Logitech K760 Solar Keyboard Review

Logitech K760 Solar Keyboard Review

Logitech K760 keyboard is a comfortable choice for powerless typing. This keyboard features a unique ability, like for example, it can be charged with the help of light. I had seen some solar keyboard models that do not work in room light. Solar powered cell means you will have to keep it in the sunlight to charge the battery. But Logitech K760 is designed with cells that can be charged with normal room light also. This is one of the most unique features that are rarely found on typing devices. It features a Mac keyboard layout. There is no numpad which makes the keyboard smaller to carry. With unique features, it also offers an easy pairing mode to connect Bluetooth 3.0 or older devices. After testing this on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Windows 8, Android Smartphone and on iPad we were satisfied that it is capable of working with so many devices.


Remember that the keyboard Bluetooth profile supports many devices, but not the functionality. For example the command key does nothing on the smartphones. But you can use the alphabets, numbers and multimedia keys evenly on all devices. Some problem still lies with Android. But on Galaxy Note 2 it performed very well. Multimedia keys provideded on the top part of the keyboard easily controls the mobile volume with play/pause. Logitech K760 is a very comfortable keyboard that offers portability with simple key input. I had never seen such a simple pairing option. The keyboard is ideal solution for Tablets also. It is marked in specification built for Mac or iOS devices, but it works with everything else as well. Logitech has kept the keyboard very simple. You can see in the image below that shows a white thin body. All the keys are covered at the front part while at the backside you will find a Bluetooth button.



The Bluetooth 3.0 support gives the keyboard to work from range of 30 feet or 10 meters. It is more than enough. The keyboard is also an ideal solution for projectors.  We will check out everything in detail and you can visit our Video section of TechArena.in or simply search TechArenaIndia on Youtube to find more related videos of Logitech K760. If we talk about features, then they are straight forward. Powered by light. There are batteries used inside the keyboard. Those are charged by the panel on the top side which generates power from the light. This keyboard does not really need high power. It works on minimum requirement. Logitech K760 does not come with any jack to power it from external source. It relies entirely on the internal NiMH batteries which are located right below the rubber pads on top side. Usually Logitech offers a 3 year warranty on the product, but still if the keyboard stops working you have to replace the batteries. That is a later part.


For Mac, to customize the keyboard you will need Logitech Preference Manager Software. It is available on the official website. Logitech K760 is a plug and play device. You need to buy a separate Bluetooth dongle if there is no integrated module available on Desktop/Laptop. Logitech does not sell any Bluetooth dongle with it. I had connected the keyboard on Windows 8, using an old Bluetooth 2.0 USB Dongle. It worked well. There was no problem with the connectivity. As it is a Mac layout some keys are not functional on it.




  • Powered by Light
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Comfortable keys



  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Concave Key Caps
  • Solar Powered NiMH Batteries
  • Light Absorbing Solar Cell
  • Upto 30 feet or 10 meters Wifi Range
  • Supports LCC Version 3.60 or higher
  • 6 Hrs Recharge Time. 360 Hrs Discharge time.




Logitech K760 features Slim Profile. That means it has a very thin design. You can see those in the images below. A hardly 1 inch thick enclosure covers the keyboard in white body. Following the most common QWERTY keyboard layout, additional multimedia keys add more benefit. The top panel as we had seen before is the charging source. It works on solar powered NiMH battery. The batteries are provided by Logitech only. It is also very light to carry. Even thinner than a book, it has a fairly durable body. This does not means it is unbreakable, but it can bear minor shocks. Logitech K760 is 40% smaller compared to any regular keyboard. As it does not has the Numpad key and a section of Special keys, the size is being reduced to great extent.  It has concave key caps which makes typing more comfortable.


Compared to regular keyboard keys, K760 has keys with less dept. Typing is only comfortable when your fingers can feel the keys clicking. They are responsive and placed well with enough gaps. A common problem with small keyboard is keys, which are very near to each other. You can find this kind of keypad on portable Netbooks. While in Logitech K760 there is an appropriate gap provided between each keys so that you can move your finger comfortably.




The body of Logitech K760 looks strong enough to be used under rough condition but it is not waterproof. So ensure that you must avoid direct contact with water or any liquid. Accidently a number of times it happens that coffee fells over the keyboard. You have to avoid that. Below the solar panel, there are set of function keys with additional options. Like the F1, F2 and F3 key are Bluetooth profile keys. You can add 3 devices on it and use the keyboard on them just by pressing the right function key. I had configured Galaxy Note 2 on F1, Windows 8 PC on F2 and iPad on F3. Just by hitting the keys the keyboard detects the other active connection and starts working. It does not take time to connect with devices. The F4 key is to switch multiple desktop and F5 is configured on default web browser. You can find information on all the functions keys in below list.


Function Keys :

  • F1 – Bluetooth Profile 1
  • F2 – Bluetooth Profile 2
  • F3 – Bluetooth Profile 3
  • F4 – Switch between multiple desktop spaces
  • F5 – Opens Default Web Browser
  • F6 – Reduce Screen Brightness
  • F7 – Increase Screen Brightness
  • F8 – Check Battery Status (Green – Charged / Red – Out of Power)
  • F9 – Play/Pause Button
  • F10 – Mute/Unmute button
  • F11 – Reduce Audio Volume
  • F12 – Increase Audio Volume



At the extreme right there is a power button. It is not a button actually but a slider. You have to drag it to the right side and a green light blinks. This shows that the keyboard is turned on. Also the Bluetooth lights blink if it is paired with some device. The Bluetooth profile keys blink with blue colour. While other layout is just similar to any Mac keyboard. The number keys on the top and central QWERTY layout covers the maximum space. The FN key is located at lowest part on the extreme left side. Control and Alt keys are next to it. While using the keyboard on Windows you might find it difficult to press Alt + F4 or Control + A. This is because, in usual keyboard there is a Windows key. But you can get used to the same after regular usage. The arrow keys are placed to the lower part at the extreme right side. They are placed a bit separately and it is much easier to find compared to any other keys on the keyboard. The caps lock button has a green light over it so that you can figure out whether it is on or not. Logitech K760 is a nice keyboard with all functionalities that you need while chatting or while writing an email.




It is better if we discuss about the connectivity separately. There are only 3 steps involved in connecting the keyboard with other Bluetooth devices. The best part here is that, Logitech K760 is not just limited to Mac devices only. It works well with other system/smartphones as well. For example to pair it on Windows 8 just press the Bluetooth button on the backside. When you do that the blue light on Bluetooth Profiles keys (F1, F2 and F3) will start blinking. I am using a 2.0 USB Bluetooth dongle here. Now go in Bluetooth section and click on Add Device.


When you click on it, it displays a pairing code that you have to type on the keyboard and then press Return (Enter) key. That’s all, it gets paired easily. Also if you have any existing keyboard connected, then it will not interfere with it. Both will work flawlessly. The same pairing process works for Android and iOS devices also. So you can see how simple it is to pair the keyboard with other devices. The wifi range is also fair enough.




I was expecting some more additional options in this keyboard. Logitech does not offer any preference manager software for Windows or any other platform. It is specifically designed for Mac devices. So on other platform there is no way to customize it. We found Logitech K760 a very easy to use keyboard. It is portable and stylish. Also it fits well inside a laptop bag. Nor it takes long time to pair or to turn on. You can just move the power slider and start typing. That’s all. It is a plug and play device that works on HID Keyboard driver which is commonly available. Above all, Logitech has not provided any additional device that acts as a wireless transmitter. It is programmed to work with most of the Bluetooth specification.




The price of Logitech K760 is Rs. 6,599. Many solar powered keyboards are already available within price range of Rs. 4000 to Rs.7000. Among them Logitech K760 is best. Looking at it with design and connectivity point of view then it gains 8 out of 10. At the price level, it is being overcharged. I was expecting Bluetooth dongle along with it. The package contents just comes with manuals and K760 keyboard. Due to common specs, it works well with iPad, iPhone, some Android Smartphones, Windows 8, etc. Compared to OEM Apple devices, this keyboard must be cheaper. Adding a wireless mouse is recommended.



  • Stylish Design
  • Slim Profile
  • Concave Key Caps
  • Dedicated Blueooth Profile keys
  • Multimedia Keys
  • Simple Pairing with Bluetooth Devices
  • Solar Powered Panel for powerless performance
  • Long Battery life
  • Ideal solution for iOS devices



  • No bluetooth dongle
  • Not waterproof
  • Less durable body
  • Missing Keys (PrintScreen, Home, End, Insert)
  • Not designed with Windows Keyboard Shortcuts



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