (40 Kb/s).

There is also a camera of 2 MP, to develop fixed and without flash, but with smile detection. The quality is not brilliant but it is obviously not what Samsung was looking for. To treat his young audience, the manufacturer has, in fact, provided a series of treatments and deformation of the image to be applied after shot. Giggles guaranteed! In addition to these recreational uses FM radio and MP3 music playback, the latter being decorated with a submit button, Bluetooth, listen to the song. Another feature that should do wonders in colleges and high schools!

It lacks a full keyboard!

In chapter utility, note the presence of a English dictionary, with ability to save words for later use. A hand to help our young friends to turn their backs on the SMS language? If this is the case, Samsung would, in our view, been well advised to propose to start a virtual qwerty keyboard on this phone. Deprived of this accessory, it is unfortunately fall back on an alphanumeric keyboard, however, attended the T9 system for fast writes.

Widgets Facebook and Twitter

The discovery of Corby does not stop there. The device gives pride in community, Facebook in mind. Thus we find in the pane widget, a small module that you can file on the desktop and, after entering username and password, we see you all the latest articles of his friends. It is also very easy to update its own status. However, if you want to go further, for example, read reviews, Corby will connect the Mobile Web with Facebook. A Twitter widget, is also available on the same model.

And that’s not all. In applications include a utility used to configure the sites you want to share your content. Very handy if, for example, you just take a picture and want to send it on Facebook and MySpace in one pass.

Finish with the Web. Given the size and the limited definition of the screen, not to mention the slow data link, the Corby is really not made for surfing. Its browser is nevertheless the road. It displays full-screen, manually switch to landscape mode, zoom and progressive in contact along the finger is very effective.


If you have teenagers at home or if you feel yourself a soul of teenagers, this phone is sure to please. Its look is of modest size and color make it nice and familiar. Without this ignore the uses and embedded technology. Share community especially. All for Rs. 10500. But you will find the package that operates all at a reasonable price. And there’s another story. Samsung Corby S3650 features 2.8-inch touch-screen QVGA, 2 megapixel camera, FM-radio with RDS, music player, module, Bluetooth 2.1, a slot for memory cards microSD. It dimensions 5.65 x 10.30 x 1.24 cm and weights 92 grams.


  • Advanced touch interface
  • Mobile Custom Design
  • Integrated communication tools
  • Multimedia features complete
  • Affordable


  • Internal memory is limited to 50 MB



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