Hands on iBook 2.1.1

Hands on iBook 2.1.1

iBooks app is one of the popular e-reading app that you can use on Apple devices. The new interface offers you more clarity and a much enhanced reading experience in comparison to other ebook devices. The current version of iBooks is rich with more features that can help you to read and manage your eBooks under any condition. By this you can carry out the advantage of latest books available on App Store. It does not matter what Apple device you have, iBooks is available for all almost. With higher improvement you can do a lot more in it. I had taken iPad under consideration while making this article. iBooks offers a richer interface on iPad. It makes your iPad a perfect companion to carry the best book you like to read. With basic reading experience iBooks offers you some features by which you can enhance your reading experience. A textbook type interface is introduced recently for iPad. If you had never used this I will advice to try this at least once. You can find a number of way to optimize your eBooks and let them organized in comparision to tranditional books.


With internet connectivity you can access a wide range of publishers on the app store. Some eBooks offers you more rich content like better images or even 3D models, or movies inside them. This eBooks are heavy in download and consume more space and download time. But it is your choice for what you want to go for. I will advise you to avoid heavily optimized books as your iPad comes with limited storage space. This app comes with a iBookstore where you can download the latest books and sort on the base of book genre. There is lot more discuss about iBooks app interface. With a single tap you can open up a book and read it. The swipe and tap allows you to change page or bookmark the current content. You can add notes on the favorite part which can be accessed later on.


The current version iBook 2.1.1 is rich with reading features that everyone wants for their ebook reader. Unfortunately this app is not available for all devices. This paragraph is dedicated on the new and existing feature of iBook 2.1.1, First there is no limit to download books from iBookstore. You can download as many as you can on the base of space you have in your gadget. The best part of using this app is much enhanced audio, video and animation in optimized eBooks. This is rarely found on other ebook reader. The most you can have is color image in your ebook. But in iBooks you can find rich media eBooks which includes animation, videos in between the pages. This can be played with single tap. A multi-touch textbook interface is designed for iPad especially to offer a full screen reading support. This features helps to read and understand books which are filled up with lots of photos, or videos. You might be wondering what is actually multi-touch textbook interface.


This interface a very rich way of changing or navigating within a ebook. A traditional ebook reader offers you a tiresome way of reading which sometime is strain. But if you own a ipad with this feature your world of reading is changed. Multi touch interface offers you the same way of changing or reading pages as you do in regular books. Like turning one page at a time or multiple with single finger touch. A very smart video on that is posted in YouTube. The interface allows you to turn the pages as per your need. Like if you swipe fast on the screen a number of pages are turned. If you swipe slowly only one is turned. On the same hand if you swipe with 2 fingers 2 pages are turned at a time. And so 3 & 4. Other than this can also jump a higher part by keeping he finger press from edge and then leaving it. Multi-Touch Interface is something really new for iPad and well designed.


You can a begin a short test of reading by downloading sample books. iBookstore offer you this for free. This sample books lets you understand how to manage your collection and how all other features work. With a Bookshelf type look iBook let you to create your own personal collection based on various categories. You can simply jump or sort the books and add them in different collections. This keeps a large number of books very organized. Other than this you can also read pdf files here. Luckily iPad has provided reading support to PDF format also. You can create your own personal collection of PDF files and print the files via Airprint. With onscreen light adjustment feature you can control the brightness of device so that you are comfortable to read for hours. On the same you can also manage the font size. iBook become more functional with the help of built in search feature where you can find a text very easily. So this are the features you can only find a digital ebook.


Other than this I also want to put highlight on the other features which are bookmarking a page, notes and syncing the pages of ebook among different Apple device. You can sync your current page with any other device like iPhone or iPod Touch. This time in the new version Apple added a night mode. Night mode let you read calmly in dark environment where no access light is required. The experience of reading on iBooks is really beautiful. You can enjoy content rich with animation and movies. One thing which really looked enhanced is 3D models in the books. This gives you more interest to explore.


iBook offer you to resize the text as per your need. The digital screen is optimized with such features. The feature which offers you to tap pages below screen offers you very access to any page you want. But sometime the size is super slow which does not help you much inorder to find what content is on that page. Within iTunes you can find the number of books in iBook. This makes easier for backup and restoration process. Here you can keep a backup of old books and add up new for reading which can be restored anytime you want. You can use certain effect also on the eBooks. But remember that this only work for optimized eBooks. There are two types of eBooks on iBookstore. One which are optimized for iBook and one which are not. Optimized means special settings given to the ebook which enable all the features in iBook while non optimized does not work with enhancement. They are best for reading only like pdf files. You cannot do much in that. You can change the page orientation as per your need. You can adjust the size and make the content more readable on the basis of user’s eyesight. When you are reading optimized eBooks you can take the help of highlight feature also. This high lighting feature allows you to add up a note on the part of book. The note is reflected in the form of small icon on the screen which can be readable by tapping on it. iBook has faced issue with non optimized ebook.

So at start this is the limitation. You can begin with reading only optimized book to enjoy all the features. iPad can be chosen as a good companion for eBook reading. The feature can only be looked on a tablet. While on notebook the mouse does the work. Anyhow I might not recommend you to stick with iPod Touch or iPhone which is a small gadget. In order to get a new book you need access to iBookstore. A number of books are chargeable and are sold on iBookstore. So you cannot expect much for free. The pricing that you will find on iBookstore a bit higher in comparison to the actual retail price. 

That the cost for technology. iBook also supports ePub formats. So if you have any ebook in that format you can read the same on iBook. A virtual library setup on iBook is much easier in comparison to other. The books can be transfer via iTunes or mail app. The best part of iBook is rich reading experience which no one can beat. With number of enhancement you have fun with the reading. The page turn graphic gives a live support to the digital book. With your finger swipe you can turn pages or simply hope to mid or end of book. The bookmark in the navigation bar let you keep a note of your favorite part in the ebook. There is another version of iBook with comes for other ebook readers also. iBook is far more convincing in comparison to other ebook apps. What mostly a reader wants is easy reading ability on books. There be hundred or thousand page ebook. A easy navigation, bookmarking and note option allows you to keep a track of your favorite part.

iBook Author

Apple plans to offer a new app called as iBook Author to support reading productivity for a Author. Here the author gets a kind of panel where he/she can create a optimized ebook for iBook. The author can fit a animation or add a video to give a better learning experience. It makes the information flow very easy for the reader where can collect live examples while reading. So transferring from dull reading procedure to a rich multimedia experience will change you a lot. With iBook Author you can possible add images, add zoom effects, insert keynotes, slides, movies and many more. You can setup a full page screen read option and even make your own quiz in between to make the reader sticky on book. Many of you are worrying about ebook programming on iBooks. iBook Author is very simple to use apple. If you had worked on iWork that be ready to face the same kind of interface on iBook Author also. Filled up with some default template you can start making a digital ebook. There is no special skills require here. There are two ways to make your own iBook optimized ebook.

You can start writing directly in iBook Author template or begin with importing content from other file formats. There is no need to work with complex text formatting. It is simply drag and drop stuff here. A very straight forward interface to work on iPad for reading eBooks. On the other hand you can embed images wherever you want on the base of layout you had chosen. The best practice to carry out here is first creating a ebook by adding all the content and then edits and embeds the multimedia files. Media files do not need any special programming. You must first understand what are the requirements of iBooks.

What format it will support. As there is nothing to worry about this. iBook support a wide range of multiple content. Now when you are working on your Mac system on iBook Author app you need to first keep all the multimedia content in one folder. Then you can begin adding the same on various parts of ebook. There is a widget for Mac which will help you to see the book preview as you keep adding up content. One you are done and satisfied you can import that in the form of iBook format. Then you can simply transfer that to your iPad and your interactive document is ready to be shared and viewed. iBook Author app allows you to create your own documents and read it on various Apple devices. The process of publishing book is different.


iBook is a rich app with many features. But you must understand that there are certain limitations also. All eBooks are not optimized for iBooks only some are. So the effect which you can see in optimized books for iBook is lot more different with regular one. They may be more dull or regular. As there is no option to enhance the current flexibility of iBook with other eBooks. There will be a number of features which will not work. The good point of using this a good interface. A very polished interface offer clean reading and optimizing books. Even a kid can easily navigate books in iBook. That defines that iBook has a nice interface which is not hard for everyone recognized. The download process is simple. So here you do not need to waste time to search for the book you need. The only thing that lacks in the app is selection screen which is small in comparison to other apps. As a free app some limitation can be considered. iBook is only recommended for those who have iOS 4 or higher.


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