Runaway: A Twist of Fate (PC)

This is the third return of Pendulo Studios, and of course Brian and Gina. The adventure is as pleasing as the previous and accessible to all. It is built as more mature and serious, but the game still keeps the humorous touches that made it successful. "Runaway: A Twist of Fate" is to be played with the two main characters.

Without achieving cult status as that of the Monkey Island series, Runaway has quickly earned a reputation among fans of adventure games. This third episode, subtitled "A twist of fate" is left unnumbered not to frighten the newcomers, but it ably conducted a scenario that echoes the past events. It requires no prior knowledge yet to be fully appreciated. As a fan or novice, you’ll take pleasure with the same control to turn Brian Basco and Gina Timmins, separated by the claws of justice and the gates of a psychiatric clinic. Amnesic and accused of murder, Brian finds himself cloistered in effect at Happy Dale Sanatorium for an assessment of criminal responsibility.

Welcome to the madness

The choice of asylum as a central point of the adventure is a damn good idea to allow all the delusions and immerses us in the midst of unbelievable characters. He will even use it to solve certain puzzles. Mime Contortionist gives you for example a flower and an imaginary box to store the inventory as real objects. As for the 102-year-old man who takes his table tennis for a car of the 60s, and Mr. Gentile who has always dreams of going to Atlanta, he will only need a little help to meet their inner world and release a sticky situation. The humor of the game is not always so poetically absurd, but it often responds to the appeal and flies almost every time.

Destiny is animated

With Runaway: A Twist of Fate, Pendulo Studios pushes the genre’s limits and fills the gap between adventure game and animated movie. The graphical environment is not left since proved worthy of a real cartoon, or even an animated film for cinematic scenes that deftly mix sets of 2D and 3D characters. Ok, we’re not at Disney or Pixar, but still this disclaims a certain charm. The ears are well treated as that of eyes since it uses doublers and skilled professionals, which is not always the case elsewhere. You will still note some minor technical problems. Casually, like having to click several times on an order for it to be taken into account. Or systematic, as the scene changes that cause one or two seconds of loading which would be well spent.

An Adventure Loaded With Humor

Humor is an integral part of the Runaway style and a Twist of Fate is no exception! The tone is definitely to comic, as you can tell by the numerous gags, crazy dialogs and dozens of new and wild characters.

Players will also be pleased to meet some cult characters again such as Joshua, the completely mad genius who will help Brian and Gina all the way through their adventure.

This astonishing movie quality work allows the game to keep its sense of humor while adapting for English audiences the many jokes and references to master pieces taken from the big screen as well as from TV shows!

Help, I need somebody …

But we saved the best for last! Never short of original ideas, developers of Pendulo Studios have fun to stage their own offices through a help function malignant and innovative. If you turn in circles for too long and stuck on a puzzle too tough, do not hesitate to use this option. You will then see a fellow employee who answers the phone and provide valuable clues about the next action to perform. Never too direct, such information can still unlock all situations, unless you have already blown the majority of its neurons. It is therefore necessary to force him not to call too often, failing which might result in the lifespan of the game reduced to nil.


  • Version: P, D
  • Local Multiplayer: No
  • Online Play: Yes
  • Multiplayer Online: No
  • Processor: Core Solo or equivalent
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Graphic Card: ATI, Nvidia
  • Graphics Memory: 256 MB
  • Disk space requirements: 8 GB

Positive points

  • A bunch of wacky characters at will
  • A support system as funny as practice
  • Graphics worthy of a cartoon

Negative points

  • The temptation of the assistant ship
  • Small technical problems


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