Asus Maximus V Extreme Review

Asus Maximus V Extreme Review

ASUS MAXIMUS V EXTREME, BEAST gaming board. Released under series of Republic of Gamers, this board is loaded with extreme components. It is just not a regular motherboard, an innovation for gaming pc, where gamers strive hard to find the right performance. It happen number of times, you expect to get the best output from top notch hardware but it doesn’t work as expected. For over clocker’s the scenario is different. Today we are in the era where 1GB RAM is used just for email and video. And when we talk about Gaming PC, then it means a system must give high end graphical output, long lasting performance and durability. Budget are quiet high and upgrades are also too costly. On the other hand over clocking is not everyone’s cup of tea. So let see how ASUS Maximus V Extreme land on our expectations. ASUS tied up with ROG to create a line of new series boards which are capable of giving on stop solution for all gaming and over clocking requirement. It is a costly product, but yet worth to buy. Once you go through the review you will get information on each component. And I am sure that it will change your mind to buy this product and you don’t have to worry to upgrade your machine for couple of years.

ASUS is a market player in motherboard has already played a vital role in delivering some best piece of hardware. Still if we see some existing motherboard which comes under high end gaming or performance pc, we might be able to match the features, but they lack quality and some advance features. For example Lets talk about stable platform for overclocking. This process affects the system lifetime severely if the components are not good quality. We all are aware about consequences of over clocking. A poorly managed motherboard can degrade hardware life. Also if you are new or an intermediate user you need a set of utility that can work automatically and adjust the require settings. No need to go for Electronic Engineering. ASUS has simplified many things. .. We will show you one by one each features, accessories and settings that Asus Maximus V Extreme offers us. This will help you to get a valuation that does this motherboard is a value of money.

Before we proceed I’ll suggest you to take a look on Unboxing Video of Asus Maximus V Exterme Motherboard which will give you glimpse of board design and specification overview.

Unboxing Video of ASUS Maximus V Extreme Motherboard

After watching the above video you can figure out the look and accessories. Let’s see each of things in detail. Before moving ahead I’ll explain you in detail about the prime features. This is those which is highlighted by ASUS and notified at promotions. You cannot just buy a board reading the box unless you know what those feature actually does. For example: Intel Z77 chipset. For tech guys and hardware expert it is easy to have a quick view on web about Intel Z77, but for others it can be a complicated concept to figure out. And until and unless you are not completely aware about each and every aspect of Maximus V Extreme, you cannot develop a good interest in it. Below is a box image of Maximum V Extreme. It is big red box with Republic of Gamers logo at the top side. The 7 prime features which you can see on first sight are:

  • PCI 3.0 Ready
  • Intel Core Processor
  • Intel Chipset Z77
  • Nvidia Sli Ready
  • AMD CrossFireX Technology
  • VirtuMVP
  • Thunderbolt
  • Let’s check out all of them in short details.

The first one PCI 3.0 is a new interface for Graphic Card. It is just an upgraded version no of PCI 2.0 with higher transfer rate. The power of PCI is counted in GigaTransfer per second (GT/s). This is same like GB per second. But the only difference is the data is calculated in bits and not in bytes. PCI 3.0 gives you double the transfer rate compared to PC 2.0. So you can expect to get a much better display output on your screen when you are playing games. The same is applicable for video editing and animation job. A minor drops in frame, gives a poor quality output. For 3D modelling, every minor details matters. Also it is good for new graphic cards. A PCI 3.0 ready GPU, if used on PCI 2.0 slot, it will bottleneck. The performance will not be as expected on your investment. The second is Intel Core Processor support. You can only use Intel’s 2nd and 3rd Generation Intel Core i3, Core i5 & Core i7 processors. The board has LGA 1155 Socket. But some similar processors comes LGA 1156 socket. Both are identical, but not at all compatible. Do not try to use a LGA 1156 Socket processor on Maximus V Extreme.

This third one above is an important part. Intel Z77chipset. There a small diagram below. This is a simple block diagram of Z77. Without it you cannot use USB 3.0, extreme over clocking, high data transfer rate, 6GB per second Sata port, etc. So in short this is the heart controller of your board. Intel Z77 gives the board a next level performance. It not only features higher lanes for data transfer, but much better speed. This is the points which can’t be ignored for extreme level boards. Along with some additional features like Rapid Storage Technology, Smart Response Technology, Rapid Start Technology, etc adds more benefit. 

The fourth and fifth feature is common known. The Nvidia Sli and AMD CrossFireX technology. If you are an extreme gamer, then this is your part. You can hook 4 Nvidia at a single time on the board. The same is applicable for AMD gpu also. But remember that it is better if all gpu that you are using are identical in configuration. A set of connectors is included in the motherboard accessories box. We will see that at the end under package content. And the last two features are VirtuMVP and Thunderbolt. VirtuMVP is a new gpu virtualization technology developed by Lucid. , VirtuMVP is a tool that works to make your graphic more better. It reduces the screen latency and your display output is improved. It is just like a booster to render more frames while gaming. nd of course Thunderbolt. This is the next generation I/O technology developed by Intel. It is commonly found in Mac Systems. Devices on Thunderbolt interface can expect GB per second of data transfer speed. Good for data backup. Soon we will see this interface for many devices which change our entire way of using computers. So are the prime features and after reading this I am sure you will get a bit interest in Maximus V Extreme. Let’s move ahead and see quick specifications.

  • As I said before it supports 2nd and 3rd generation Intel Core i processors. But you can also run Pentium and Celeron cpus on it. Do not forget to check the supported cpu list on official website.
  • You can add maximum 32GB DDR3 RAM on it. There are 4 RAM slots.
  • There are 5 PCI 3.0 slots. All of them are backward compatible that means it supports PCI 2.0 also.
  • There is a Thunderbolt connector. You can use devices with common connectors. There are data backup, display and mac devices which has similar port.

There is an onboard Intel HD Graphic Processor that supports multi VGA output. This does not means there is separate video memory. Intel came up with an idea of integrating an IGP on Core i processors. That means a part of your system act as Integrated Graphic Processor to process videos an d games. I am not sure how much Video Memory it actually offers, but you can count this between 256 to 512MB of HD processing without additional effects.

  • 4 Way Sli card support for both Nvidia and AMD.
  • There are 4 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0 Connectors
  • The lan controller features 1 Gigabit Lan controller. Good for servers and lan gaming.
  • On board Wi-Fi support with Bluetooth and mSata interface.
  • On board Realtek HD audio that supports 7.1 Channel.

I had tried to post maximum information in short way. So with above specs, you can get a general idea what Maximum V Extreme offers. The board has some more awesome features that I had tried to explain below. It will allow you to understand why this motherboard is recommended for gamers and over lockers.

Design & Layout

Maximum V Extreme is designed in black and red combination. This gives a very distinct look to the board. Colours are mostly seen in automobile resembling a speed machine. You can see in the images clearly the heat sink is in black colour and some slots are in red. The board is very decent but quiet heavy in weight and big in size also. You need the right large tower to fix it properly and hold gpu, cpu fan as well. Maximus V Extreme is not just like regular boards. There is a big difference between ROG product line and regular gaming board that we see in the market. You will need a good full ATX cpu case with power supply between 700 to 1000w. if you are planning for multiple gpu support and extreme over clocking. There is a single 24Pin ATX regular power connector. Along with this there is a 4 Pin, 1×6 pin and 1×8 pin power connector on the board. Additional power connectors are provide to give more power for gpu and for extreme over clocking which is only possible on Intel Core i7 processors. Some of them can be utilized by air cooler or liquid coolers as well . The board looks like to be loaded with black metallic capacitors. 

This is Asus’s Extreme Engine Digi+ II technology. I will give a short explanation why you need this. Whatever PCB you use, either in a psu or motherboard or on any electronic devices, there are set of chokes and capacitors. Capacitors process the electric current and chokes hold them. They are like small batteries. You can see square shape chokes which lies below heat sink. So when you connect the system a power outlet high frequency AC current flow through the circuit and it is extremely risky for internal components. It can damage the cpu, ram, graphic card, etc. And the chances are high when you are over clocking. Extreme Engine Digi+ II technology is capable of offering more pure current to the system. The heavy duty capacitors keeps a regular flow of DC current so that your hardware can regular and clean power at extreme level. The chokes are well placed below the heat sink. So they can stay cooler at the time of high usage. They block the high frequency alternating current and create a clean Direct Current for the system. The higher amount of clean power is available. The improper AC current management in any hardware is great risk for your hardware life. There are two bios chip on the board. And a tiny BIOS switch button near front panel pins. This is another feature that allows you to quickly switch your bios profile by pressing the button. In the image below you can see clearly two black chips located above the last pci card and above that tiny led which is marked as BIOS2_LED and BIOS1_LED. Whichever light is turned on, that means bios is active. You can keep two profiles ready with you at the time of playing games or for some temporary period you can press the button to load other bios settings. You can manage that UEFI. 

The RAM and PCI slots are arranged properly next to each other. All PCI 3.0 slots are in red colour. If we see the width of a high end graphic card, then this slot are just arrange perfectly. All cards will be sticked together. The only negative aspect of this improper air ventilation. As all the cards will be hooked near to each other the heat will not get out easily. The fans on gpu have very less space to blow warm air. And that can make the rear part of card hot . For such kind of setup liquid cooling is one of the best choices but it is costly. 

The cpu socket is placed at the right side with 3 heat sink around it. The two at the top covers chokes and one which is has Republic of Gamer written on top is for chipset. There is another big one at the end side. Motherboard basically does not come with such big heat sinks. They might have a simple one over the video memory only. In Maximus V Extreme, if you are not overclocking and using a dual gpu, then I think you can happily play games on standard air cooler also. A typing fan might give issue while connections, you must look for something like Antec Kuhler. This kind of fans has a bit different design. The below platform is well fitted on the cpu and there is a bit gap between the processor and above heat sink. It occupies less space below but larger on the up side.


Lets checkout what Maximum V Extreme has new. I will start with some on board support. I had mentioned above 2 bios. This board has is dual bios setup. It is common even other board also has this, but as feature it is worth to highlight. Asus has also added a 5thPCI slot for older graphic cards. It is alone marked in black colour. As the 3.0 are backward compatible but still, if you have some older gpu, you can use it on Maximus V Extreme also. There are some additional features that are added on Maximus V Extreme like wifi, subsense zero, pci lan switch, error code led, etc. Let’s check them each in detail.

1. mPCIe Combo

mPCIe combo is a separate card that offers you mSata connectors and a combination features of wifi + Bluetooth. You can see in the image how the card fits well on the motherboard. It is fitted on 25 pin connectors next to Thunderbolt at the corner. It is a small card with multiple features. The two white colour antenna shown in last image fits on it. You can bring out from the backside. The cards have dual support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well. It is features Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n module + Bluetooth v4.0/3.0+HS module. You can see that you get high speed Bluetooth 4.0 platform here. No need to buy any additional adapter for the same. And also this removes the requirement of router. Through wifi you can create your own home network and share files instantly over it. Along with this the mPCIe combo card features mSata connectors. It is Mini Sata connectors where you can connect a SSD to the card directly and copy files on it.

2. Thermal sensor cable connectors

This is for testers and over lockers. There are around 3 thermal sensor cable connectors on the entire board. They are very beneficial to find quick temperature of any hardware and then see the temp on temperature monitoring utility. It will tell you the exact information on existing temperature. It is quiet handy to have this. There is no cable provided. You have to buy that separately. You can by a set of 3 cables directly from ASUS.

3. ASUS Subzero Sense

Simply located before Sata Ports, Subzero Sense is extremely important for extreme over lockers. If you are one of those people who simply over clock the processor to extreme level using liquid cooling then this offers you the right information on current temperature. You just need to hook the K-type thermocouple header and go ahead with LN2 mode. 

4. ASUS VGA HotWire

What to over clock your graphic card instantly try using VGA Hotwire. The 6 pin connectors with red and black combination can help you to boost your gpu voltage. You need to solder the wires of your gpu and connect the cables to the pins below and get the right high voltage to gain maximum performance. Not recommended for all. 

5. ROG Probelt

ROG Probelt is for testers to find out the voltage usage board. When you over clock you might not be aware about the exact voltage consumed by processor or ram or gpu. You can use the connectors provided in package and find the right voltage with your regular device. It is a nice and bit innovative feature added on the board. 

6. PCIe Slot Switch:

In the image you can see a small red panel which has tiny white colour slider on them. This is pci on/off switch. If any of your pci lan is not working, you can use this to turn it off. It happen a number of time your old gpu stops working and you do not have much time to open your case. You can just slide the responding slot number and it will not work. 

7. Slow Mode Switch:

For extreme over clocker’s this mode is very helpful. In LN2 mode extreme testers put the cpu at high risk of over clocking at the lowest temperature. At the point the system can crash instantly spoiling your entire test. Slow Mode reduces the cpu power and it allows you to give a longer overclocked test. It gives system stability and avoids instant crash. There are jumper settings to enable Slow Mode. You can see that clearly in the image. A small jumper which you will need to the left first two pins and then turn on the Slow Mode. Change the jumper settings only when you need to work on LN2 mode. It degrades cpu performance.

8. Q Code LED :

This is a bit smart thinking by ASUS. They have created a set of error codes which allows you to troubleshoot the problem with motherboard instantly. A small gray box at the corner is QLED. It reflects the error code in case of any serious trouble. 

9. Go Button:

This button can load your customized settings. In the BIOS you can configure Go Button as per your choice. You can add your own over clocking settings and when you hit that, the profile loads up. It is a very nice option for temporary over clocking. 

10. Start Reset Button/LED :

You can see there are two buttons on the board itself. A red one is Start and black is reset. When you press Start the PC turns on. It is just like the power button on case. It is helpful when you are using the board outside case. The reset will reboot. The Start button LED glows if there is still power in the motherboard. So until it is completely shut off, do not attempt to touch or remove any parts. 

11. Republic of Gamers OC Key :

Over clocker’s will be having a keen eye on OC key. This is entirely a new concept by ASUS. This key allows you to over clock your gpu on the go. You don’t to enter bios or reboot your system. By default there are some settings which is used to boost your system performance. Also it offers a very accurate reading of your existing gpu frequency. OC keys tries to reduce the latency between gpu and the screen. This improves the performance in better way.

Back Panel

Maximum V Extreme offers additional CMOS reset button and ROG connected on the back panel. It has 4 USB 3.0 ports with 4 USB 2.0 connections. The white usb port is for ROG connect. If you want to overclock the board instantly using a different computer or notebook then just connect the white usb cable to the port and the other one to notebook or laptop. Then press the ROG connect button for 3 seconds and you can see OSD Tweak utility on your screen. There is a high speed Intel Gigabit Lan port. This port is good for gaming and data backup. The USB 3.0 offers high speed data transfer instantly. With that you have a PS2 port for older mouse and keyboards. Maximus V Extreme features 7.1 Audio channel. There is SPDIF optical in and out port also. And for high data transfer you can use Thunderbolt connector also. So the back panel has everything that you need for a high end system. 

Package Content:

  • 1 x ROG Connect cable
  • 3 x 2-in-1 SATA 6.0 Gb/s signal cables
  • 1 x 2-in-1 SATA 3.0 Gb/s signal cables
  • 1 x 2-in-1 RF cables
  • 1 x 4-WAY SLI bridge
  • 1 x 3-WAY SLI bridge
  • 1 x SLI cable
  • 1 x CrossFire cable
  • 1 x ProbeIt cable set
  • 1 x OC Key cable
  • 1 x OC Key
  • 1 x mPCIe Combo card with dual band Wi-Fi / Bluetooth module
  • 2 x dual band Wi-Fi Ring Moving Antenna
  • 1 x 2-port USB 2.0 and eSATA module
  • 1 x 12-in-1 ROG cable label
  • 1 x 2-in-1 ASUS Q-Connector kit
  • Maximum V Extreme Product Manual
  • ROG motherboard support DVD with all essential tools and drivers.


Your search for gaming motherboard ends here. Maximus V Extreme is a high end board. The board cost around Rs.30000 in the market. This is really not costly for features that we had just discussed. With extreme performance it also offers stability. Over clocking is not easy job and this motherboard already has ability to hold high frequencies. With some dedicated onboard features Maximus V Extreme offers open platform to test your over clocking abilities at extreme level. Due to dual bios support, the board is more reliable in terms using different kind of hardware on it. Sli and CrossFire supports gives you more power to reach outstanding graphic output. Above all ASUS offers a set of dedicated utilities that allows you to tweak your system in few steps. Due to which you are able to use the maximum power. It’srecommended to use 1000w psu if your system hae more than 1 graphic card and Intel Core i5 or higher processors.

ROG product link of Asus opens up many new ways of reaching the impossible. Asus not only offers the best hardware, but the tweak utilities that are very useful. It is not possible to find something that on web and ensure stable performance boost. ROG OC Key is another very innovative example of what Asus really plans for performance. Over clocker’s has already broken the limit of over clocking processors and reaching frequencies which has not achieved by anyone. For extreme guys, LN2 mode is ready to test your skills. Leaving gaming need aside, Maximus V Extreme board only offers great power. In terms of server level job, you cannot compromise with the hardware limitation. 32GB RAM, high speed bus, multiple bios profile, etc are some of the very important aspect that you cannot ignore. Loaded with all latest features Maximum V Extreme is capable of delivering performance with quality.






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