50 Cent Blood on the Sand Review


Today I want to introduce a game that I particularly care about. A unique story, characters and a lot of profound 50 Cent’s Blood on the Sand.  The predecessor of "Bulletproof" was already a milestone in the action game’s history. What do because everything was ready to supply bullets to the proof of the untapped greatness of our favorite musician from the United States, the logical successor to the Game "Blood on the Sand is" at some point has probably given up her mind, the Protector.  So the game is already in a breathtaking tradition.  Points, the game is also exclusive to the soundtrack. Finally, the musical development of the G-Unit over the years is similar across original as the storyline. The way I picture it, enough for the real game is already feeling, turn up the speakers in the main menu – "Blood on the Sand" is the first game so that you can play alongside with the dishes.

50 Cent and his cronies give a concert in a completely fictional country in the Middle East, that random as the of an American teenager looks from Iraq. The concert is sold out and of course the Far East Bude, it rocks. The group then gets stolen in their departure from the fictional Eastern setting by ambush. Well, and now make themselves at 50 cents plus G-Unit, the crystal, Back diamond skull with massive use of armed force.  A so clever and original story line makes me shiver contentedly. So much creativity we have not had more since then stormed into Doom zombie demons from hell, a research facility on Mars have.

Of course I mean that 50 murderous half the population of the Middle East with his G-unit (the gang, not the mythological place of women). The creators of 50C: Bots wisely chose to plagiarize Gears of War to make a game very fun and addictive.

The greatness of this game that you enjoy it arrives in the same way you see a bad movie. You enjoy many as 50 terrorists killed thousands of stupidly extreme situations, listen to how everyone talks about the horrible dialogue consistently while speaking as if he had Down syndrome. The first rule is not taking this game seriously, just keep killing people until you get your 50 diamond skull for him to finally pay for their concert
In the 7-hours of the game will be protecting yourself behind walls and shoot when enemies make the same stop. The game offers a good arsenal, including rocket launchers, incendiary grenades and melee instant kills. The enemies do not present much challenge, which makes the game feel like you’re in an arcade. The soundtrack, consisting of music taken from the discography of 50 Cent sticks with the action. The best of the game is that while logged into the Internet a friend can join you as a member of GGGGG-Unit. 50C: Bots are a big surprise that you will enjoy from beginning to end, not the most original and has some problems but rarely much fun one with a game like this.
In the visual 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand video game is downright sexy, which takes advantage of a dramatically Epic engine, Unreal Engine 3.0 has already shown his quality in the Gears of War saga.

The character models looks very good, although the enemy ends up being somewhat repetitive by the paucity of models. 50 Cent and his companions are a step above the rest with a work of animation, excellent textures and polygon load. Very few buts that put the finishing of the protagonist, would be the only certain blankness in her face in the few moments when we will see, for example, to cover.

Scenarios are also repetitive, but it is fair to acknowledge that little could be done with a context as corseted as the Middle East. The interaction with them is rather sparse, but is offset by some really good visual effects, particularly as relates to fire and explosions. The rate of frames per second is very stable, although the cooperative aspect of it is more irregular.

In the sound section should be noted first that the title does not come into our language and translated in subtitles or voice, a rather unusual decision in our country. Saving this bump the audio factor is bright, with some unusually powerful sound effects and a soundtrack composed entirely by himself rapper items that will delight their fans-and that greatly irritated the rest.

Game Features

OVERVIEW – Play as 50 cent, the world’s biggest hip-hop star, in the fast-paced action shooter! you and the G-Unit will battle across two countries to collect your payday and exact your revenge on those who have crossed you.

INTENSE HIGH BODY COUNT GUNPLAY – Bring the heat with 20+ high powered weapons including heavy machine guns, advanced guided rocket launchers, grenades and explosives.

INCREDIBLE MUSIC & SOUNDS – 40+ tracks and 9 classic music videos featuring "Fiddy" and G-Unit.

EXPLOSIVE DRIVING AND FLYING SEQUENCES – Drive through the city’s water runoffs and storm drains in high speed pursuit. Get behind the wheel as 50 while a member of your G-Unit crew shoots down pursing enemies. Get inside a helicopter, mount the Gatling gun and shoot across the opium fields of the mountain valley.

ONLINE CO-OP MULTIPLAYER MODES  – Have your friend join your game online at any time! have them pick a member of G-Unit’s crew to help 50 get payback on those who wronged him.

50 CENT AND G-UNIT MUSIC – New, never before heard exclusive tracks and classic hits from 50’s albums make this the ultimate 50 cent experience.

COLLOBORATIVE CREW MEMBERS – 50 never run alone. He’s always got his G-unit crew covering his back. Select a member of G Unit to fight by 50’s side – each with their own signature weapons.

NEW BRUTAL COUNTERKILL SYSTEM – All new interactive counterkill system that gives you the control to finish off the enemy.

Game Plot  –

I quickly pike, past the smoking ruins on the road and look for a suitable cover. There is lead in the air. Rows of bullets hissing through the area, while I should move my head. Mortar shells keep hitting in close proximity, thundering in his ears. And suddenly, fighter jets also appear in the sky, the rustling over my head and drop their deadly cargo. Sounds like the usual war. But I’m not Matt Baker nor any other nameless soldier in Call of Duty brand, which romps on the front lines of a modern conflict. I am 50 cents and run a small private war.
You can now look incredulous? Do you think I will take you on the arm? Would I read these lines without any prior knowledge of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, to me it would probably be similar. But it helps immensely if you play this game or any preconceptions about rapper 50 Cent in particular pushes aside – and perhaps his brain put into standby mode. Below-the previous one should have by now anyway pushed out of his memory.
The background story of Blood On The Sand has been designed to not to be taken seriously. 50 Cent and his buddies stop at the beginning of the game just a fat concert in a fictional desert town. Shell out for such a presentation must be of course a lot of money. It is understandable that the G-Unit is not overly enthusiastic when someone robs the designated fund.

The organizer while offering a set with diamonds, priceless skull as a substitute, but even that is on the way they stole through the city. That brings the final draft to the overflow. The Gangsta  rapper grabs machine gun, shotgun and rocket launcher to bring back his salary personally. Here at last it becomes clear that you make a mistake when the game too seriously.

And you may barely believe it: The gameplay is convinced! Given the obvious role models but that is no great feat. Dive in the third-person perspective from cover to cover and take in between some enemy under fire? This is clearly Gears of War. Together with a Homie (also via Coop mode) on the hunt for bad guys to go and perform various actions with him? Who now thinks of Army of Two, is correct. Finally there’s the opportunity to gain as in The Club points. Completed one’s opponents with the help of explosives, explosive barrels, or head shots, hailing it properly reward points.

Apparently, it has also thrown all three games in the blender and as a result of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand will receive. That all three models are indicated, should be known to most of you. And THQ’s action game is on the way there, it has yet received no mark. No wonder it is by no means squeamish to the point. How realistic the game, basically it may be, but clearly it is aimed at adults. Special bullets, for example, are liable to blow up enemies and burn them in the air (without the splatter effects), other types of ammunition and Molotov cocktails, the minions alive. The regular use of the word "fuck" in various forms is one of them anyway.

Some illogical situation and share the makers avoid at all to their advantage, thus underlining the slightly ironic, sometimes even periodic undertone that constantly comes to light. In his campaign, for example, you earn a chunk Bares by various boxes broken down into its component parts. Of phones that will then turn dough invested in an extensive arsenal of new blunderbuss. Fifty and his followers are sometimes even better equipped than a specialized unit.


In particular, in a burning in deflating house as an arms shipment but falls somewhat heavy, which also notes Fifties companion: "There’s a phone, but how can he deliver here?" One can not even take the trouble to a halfway reasonable explanation to find. "I do not care. I’ll call now "comes the reply. And that takes you down so easily because, overall, everything is totally stripped.

Free of criticisms is Blood on the sand next to all the absurdities do not unfortunately. In particular, the AI opponent stands out negatively. In their few bright moments the enemy to take cover and work your way forward. Significantly more likely to respond but is anything but intelligent. Their behavior is ultimately too predictable. They guessed at what point they always peeping from behind their cover and wait for the right moment. Flanking maneuvers and meaningful change in position are a rarity. Spread risk, they only really when they occur in large numbers. In this respect, the game presents a not all too great challenges.

The Co-operation is only limited scope for application. It has support in the battle that opens garage doors and climb up walls together. It gives the impression as if they had here a total of only scratched the surface of what would be theoretically possible with this mix of different games. More complex, combining actions to solve puzzles or challenges are not required – giving away potential. Also incomprehensible: The cooperative mode can be played online only for lack of split-screen option. Usual game modes like Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and the like are missing altogether.
Apart from the above mentioned points are counter to opponents marching groups, for example, with a siren and red "DANGER" marks on the screen clearly visible. For entertaining diversion, the so-called "scenarios provide. Regular one is faced with mini-tasks and must turn for example, two snipers in a given time or the reinforcements as quickly eliminated. If successful, increases the points account, a failure in addition to the loss of points has no major impact. When Fifty and his traveling companions are not just walking, they make the area in a jeep or helicopter uncertain. If you play alone with AI, can not only steer the car, while his colleague use the mounted machine gun.
On board the helicopter, however, both sit on the Gangsta  rappers and Minigun cover tanks, trucks and soldiers with a hail of bullets. Exploding barrels or buildings are of course also included. In tricky situations always helps the "Gangsta  fire continued." The world is moving at around 50 cents after activation only in slow motion, so you can react quickly to new events. And if you already have the gameplay of War Gears of largely accepted, must not be missing the right engine. Epic’s graphics framework gives 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand fairly decent to live. Specifically, the characters are really well-, the environments are generally considered him a bright tone – after all it comes down to business in the Middle East.

The good overall impression is reduced in some places by some rather muddy textures. Overall, one can hardly complain about the quality, better than Shellshock 2, it seems forever. Between Blood on the Sand and the epic 360-graphic reference gapes nevertheless still a large gap, especially in relation to the smoothness of the animation.

Positive Points –

  • Fans of the Gangsta  rapper can also look forward to a more than 40 tracks full soundtrack that accompanied the action-packed event. If not satisfied just to disable the music helps, alternatives are not included. 
  • Usually I can start with very little rap music. Blood on the Sand too excited in the run does not really interest me. I had no video, just a few screenshots. So I studied relatively little with it. Wrongly! My preliminary impression after the first two levels would go something like this: "Brilliant!". Blood on the Sand is so wonderfully absurd that it just makes only fun to shoot through the areas to be. Just that fun factor, along with the successful gameplay action in a straightforward Baller – if one enters an appearance on it – to help ingenious, entertaining trash story to the game this good rating. 
  • Entertaining action spectacle
  • Very good graphics
  • Great soundtrack
  • Huge weapons arsenal
  • Counter Attacks toll staged

Negative Points –


  • The fail Coo-p mode would have much more extensive. Also I’m missing a more intense interaction between the two fighters in action, more joint operations. If you garage door raises and climbs walls, is very nice. Alone, one would have to be honest, however, needed no cooperative variant.
  • The most stupid enemies, meanwhile, every attempt to rob a real challenge. If I do I really only because of the number of opponents has to worry about, something is wrong. It must indeed turn out not be so tactically as well as in Brothers in Arms, a bit challenging but it should be.
  • Short season
  • Only a graphical setting
  • Stupid enemy AI


I dare not even write almost. But "50 Cent: Blood on the Sand" is really fun, a lot. Of course, the title is trashy, but thank God takes the game seriously at any second. The story is so stupid and so full of exaggerated stereotypes that there is simply nothing more than a joy. But even playfully like what is offered there, for no real weaknesses in the game. And the pace of the game process really enormous, "Gears of War" on speed meets there pretty good. Who is looking for a diverting action fireworks and also has no problem with the main character, should maybe give it to risk a glance – he could be more than pleasantly surprised. In the case of "50 Cent: Blood on the Sand" is trash that is not the same garbage. Because the sound is great, the graphics are great and entertaining game play and rich effect.
50 Cent already has new video game, and against all odds is not bad. In Blood on the Sand found a interesting action title that has lacked only a little more personality and a better finish to become a very interesting release

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand shows that with good twigs and dedication can mount an action game more than acceptable. Obviously we are not faced a shot that lay chair, quite the opposite, but this is a very tolerable popping and mindless entertainment that will delight fans of Curtis Jackson.

More on Topic –

You do not mess with the Fiddy. This ought to really be penetrated even into the Middle East. It lies just not with Gansta rapper 50 Cent. And certainly no one steals him his payment in the form of a priceless diamond skull, which he has deserved for his performance. Who would not be seen as red and stir up half the Middle East? Fits so on, dear terrorists and mercenaries, Curtis James Jackson III is on the way, and he will punish you.

Gangsta  Of War

  1. Already the first few minutes make clear, the developers have clearly studied the mechanics of the game "Gears of War" and tried to copy as much as possible. And that is amazingly well done to them. Also, the tempo increases has hurt the gameplay difficult. "50 Cent: Blood on the Sand" at times reminds Although almost a Railshooter, but that must be nothing bad.
  2. In a two person you are fighting you, from cover to cover, in order to dissect the bad guys one by one. Tactical battles you should not expect, however, because the game is very linear and does not provide opportunities to flank opponents. That is happening is always staged effect successfully and quickly. A scripted sequence is chasing the next, there are few opportunities for a breather. Nevertheless, one should, if possible, always try searching all the rooms that are found. For here is primarily concerned with money, and that they not only get by killing enemies, but also by finding hidden boxes and destroyed. Namely, it needs money to equip your alter ego with new weapons. And the hero with an arsenal is available, where Marcus Fenix himself would be green with envy. As many as 21 weapons are there, divided into four categories: pistols, submachine guns, machine guns and special weapons.
  3. Furthermore, Do you still can equip with various counter attacks. These are very brutal, but also stylish staged melee moves, where you kill enemies with Quicktime maneuvers. Of Wrestling Moves to knife attacks pretty much we got everything you can imagine. Since youth defenders will surely not enjoy it, have in contrast to the mature audience. The game actually offers also a bullet time mode but the will probably rarely use the dicey and only in the few scenes. For the AI opponent offers little challenge for the experienced gamer. The enemies are only there to bless the temporal rather quickly.
  4. During the battles the game even offers you the opportunity to earn upgrades. These are scattered over again and you must then turn off within a tight time limit a certain number of specific opponents. In order to collect additional points that are then included in the final statement. For, after each section you will be assessed and then you can get medals. This should probably bring a little variety into the game.
  5. This can be achieved only partially, because in contrast to the indexed Epic shooter, there’s really not a change does not trump. Even if you have three very smart vehicle sequences were interspersed. Otherwise you are fighting you, always through the same brown-looking areas. The effect over time rather monotonous. Because you can almost count himself lucky that the playing time is measured with six to eight hours rather moderate. Moreover, the difficulty is not set really high. Experienced gamers may also begin quietly equal to "High".

Unreal Engine for the win

  • Once again, a game based on the Unreal 3 engine. But it does not always mean something bad: "Blood on the Sand" really looks good. It is certainly not a texture monsters like "Gears of War", because that’s why they are at this part too mushy. Ensure it runs smoothly but the whole time and has never had problems with tearing, unfortunately, a rarity in the current generation. Only Discreet aliasing may already be in between times disturbing.
  • Nevertheless, like what is happening on the screen. The areas are well designed and will incorporate many details. Also, the effects – whether explosions or just like to know Lense flares – and the characters are designed in detail. In addition, the screen is always a lot going on.

Crash crashing end beats meet Arms

For a game with a rapper as a leading actor of course, includes the right soundtrack. In the relationship the developers cannot be stingy. As many as 18 previously unreleased tracks contributed 50 cents. And fit beautifully to the action-filled happening on the screen. But otherwise the sound know please. It crackles in every nook and cranny and especially the bass very clean skin. However, if you can start anything with 50 cents music, could have a little problem.
Ultimately, Blood on the sand falls into the category of "brain and enjoy." It could be a good popcorn action film compare: It has its flaws, but is easily digestible entertainment and makes the entire season away just fun.



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