Western Digital My Passport 2TB Hard drive

Western Digital My Passport 2TB Hard drive

Western Digital My Passport 2TB is one of the finest portable storage solution available today.  With USB 3.0 standard, the drive can offer large data transfer in less time. It is not possible to get a 2TB hard drive under such a small size. We had performed a set of test on the drive to figure out whether it is capable of giving up optimum performance or not. A portable hard drive is always an alternative solution to extend your storage. The best part of using external hard drive is easy mobility. Last time we had tested some 500GB USB 3.0 Hard drives. They were having similar performance but within some days it got filled up. Our multimedia demands are rising day by day and due to that your storage requirement also rises. But with that we also need a good data transfer speed which allow you to quickly move ahead. Western Digital My Passport 2TB is one of them. The best part of this drive is the size as I mentioned before. It is loaded with larger platters (500GB) to hold that much capacity. The drive is packed tightly inside the enclosure, reducing the vibration. A number of large driver makes sound when you move data, because like My Passport they also comes with moving particles. This creates a kind of insecurity in mind because if this type of drives are drop they are dead.

The upper body of My Passport 2TB does not guarantee a shock proof body, but you can buy a rugged enclosure separately to protect it. 2TB is a optimum solution for large data backup. The drive features some set of utilities that offer backup and encryption features. Let’s see that in more detail after sometime. My PassPort 2TB comes in five colors. They are Midnight Black, Metallic Blue, Metallic Red, Cool Silver and Artic White. This colors are available as per your choice. Below is a short detail that tells you the model available under different colors.

  • Midnight Black : 500GB/750GB/1TB/2TB
  • Metallic Blue : 500GB/750GB/1TB/2TB
  • Metallic Red : 500GB/750GB/1TB/2TB
  • Artic White : 500GB
  • Cool Silver : 500GB/750GB/1TB/2TB

The drive by default are formatted in NTFS format. You need to connect and configure the internal utlities which are installed only one time. Compared to other external hard drive, WD My Passport 2TB is very straightforward. If your drive is locked, the internal 2TB storage is not visible. You need to provide password to unlock it. I had tried to use some tools through which I can access the internal content on Linux platform, but the locked drive did not allowed me. There is no chance you can get the data without putting the password. So this says that the encryption is managed by a internal controller in the hard drive.

Design, Connectivity and Features :

Promoted as Mega Capacity drive, My PassPort 2TB is proved as a value for money product. After buying this your storage capacity is simply extent to much higher. There is very less space left for upgrades. As said before the drive design is very straightforward. The drive has a USB 3.0 port and a tiny led light. There are no buttons or nor any additional stuff provided which can increase the size. The drive is thick. Western Digital is using a 3.5” internal hard drive inside 2TB My PassPort. Putting it on the 3.0 portable enclosure it becomes the ultimate solution for data storage. Along with the amount of storage the device offers, it is also necessary to find the performance. My Passport 2TB offers a quick backup solution, a intuitive software to manage your storage content and a encryption tool. The drive features a plastic body not so strong or shock proof. So you must take care while using it. You must carry it in some plastic bag under bad weather.

Like other drives WD 2TB My Passport offers a automatic file sync feature. When you configure your backup, and when you connect the drive to the system the modified files are synced automatically. So this is not a smart features, but a required one for external storage. I was expecting a bit more powerful design here. Other two brands which offer a similar capacity drive is Hitachi and Seagate. The size and design is different but lies near to WD My Passport 2TB. Also there is no loop provided where you can hook some holder to keep the drive firm in your hand. It can be slippery is not handle with care.

Speed and Performance :

Every external drive is judge through its performance. Now as we have seen that this 2TB drive offers a USB 3.0 connectivity standards then you can expect a 60mbps of transfer speed on USB 2.0 interface while on USB 3.0 it is much more higher. We performed a small test through Crystal Disk Mark. It showed up a nice 65 mb of transfer speed. While  when performed a manual copy paste of around 3GB data it took around 2 minutes and 15 second. The speed was constant on Windows 8. So in comparision to testing software,  I trust most on the manual method. Because that is the place where you get actual information. There can be number of reason behind slow data rate. But still 27 mb per second is relatively good speed compared to a regular USB 2.0 device which offers 5.7 mb per second. So this is 5 times faster data speed on your regular computer. That makes this 2TB My Passport a recommended device for backup and data.

Takling about high performance where I moved around 50GB of data a single time in My Passport 2TB. The time was consumed by Windows, as it was discovering each and every item and then the copy process was initaited. Here you cannot blame the hard drive. When you copy a large size folder, first Windows discover all the items and then initaite the process. The difference between copying a 3GB file and 20GB file was speed. It had declined to great extent. I was getting around 12mb per second. But the same on a USB 3.0 interface was 5 times higher. This transfer speed is reduced because of internal hard drive in the computer or laptop. While compared to that the external storage is working at full power. The best thing about using Windows 8 is a better file copier tool. It manages to keep a central bandwidth so that less time is utilized for copy process. But still you can get more boost by using software called as Tera Copy.

Western Digital My Passport Utilites : WD Hard Drive Software


Western Digital 2TB My Passport is a high capacity external hard dive with reasonable data transfer speed over older USB interface also. It can be a ideal companion for data solutions, but on the same hand it need care while using. You must not disconnect the drive while using it. The drive is not shockproof. It has moving components so a shock can damage the drive head causing complete data loss. There are very few reliable brands available on web that offers you high capacity storage option and WD is one of them. Whoever looking for a good storage capacity can go for WD My PassPort. The drive also features 500GB, 750GB and 1TB storage size. So depending on your choice you can choose the model and color which suits you the best. With some read to use internal utilities the drive act as a smart device for data backup and protection. Once drive is locked will only work if there is a password and if you lost the password then you have to erase it entirely to use it again. No password recovering option is provided.

When you are buying the drive it is recommended that you go with a rugged enclosure also. It is not going to cost much. Western Digital itself sells a rugged enclosure for portable drivers which act as a powerful accessory. The cable is short so good for laptop, but for desktop pc it is bit annoying. I had tested the hard drive on a shared wifi network where it performed really well in streaming hd videos on portable devices.

Pros :

  • Compatc Size
  • High Speed USB 3.0 Interface
  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Smooth performance
  • Smart Utilities to manage and protect data

Cons :

  • Plastic Body.
  • Not Waterproof.
  • Non Rugged casing.
  • Short cable


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