ADATA 2.5” HV610 1TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

ADATA 2.5” HV610 1TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

ADATA’s HV610 1TB USB 3.0 External HDD is unique. Loaded with 3.0 USB chip, the drive is capable of giving 70% faster speed compared to regular USB 2.0 drives. After reviewing S102 Pro 32GB 3.0 USB drive we found this 1TB hard drive is more valuable product. There are two variations in storage space. 500 GB and 1 TB. Depending on your choice and usage you can opt for the one you need. HV610 is a thin drive with just 2.5” width. It has a portable design and easy to carry. Portability is a prime aspect of many external harddisk. Nobody require big heavy external drive. Just 165g weight makes it very light to carry. You can simply put inyour pocket or in your bag. The design is something really special to talk here. Due to USB 3.0 interaface, you can transfer large files very easily in less amount of time. We will talk about the data transfer rate in detail below. Along with performance and high data transfer rate. ADATA’s offers a bit unique design and smart cable management. Thereare other two prime features of HV610. I have posted some images below that can give you a more clear idea about the same. The front part has a colorful dock. It handles the cable with it and holds it firmly. People usually have habit to keep the USB cable connected and it is sometime very easy to loose. But with the simple ideas the cable lies with the drive where ever you carry it.

The cost of drive is not very high. It is sold in market for Rs.6550 approx. There can be minor fluctuation. But according to me a 2.5 inch 1TB drive at this cost is more valuable. Let’s talk more about USB 3.0 here. As it is not really worth to compare both of them in terms of price and transfer speed. I have seen a number of models under this category. They start from Rs.4,800 to Rs.8,000 depending on the design. Some comes with unique design, while some have shock proof body. If we ignore the additional features, HV610 is better. ADATA has targeted simple idea in HV610 design, by putting a simple dock to hold cable. While none of the drive in market comes with any of this features. The entire body is made up plastic material which is durable to some extent. The drive is not SSD and it holds a thin hard drive inside it. It is not at all a shock proof. You must take care when you are travelling or carrying the drive along with you.

Design and Features :

We have already said much about the design. Now what matter’s the most is features. External storage acts important base for data backup. It is wise and a common practice many people keep their valuable data in two locations. It gives peace of mind and maximum chances of recovery. So the first thing is that we’re trying to find a storage media that can offer us faster speed, durability and easy to carry options. DashDrive HV610 is one of them which have all of these. It is a simple drive with single cable connectivity and a blue led indicator. Along with this ADATA offers specially designed software that comes with various features. They are HDD to Go and Acronis True Image HD. HDD to Go comes with the USB drive and also it’s available to download. HDD to Go is similar compared to UFD to Go. UFD to Go is designed for USB 3.0 Pen Drives.

As I have said early that the device comes with minimum setup. There is a single white cable which comes with USB 3.0 Micro-B connector. You can use USB 2.0 connector on the same. But remember that you must hook it in proper way. The drive supports USB 2.0 Micro connector only. See the images below. The image shows connectors of HV610. You can see the two connectors are combined together. The first connector is USB 2.0 connector and the second is for USB 3.0. If you have USB 2.0 cable, then you are going to use firstUSB 2.0 Micro-B cable. It is a bit thinner one. While the current one gives you both. The cable is hooked properly over the body with a simple dock. It is slide out cover which is easy to remove. This slide out cover comes in different colours. ADATA promote the drive with slogan Colorful Drive, Colorful Life. This means they have designed the drive with intension of performance and look breaking the traditional style of external drives. The existing package do not come with any additional covers. So we can assume that by default there is only 1 available. I can only see 4 colours on the official site. They are sky blue, pink, orange and purple. The drive comes in white and black color. Yet only white color model is revealed in the market.


Performance :

If we talk about different speed in different standards then the difference lies clearly. Because here only HV610 is capable of giving you transfer speed in GB’s per second but all those devices which comes with common interface. Many test shows that compared to USB 2.0, a USB 3.0 platform is 10 time faster. You can simply imagine what speed it offers. For those who backup videos, audio, high definitions pictures, software, backups, etc require something faster so that they can save more time. While 2.0 can keep you waiting. USB 2.0 is still the most common standard we are using right now. And it is the time to upgrade to USB 3.0. The devices with USB 3.0 controller are loaded with more speed. Thesecounts both read and write. You can assume the difference between driving a car on high speed highway and on regular road. Some text revealed that USB 3.0 HDD with common connection is capable of giving higher than 2GB per second transfer speed. This is really awesome. But there are certain conditions to achieve that much output. For regular usage you can expect to have 500MB per second transfer speed. If the same is applicable for data read speed, then your thumbnails will be visible within eye blink.

Performance point of HV610 is a awesome device which is capable of transferring hundreds of MB’s in seconds it makes the drive a choice for those have to backup multimedia data on regular basis. You can setup automated process through HDD to Go, that will automatically update the data as you connect the device. But the data which sizez are in Bs, needs less time to copy. It’s much better compared to USB 2.0 interface.

Conclusion :

The drive is available for Rs. 6,550 market price. The amount is reasonable in terms of features offered by HV610. But this drive lacks in a long cable. It is very comfortable for laptops, but for desktop, you need to leave the drive hanging below. Investing in a proper storage media which is durable enough to give you long term support matter’s most. After using ADATA HV610 we found that the disk drive is capable of giving high performance. It can easily help you to copy your data instantly within less time.



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