Nancy Drew Warnings at Waverly Academy

Conduct a new investigation – along with Nancy Drew, the stunning heroine of numerous books and computer games! At this time the famous girl detective goes to the women’s academy, where there are strange and mysterious events. Unknown attacker sends students the note with threats, and after a while the girls trouble starts. Will Nancy has to unravel this complex, intriguing and extremely confusing investigation.

Connect with new acquaintances, determine the circle of suspects, and find the necessary evidence. As usual, the truth is hidden under the veil of lies, so do not hesitate to ask questions. Log in to the credibility of the most intelligent student in the Academy, find out the possible reasons for the evil deeds and will prevail over the cunning criminal.

Junior and Senior Detective are complex puzzles.  For those who are first time playing games in the series, needs training. In this game you would have to sneak to the night corridor. When get closer to  someone, the cursor will show where you want to hide, with a symbol of the Shelter.

Warnings at Waverly Academy is not only Technically good but once a very traditional & popular Nancy Drew adventure game. While, our master detective in the last few episodes like abroad, and even spent overseas, she now returns to an investigation of an American elite high school for girls in upstate New York.

Game features :

  1. There are rumors that one of the founders of the Academy, is the image of black cat
  2. After each threat increases the risk. What is it – a draw or a sophisticated crime?
  3. The rivalry between female students has reached boiling point. Who emits insulting gossip?
  4. Prestige Academy is famous for its traditions. But rituals cannot be forget and the consequences also. 

The Game Plot —————

Nancy Drew is called and asked by a member of  Chapter Board of Directors of Women’s Academy to find out who sends students the mysterious note and what is the cause of accidents. Nancy goes to the academy under the name Becky Sawyer.  Two weeks ago a student named Daniell received a strange note, and then it locked up at night in a dark closet. She got a nervous breakdown and left the academy.

The headmistress of Waverly Academy asked Nancy, a series of disturbing incidents is going on and look for the story behind. Students of the graduating class are receiving  a mysterious warning from someone who called himself as Black Cat.  After each 2 written warnings, something happened with the targeted student. The last incident transported over the victim with anaphylactic shock which directly send her to the hospital and her parents thought it would be better to take her daughter away from the school to save life. 

Nancy sneaks. Thus, throughout the autumn under a false name, Becca Sawyer, as an exchange student from France directly. This helps to avoid suspicion on here by the ladies in Ramsey Hall.  At this level,  by residing on the top end of the vintage, each of a candidate stands for the rank of the Valedictorian 2010th,  valedictorian is the best vintage that can not only keep the closing speech for her classmates, but also particularly a good prospects for their future academic career at the best colleges in the country.

The ‘Black Cat’ seems to follow under Valedictorian candidates which found to be promising where  more or less healthy rivalry, an interesting ranking order for Nancy. Each of the now 5 Tops position it could be.  And Nancy has to run alongside some of their investigation give her a role of services for them to receive as a novice as unobtrusively and quickly contact. The aim is to develop elicit skills, networks of relationships and intentions.  But then Nancy even gets on the list of the mysterious Black Cat and discovers that not only vile ambition is the driving force of the unknown.
Beautifully bounded by the fictional historical development of the Waverly school with the life and work of Edgar Allan Poe. Truly a treat! This will definitely surprise you.


This time, you can forget the excessive amount of dexterity elements of the predecessor up to 2 small exceptions. This time they have no unpleasant effects,  they should not be immediately overcome,  such as the free-climbing in the Bahamas. So it did not die, you should not win the game of darts against Leela immediately or they do not beat in air hockey. Hey, that was fun! In the air hockey, I cleaned the gun, the self-proclaimed sports school immediately!  Fine mini-game, once you have the option to play and win it. 

She should not even be allowed to ask for a rematch, as bad as she looked at me! 😉 Did I mention that I was best in the air hockey game which was great!  Well, I was surprised myself how well I am in it. Unfortunately, we have gained thereby no additional points such as at another mini-game as a snack-bar boss.  This must be complete 1x per day, as Nancy was assigned to, and usually gets negative points.  You also get penalized if they do not attend the teacher and served in a given time.  You can wipe out this again when you open more than 5x a day in the store. Incidentally, Nancy knows in this kind of care already quite good, they had to do in Icicle Creek, several times a day.

Yes, keep the points gimmicks Nancy somewhat from its real task, but otherwise it were almost too easy, we should focus solely onto spying.  And finally, you can listen to while operating the incredibly important gossip of the ladies. Incidentally you should collect more than 15 negative points, one flies from the school.  If you are caught, as at night, after the curfew for valedictorian by 11 o’clock, lurking in the house,  5 minus points and we must return to their room.  But Nancy has to stop prowling at night. You can run away from the torch of supervision and to hide and collect the points stop like a woman. Once the sentence was entered in the Waverly intranet, it gets about a message on her cell phone and can record the points on the PC to look up at the library.

A mini-game on the Waverly computer is completely optional.  In this memory game on time, you can subscribe to a high score.  There are extra points and earn a special award at the end of the game, when you hit the leading Izzy Romero, which is not easy.

So, now, but enough of all the distractions in Ramsey Hall. Nancy is indeed a job to do. In addition, they must feel all the ladies on the tooth and to explore the house and its surroundings. Both tool and puzzles are part of its multi-function mobile phone and the Waverly intranet to which the students can access with their laptops. Nancy makes contributions to a little deranged Waverly Home and example, must contribute photos, which she invites right from your phone to the server. Motives and quality have been exactly agree in the typical realism of ND-puzzle.

Puzzles are once again in the minority. For this we again find a lot of logic, decoding and memory tasks in which one wonders how the makers yet again to incorporate new challenges so smoothly into the story to understand. Particular joy has made me a US-knowing the mystery that can actually solve every American girl was sleeping. For foreigners, with the geography of the country are not so familiar, it is represented by Atlas also is not an insoluble problem.

Personally, I’ve done my hard time with the development of a DNA model, which departed for a long time to me the finer points, but again I had no problems with the two visual puzzles that require spatial visualization. Other players, it may happen the other way. There is something for each of what they will probably handle particularly well, because the puzzles are very different and come from very different areas. An example of the ingenuity of the makers is a task in which one has to combine logic and visual retention, to put together the right cutlery for a 7-course meal of the year 1871.

The mystery of the Nancy Drew title are somewhat linear space, just as in earlier parts, which does not mean that one has done one by one stubborn, and cannot find his own individual solution. Even the good old Nancy Drew-clock time to resurface. You can use it if you want returning  the time,  but it need not.Help to get in Junior mode through the detailed to-do list and friend Ned, who is in charge this time for good telephone tips.

There are few time-dependent tasks, such as in the snack bar, but the pressure is up to the exciting conclusion puzzles very tame. No comparison to the stressful Bahama Strip! The difficulty was again reduced to a medium level. There are GameOvers with the usual second-chance through automatic savegames, where you can now even choose in certain situations, to which position you want to return. Although it is to contemplation, which does not mean that not even Nancy can die. And how they can … I still hear the noise!

Depending on how much one is devoted to the study of texts, or to appeal to the fun mini-games, it will be about 16) to be employed 18 hours (without complete utilization.

Graphics / Sound

The graphics this time remains in the traditional Nancy Drew-1st-person view. The isometric perspective trips the last episodes were nice and a welcome change, but as we know and love them. In return, we take this occasion once again to more characters: 5 interactive and visible fellow students, 1 teacher in video sequences, 1 squirrel, some phone contacts and that you must find out for yourself.

After a picture of Nancy, George and Bess, which we now face is so familiar, at their desk, they can look around. The tract in which resides the graduating class during the holidays, housed next to the bedrooms of the students and the impressive, huge library of Waverly, a snack bar with TV and games area, the large hall, a classroom and some historical exhibits in the adjoining rooms.

The outdoor area with the huge oak tree and a small lake, we can enter. As the game stretches over several days, we experience Waverly Academy, even at night and, via the Internet through a surprisingly announced Blizzard, even during light and heavy snowfall later. I would particularly like to mention that we do not just hear Nancy’s steps in the fresh snow, but its footsteps are becoming more the more often it goes here or there.

Your conversation partners all have a very expressive and appropriate facial expressions, even if they otherwise always remain relatively fixed in their respective places. Again, notice that one of the characters was particularly animated particularly well, with extremely lifelike movements, for example, with strands of hair falling into his face by oscillatory movements back and lively, matching shoulder movements and facial expressions. I’m actually fell for it, and have made the person I suspect.

But with Nancy Drew, there is no halt scheme that will not eventually discarded. 😉
Nancy herself is again used to speak sympathetically of Lani Minella. In a few places but I had the impression that rates were subsequently added, and in my opinion did not come from her. The other characters were also memorable voices that settle in expression and style of writing, sometimes with a special accent.

Allusions to old Nancy Drew games I have found little time, but also not missing. Readily apparent to the mobile phone screen wallpaper with images from jumping the last 5 games.

If you visit, the first specially created website of Waverly Academy in the real Internet, we get some additional information to the school, such as a general location map, a list of teachers and even some former graduates of the school, which is probably part of some known characters of the series of recruiting.

Musically, it is exciting with subtle piano and orchestra pieces in the background. Dramatically, the sound effects, even if they (unfortunately I cannot give more details) in the final scene may well not correspond to reality, what the voltage does not detract.
The outtakes in the credits you should not miss again.

Handling / control —————

Installation starts from 2 CD-ROMs, which can be subsequently removed from the drive. Again, the installation of the Nancy Drew-release center is not avoidable, but it appears this time 2 icons, the Start Center, so that an automatic Internet connection can be circumvented.

The service works in simple known Nancy Drew-style: all functions are mouse-controlled, by the nature of control to operate the menus. So this time around 80% point and click, 15% if you are turning into all-round simply by moving the mouse on the screen without clicking, the rest are drag and drop or drag and move the air hockey. It’s simple and convenient if. You still need to control information, is an online tutorial at the beginning of Nancy’s office information on all important functions. The two somewhat exceptional game features such as stealth and the use of multifunctional mobile phones are also explained there. The mobile phone is also a telephone, alarm clock, camera and receive text and picture messaging and is located next to other symbols, such as inventory, to-do list and notebook on the strand at the bottom when it is touched with the mouse.

Minimum system requirements —————

  • Windows XP / Vista
  • Pentium  III 1,13 GHz or equivalent Athlon  HP 
  • 256 MB RAM 
  • 24x CDROM drive 
  • MB to 1 GB of hard drive 
  • 3D-graphics adapter with 64 MB memory, compatible with DirectX ® 9.0c 
  • 16 bit DirectX compatible sound card

Played with :

  • Windows XP
  • Pentium IV 3.6 GHz
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 48x DVD-ROM
  • NVidia GeForce 7600GS 256 MB or similar. 
  • DirectX-compatible sound card

Conclusion —————

Nancy Drew Warnings at Waverly Academy recurs throughout the contemplative traditions of the first games back in the series, without forgetting the pleasant handling of the newer parts. Although not an outstanding, but very fine and very typical game of the series.  A  lot of detective fun I wish all the old and find the ‘Black Cat’.

Overall Rating –  76%


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