Nikon Coolpix S1000pj Compact Digital Camera

This compact has swapped the original HD video for a front video projector that can take your photos and movies on a wall.

A good pattern is sometimes louder than words. A lesson that Nikon has put to good use with its compact projector built, the CoolPix S1000pj. Because of the market for compact that is so difficult to differentiate, projecting an image on a wall will speak more to people providing an explanation of the wide-angle or benefit of AVCHD.

The quicky aspect of the Coolpix S1000pj is due to the presence of a microprojector. This is not common that caught our attention. Will it be powerful enough to project an image in daylight? Or in a room with the shutters open? And how long will it last?


And there was light

In broad daylight, in a square at 12 noon, needless to say we do not see much. And it’s rightly so, since the sun is slightly larger and brighter than the S1000pj. Even in finding places too enlightened, although it remains usable, but the image is already visible inside a cafe or in a room without curtains. To make the most of the image, the less light the better. It enables the projection of a push button; the focus can be doing with a dimmer placed on top of the device.

Shine in society or family

Make a photo of Grandma and project onto the ceiling, and also the family meal as animated by magic. And trendy evening is even better: the subject photographed, accustomed to seeing his mug on an LCD screen a few inches square opens your eyes once the image is projected on a ceiling or a wall full of projections of campaign. Guaranteed effect!

But what about the sustainability of the process once the surprise happened? Unable to answer the question, it would take months of use to publish a notice which remain very personal. But it is clear that as the only device of its kind on the market, S1000pj has a nice card in his sleeve. A card it can play but not more than one hour or 50 minutes.

Facilities Photo honorable, slow and noise

Although not the best compact cameras, this is not ridiculous. Its menus are simple and clear, his range is appreciable: optical lens with a 28mm wide angle and zooming of x5. Require technical choices, the video is standard and not HD like most with this price category.

In use, the device is not the fastest: soft wake up, it needs a little (too much) time to write his image buffer to the memory card. The interval between two images is a bit too slow for our liking.

The other result is poor quality images in low light, past ISO 400, it's not very clean.

Key Features

  • 12.1 Megapixels for stunning prints as large as 16 x 20 inches.
  • 5x Wide-angle Zoom-NIKKOR Glass Lens has a versatile zoom range that gets you close to the action while capturing expansive landscapes.
  • World’s first camera with an ultra-small, built-in

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