Sony PSP Go

Four years after releasing the first version of its handheld console, Sony brings in to market the PSPgo. Smaller, lighter and with a sliding screen alongwith a internal storage capacity of 16 GB marking the disappearance of the UMD format discs on this machine. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.. (SCEI) kicked off gaming world by launching PSP Go (N1000) new. With a very small size and futuristic features. The size is smaller than the current PSP as much as 50% (128 x 16.5 x 69 mm) and 40% (5.6 ounces) lighter in weight. Officially launch PSP Go (N1000) is scheduled to take place in early October. For Sony PSP enthusiast, please prepare the budget of approximately $ 250. Sony offers the option of prepaid cards. Buy them from your retail outlet and just enter the code on the board in its PlayStation Store account to be credited with the appropriate amount.

Not much actually. Yet we noticed that the PSP go has its own firmware, version 5.70 which allows us to run Gran Truismo PSP, while on a PSP-3000 firmware 6.0 is required. Note also that it is always possible to connect a digital camera. While the former is more compatible with camera, but Sony just announced the arrival in early 2010 with an adapter to connect the various accessories available already (camera, GPS antenna, etc.). As for new features, strictly speaking, we can manage various Bluetooth devices (headset, joystick PlayStation 3, etc..) Or save our progress in a game at any time, and this, regardless of backup system provided in games. Thus, after a push of the PlayStation button located to the left of the screen (replacing the Home button), we can choose between "Exit game" or "Put the game paused." This last option, having been selected, saves a small file on the console, which will serve as backup point. Very practical, it allows us to stop a game in progress at any time. Then, by visiting the menu (game)> (resume play), then we can pick up where we were arrested. A very nice option even if it only works for one game at a time. So take care not to commit the irreparable!

Finally, conclude by stating that it is also possible to have some information on the screen, when it closed. By default, we are entitled to a big clock and after pressing the two triggers, the latter gives way to a timetable. After all, nothing very special. With the demise of UMD, we can no longer purchase our titles in video game stores. We are now obliged to pass through the PlayStation Store to get our titles to the console (Internet connection required).

A Look on PSP Go :

  1. PSP supports a range of online functions that go beyond multiplayer gaming, such as Internet browsing, email, RSS and Internet radio.
  2. An in-built Internet browser lets you use your PSP to browse the web and check email on the move. This means that wherever you have access to a Wireless network, you will have the Internet at your fingertips.
  3. Using

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