Google Chrome OS ( Chromium OS )

in July 2009 and based on its Chrome web browser and a Linux kernel,
OS Chrome is free, easy, fast and secure. Note, however the
majority of information about Google Chrome OS still vague, and
the version that is unveiled is not final. It is
especially Google to offer drivers to run their OS on most machine as
they wants to make a real success so Google going work together with
Acer, Asus, Adobe, Freescale, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Texas Instruments,
and the Asus where AsusNetbooks would be part of the first machines to
use Chrome
OS .

The Google OS ,
Called Google Chrome OS is specifically designed to run applications
online. This is another specialty that Google has just remove the word
beta (testing) of its Gmail Web mail, calendar's Google Calendar and
its software for word processing and spreadsheet documents online
Google. The software will be tightly bound to the browser of the same
name Google Chrome.

 The operating system by Google
The computers need an operating system to work, and this even if
they are just in order to launch a browser. A browser (Internet
Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari...) Needs a system that will
link to the material, components and peripherals,
Located on the computer. Google have a different approach with online
applications and
services that need to be connected to the central computer should be
the browser, not the operating system.Besides Google talked about its
new OS as a
windowing system based on Linux kernel.

does Google using Linux because Linux is free and secure .The
new system, Google will initially aimed at netbooks to offer laptops in low prices and used as a backup machine. Their
main function is to connect to the Internet to meet their emails or

Google Chrome OS is not an absolute novelty, from
July the Google started the trickle of information by November, December 2010 Google Chrome OS will be a reality and users
will have the opportunity to purchase PCs, netbooks in particular, equipped
with the new operating system.

In the images displayed by Google can appreciate the simplicity and total
lack of transparency . Moreover, the work environment will be very
family for those who already use the Google Chrome browser. Tool of
Tab well known and appreciated by users Chrome OS allows you to manage
applications, which of course will be web application nothing installed on the local
if not the main elements of the operating system. 

provided instant access to YouTube, an e-book reader a
application that can open PDF files correctly, in addition to link to
Google Docs. Chrome OS does not intend to be a closed system and
provides access to Microsoft Office Web app; this feature by itself

Even for the data we have cloud
computing . Google Docs has helped to spread the knowledge of cloud
computing for saving data, documents modified or created it
provided the use of online resources. With Google Chrome OS will still
possible to manage USB drive or memory card.

 Google Chrome OS
Google Chrome OS represents an optimal integration of Google
Apps within a software environment developed and designed to measure. 
In the traditional os the steps that precede
access to the application are multiple and include the startup BIOS
booting the kernel, the initiation of services and finally the access

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