Sony A550 DSLR Camera


If you are need of higher level of performance with camera than you need to step up to the Sony A550 DSLR camera that is equipped with the best technology and allows you to leave voice your creative vision. It offers live view functionality and a new Auto HDR mode. you can enjoy the freedom of Quick Auto Focus and Manual Focus Check Live View on the tiltable 3.0" LCD. The Sony A550 DSLR camera makes it easier than ever to capture beautiful pictures, carefree family portraits, stunning holiday memories and action-packed scenes.


Live View
With its unique sensor-processor combination, the α550 camera is the first DSLR in its class with seven frames per second shooting speed for under $1,000. With two Live View modes, the α550 expands your shooting opportunities. Quick Auto Focus Live View uses a second imager, eliminating the focus delay of other systems. Manual Focus Check Live View provides precise 100% view and 7x/14x focus magnification for macro and tripod shots. The 921K 3" LCD tilts to let you frame high and low angle shots.Using the optical viewfinder on both models, you can shoot up to five frames per second and up to four frames per second with Quick Auto Focus Live View. This helps you capture the decisive moment when shooting fast moving subjects like in sports.The new speed priority mode on the Sony DSLR-A550 allows for its part, shooting a staggering 7 frames per second (with a setting of the autofocus and auto exposure maintained since the first image), to capture every nuance of expression of the people photographed or sequences in dynamic movement.

Dynamic Range Management
The D-Range Optimiser featured in previous Sony DSLR models has been enhanced for even better results with backlit portraits and other tricky high-contrast scenes.DRO analyzes areas of an image to recover shadow detail while Auto HDR instantly takes two shots, one for highlights and one for shadows, and combines them for a single, incredible image beyond the limits of a single exposure, right in the camera.HDR technology is a technical specialist who combines two shots at different exposure settings. The Sony A500 and Sony A550 uses powerful algorithms to combine and optimize two successive images in less than 2 seconds, correcting any misalignment between the images when shooting without a tripod. Unlike HDR features in other DSLR cameras, Sony’s unique positional interpolation technology can overcome slight changes in camera position and align individual shots so that a tripod is not required.The result is a single HDR image reproducing the vast range of natural tones of the human field of vision.

High Sensitivity and Image Quality
An all-new 14.2-megapixel Exmor CMOS image sensor and BIONZ image processing engine delivers significantly improved image quality with high-sensitivity shooting at up to ISO12800. Plus, separate chroma and luminance processing reduces noise in high sensitivity shots without blurring fine detail.

Face Detection
Quick AF Live View is enhanced with Face Detection and Smile Shutter technology.The Quick Auto Focus Live View has been developed with Face Detection technology to help you get the

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