Novero Solana Laptop Tablet PC Preview

Novero Solana Laptop Tablet PC Preview

Novero a Germany based company introduced a new range of hybrid laptop. Called as Novero Solana gives a composite feature of a Tablet + a Laptop. This hybrid laptop has a special design which can help you to use it as a laptop or as a tablet wherever you want. After introduction of tablets in the market, many have switched to a lower medium of technical gadgets. A tablet is a nice substitute of a low range laptop. It can compete is features but there are certain limitations that we all know. There are still arguments that can a Tablet take place of Laptop. Many agree and many don’t. Talking about a population of students, or regular home users them this argument can take positive result. But if we ask the people who are engage in business work then they prefer to go for a laptop. Still what matter for consumer products is its features and then comes the price. A regular home user will never use the his/her laptop above multimedia or web usage. While business personal pushes the limits the by continuous work and research. In case Novero Solana will get more credit for its design. The price is assumed between $ 700 – $800 which varies as per options provided on it. A hybrid laptop consist of special design which can covert it to a full fledge laptop or to a portable movable tablet wherever needed. But does come with a feature of a laptop and a tablet. A Tablet is just a kind of bigger Smartphone with widescreen. There is no great power in the cpu and performance. But a laptop is a modified portable system which gives you full power of a full fledge desktop system. You will become clearer as you keep reading below.


Novero Solana is a hybrid tablet. It is being just shown in the MWC and will get out soon in the coming months. Anyhow the company tries to provide a device with composite feature of a tablet and laptop. The price which I had told above is fit for such kind of device. As you can see a glimpse in image you can simply convert the laptop to tablet by flipping it two the backside. Other than this the tablet offers you dual boot operating system. The first one is Android and second one in Windows 7. With a tap you can switch the operating system. I had found many similarities between this hybrid system and between a portable netbook. You can try to find specification of netbooks which comes with Android + Windows setup. So what additional do you get. You get a touchscreen support,  3G WWAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, etc support. 2GB DDR3 RAM and Intel Atom Dual-Core N2600 Cedar Trail processor. This specs are hardly found in a tablet. I am not happy about the storage space is stated between 64Gb or 128GB. Below are some featured highlights of this hybrid system. Have a look on the same.


Features :

  • Flip Monitor : The lcd of the laptop is based on a flip design. It is a innovative approach. There are some existing models for a laptop that comes with touch and flip support.  Comparing to them this is a more portable 10″ solution.
  • Smart Design : Very small and thin system. Easy to carry and design is attractive.
  • Lifestyle accessory : impeccable styling of Solana makes it the perfect addition to your style no matter where you take it;
  • Solana resolves the need to carry multiple computing and multimedia devices, combining everything you need in one elegant package
  • It keeps you going : built with one of the highest standard battery capacity, Solana is always on and ready when you need it
  • Be connected anytime : always stay connected to your business activities, friends and family with the built-in high-speed 3G modem, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity  
  • Stylish portability : beautiful design, slimmest in its class
  • Mobile connectivity: HSPA+ 3G data modem that allows you to be connected to your work or friends anywhere you go
  • Extended battery life: 32Wh
  • Dual OS: switch from work to fun with a push of a button

Detailed Specification :

  • Processor: Intel Atom dual Core N2600 Cedar Trail (1600 MHz, 1MB L2 Cache)
  • Graphics: Intel GMA3600 IGP
  • Memory:2GB DDR3 RAM
  • Storage: 32-128GB Solid State Drive
  • 9.7” LED back-lit display with 1024 by 768 resolution, capacitive touch panel with multi-touch, 3MP video camera, ambient light sensor, and accelerometer
  • Operating system: Dual OS: Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium (Windows 8 ready), Android,
  • 2 stereo speaker’s 1W each for a combined power of 2W
  • Keyboard/touchpad: Full QWERTY keyboard, 6 rows. Track Pad with multi-touch and gesture support + 2 Control Buttons
  • Power/battery: 32Wh
  • Connectivity : HSPA+ data modem 2100/1900/900/850 (MHz), DL 21Mbps / UL 5.76 Mbps  / Bluetooth v2.1, EDR compliant for both 2Mbps and 3Mbps  /  WiFi Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000 IEEE 802.11b/g/n + WiDi support
  • Ports : DC Power,  2x USB 2.0, 1x Video output (HDMI),  1x Audio Jack, 1x Microphone jack, 1x MicroSD Card Reader, 1x SIM Card slot  
  • Physical dimensions: 278 x 225 x 21.5 (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 1,3 kg

Design :


With innovative 10inch screen Novero Solana offers you a complete solution between a laptop and tablet. The design is something which really matters for any consumer product. It gives a nice impression on what you carry. The same thing is applicable for hybrid system also. With first look it really does not look that you can convert this laptop to a tablet. The size is small with thin body design. There is nothing great done on the color and design of entire system but you can love to have gray/black combination. It can settle smoothly between your books. Anyhow for working 10inch screen does not fulfill requirement. But if you are travelling then it can be your companion for web surfing, multimedia and other jobs. Nobody prefers to carry a heavy big size laptop on his side with luggage at the time of travelling. Novero Solana fits in your handbag. This is the first point that I will recommend as positive. The image below can give a clear idea about the design. The keypad is small, buttons are too near. But this is expected in netbooks. So there is nothing much you do. If you are uncomfortable get a usb keyboard.

The flip design as shown below is impressive. You can just turn the screen and make it a tablet by closing the lid. It is a innovative thinking for a system. I just remembered about IdeaPad U1 Hybrid. This is somewhat a bit different. Here you can detach the screen. That means the keyboard part is entirely different. So in short this hybrid system is divided in two parts. Now this is a bit inconvenience to carry. If somehow you forget the keyboard you can get annoyed. This is not present in Novero Solana. With glossy finish and finger resist support.


Hardware & Performance


Novero Solana is a easy carry kit. The lid offers you easy convertible option to convert it to tablet. So here you have chance to use this system with touch interface and as well with a keyboard. The impression on hardware is favorable. I will not say that this is a too low system. Good for starters. The lid moves very smoothly. With 10″ screen and optimum resolution of 1024×768 you cannot expect much here. It is a device that can offer you best performance in surfing and regular day to day work. Keyboard is good with easy touch buttons. The system comes with usb 2.0 support, a hdmi socket and a card reader. Other than this there is sim slot and headphone jack. Camera offers you just 3 megapixel support which is quiet enough for chatting purpose. If you have a look on the specs above you can see that it works with Dual core 1.6Ghz processor. This is a mobile processor. For graphic support the laptop features  Intel GMA 3600 IGP graphics. For Android this configuration is awesome. But Windows 7 is more demanding in the terms of processing power.


With two operation system configured you just need to click on the desktop to load it. The boot time is smooth.  With Windows 7 support you can option to work more freely on this. Android is another addition which enables to enjoy more rich features.




Novero Solana is a nice system. Novero tries to give a vivid look to this by adding up the flip screen. It provides you a illusion of tablet and laptop work, but do we really do much on tablets. Anyhow with Gingerbread you can access free apps and enjoy games. The touchscreen response is good which allows you to navigate menus easily. All you need is to take care while using it. There are rumors that in the coming time it is possible to upgrade the android version to higher to enjoy better benefits.


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