Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX

The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX was put together with the MX Performance Mouse launched as one of the first two mice with Dark-Field technology. The mouse focuses on the mobile user, according to Logitech Anywhere where you should take it as literally as possible. Thanks to Dark-Field technology because the mouse can be used on any surface and also benefits from unifying the technology that are applied.

The Anywhere Mouse MX is a small mouse with left and right beside the two side buttons, an extra button below the scroll wheel and a scroll wheel. With scroll wheel that can not be clicked, but pressing it switches between the stairs or in vertical scrolling continuously, Logitech's called free-scrolling technology. The Anywhere Mouse MX gets its power from two AA batteries that sit underneath the mouse, along with a separate place to the receiver in Unifying to store. Bottom of the mouse is also a slider that easily in the mouse and can be disabled to save battery. Finally, Logitech also provides a pouch into which the mouse can be kept for transportation.

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Design and appearance
Again, Logitech has chosen the classic premium colors. Matte black, sides and accented with a chrome finishes around the scroll button. The mouse is very simply designed, but is surprisingly good in the hand. The mouse is also suitable for different types of hands. A big hand to manipulate the mouse with fingers, but normal and smaller hands to complete their hand on the mouse rest.  Since the mouse is symmetrical shape, both left and right hands can work with the mouse. The mouse is a notebook mouse but on the heavy side. Including batteries weighs 140 grams a big mouse, significantly more than the 115 grams.

logitech-anywhere-mx-mouse extra case , portable case


The MX Anywhere Mouse works with the latest version of the Setpoint program, just like the MX Performance Mouse. That is the same program benefits, including the many opportunities for the buttons and the ease of use. The disadvantages of the software are a much smaller problem. The macro feature is missing , at the Mouse MX Anywhere is only one button which would be logical to change the function that is under the scroll button. Moreover, the DPI of the mouse is not adjustable, so even a profile feature would be very helpful for the mouse.

The combination of its compact form and the Dark-Field Technology and the receiver of the Unifying Mouse MX become a great travel mouse. Especially the Dark Field technology allows the mouse Anywhere really deserves its name. You do not need a mouse pad with you at all, since the mouse works on any surface even on glass tables. The convenient carrying case and the fact that you can store any Unifying receiver in the mouse, contribute to the mobility

logitech-anywhere-mx-mouse back

It is a pity that the mouse buttons no longer on board and it is not entirely clear to me why the button for the Logitech infinitely scrolling has hidden in the click of the scroll wheel. Finally, that button is much

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power consumption is very high: some mouse can stay 6 months with the same batteries. Here you must change them every 2 weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 lasers + darkfield = 10x more power needed... they should have included a li-ion accu + a usb connectivity to recharge it...

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Thanks for this note on Power consumption. I searched all over for this information. Logitech makes no mention of Power consumption on their site.

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