HTC HD2 Windows Mobile Phone


The HTC HD2 is the most anticipated mobile phone at the end of the year 2009 in the world of Smartphones running Windows Mobile that is also a new terminal from the Taiwanese firm.

Highly anticipated because it has the new version 6.5 of Windows Mobile from Microsoft. A Phone that has Windows as its OS, they are especially characteristic of the terminal that most experts were eager to see how does it work. Indeed, it is a leading mobile market after Toshiba TG01 to be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 1GHz. And on paper, HTC seems to have earned on the other components that accompany it. And to enjoy it all, a beautiful screen and high resolution capacitive was grafted to the mobile, and finally a multitouch on a phone using Microsoft operating system.

And since HTC never does things by halves, we find a great user interface added over Windows Mobile to conceal its faults yet in many such way, but primarily to give users a better mobile experience with the HTC Sense that was initially unveiled on a HTC Google Android Hero in a few months ago.


Package Contents

Today, most high-end mobile that can boast more or less compete with the leader in sales, Apple iPhone, adopt a packaging in the same spirit. A small box, few accessories and a customer to be satisfied with what he uses are included, unless you invest later in a few hundred dollars extra to afford the protective cover, cigarette lighter charger, etc.

You will understand, the HTC HD2 is a bit disappointing on this point. To summarize, we found the headphones fairly basic and not very comfortable, a USB cable and an AC adapter to the same USB cable.

Design, finish and ergonomics

With a large 4.3 inch screen displaying 800 x 480 pixels, the HTC HD2 seems impressive. The screen of Apple's iPhone is almost ridiculously small next to it when compared. But compared to a Toshiba TG01 whose screen measures 4.1 inches, still the HD2 wins on aesthetics with the thinner edges and more compact size despite a larger screen size. The end edges are really impressive and it also gives the impression that the screen is larger for lines which is more enjoyable.

HTC HD2 comes with the world’s first capacitive touch technology on a Windows® phone along with 1 GHz processing power ensure a smooth and lightning-fast response to the lightest touch of your finger. We find the famous button to switch communications or simply hang up. Besides this, a key "Home" to return to the main screen of the mobile, a key to start the Windows start menu and back key to return to the navigation screen are given. On the side, no buttons to access the camera but only keys to adjust the volume on the left side of the mobile could be found. On the back, you find the 5-megapixel sensor camera of the HTC HD2 with a LED flash which we shall talk, later in this test.


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