WD My Net N900 CENTRAL Router Review

WD My Net N900 CENTRAL Router Review

Western Digital My Net N900 Central Router delivers easy wifi storage solution. WD My Net N900 Central is a better variant of My Net N900 that gives you a 1TB internal storage for hassle free sharing. There are ample of common features among both the routers. We will check out in detail what My Net N900 Central actually offers compared to the regular model.  Routers by WD are precise in features. There are no complicated settings that would require networking knowledge. Its easy setup is one of the prime features that we cannot ignore. And above that performance is also great. My Net N900 Central operates on Dual Wi-Fi Band. It offers a bandwidth of 450 Mbps on dual Wi-Fi frequency which is 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.


The benefit of these two separate frequencies is giving stable data transfer. You can get an error free data access or backup on 5Ghz compared to 2.4Ghz. There are no external antennas on the router body that gives it a bit decent design and does not require appropriate placement. You can put it anywhere and inside a range of 10m you can surf; access shared media files and enjoy hassle free HD entertainment. You can also check the Video Review of N900 Central here.


For HTPC or data backup we normally invest well on NAS, FileServer, etc. But what if a router itself offer you 1TB internal storage where you can store all your HD content, data, multimedia files, etc; and share them with tiny application WD2Go on Android and iOS. While for Windows, you can simply see the media device in Network Places and you can stream video/audio directly in Windows Media Player by clicking on Shared Media Device. For adding files in the server you can go back in Network Places and click on the My Net N900 Shared Storage icon. But it is necessary that the router as well as the pc must be on common workgroup. WD made our job easy by giving a product that can be easily configured. You might hardly need any manual for using it. My Net N900 Central has two variants. One comes with 1TB Storage (WDBKSP0010BCH) & other one comes with 2TB Storage (WDBKSP0020BCH).




  • FastTrack Plus
  • Dual Band Wifi N Speed
  • HD Video Streaming
  • 1TB Internal Storage & Automatic Backup
  • Easy Personal Cloud
  • Parental Control & Internet Security
  • 1 USB Port to add more storage
  • UPnP Router
  • Advance QoS
  • IPv6 Enabled
  • WPS
  • Powerful Security Features
  • Antenna Amplifier



  • Technology : IEEE 802.11 n/g/b/a
  • Bands : Simultaneous  2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Wireless speeds : Dual-Band N 450 + 450
  • Interface : Gigabit Ethernet
  • RoHS Compliant : Yes
  • Capacity : 1 TB
  • Ethernet Port : 5 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet (4 LAN, 1 WAN)
  • USB Port : 1 x USB 2.0




From design point of view there is nothing much to say about this router.  It is not really a large router. The antenna is integrated inside the body due to which you can place it easily anywhere.  The dimension of My Net N900 is 32mmx170mm. It can be a size of a small notebook. WD added an antenna amplifier in the router, due to which the wifi connectivity remains constant. There would be very few or no spikes while using it. The body has 4 Gigabit Port and 1 Internet Port. There is a usb connector on the backside. You can simply connect an external hard drive or pen drive if you want to exceed the storage. The front part consists of tiny led indicators that will let you know about Wifi, Web Access, Storage, etc. The WPS button is by default provided on the right side. There is no direct Wifi on/off button.  Many other good routers miss this feature.  It has a black shade color with a bit glossy finish on the top and fan at the lower side to keep the internal component cooler.



As usual the Gigabit port, which is situated at the back, has green and yellow led indicator which tells you whether the connection is active or not. My Net N900 Central is a not at all a complicated device. From design point of view it might not give you a flash look, but it resembles a performance look. The body is quiet durable and it is a bit heavy also. That can be due to the hard drive inside it. The reset button is placed below. You have to turn the router upside down and over the fan you can see a RESET button that can be pressed using a pin. This would restore the factory settings of the router.


Features and Configuration:


It is better if we go with all the features one by one. WD has highlighted HD Entertainment a number of times in the entire specs and features. HD Entertainment consists of simple streaming of HD videos on Wi-Fi. On a HTPC you have to create a media server that would give simple access to files that are stored on a shared space. If we do that manually then we need a good router, shared space like NAS, Hard Drive, etc and software that would manage the media streaming. In My Net N900 Central all this requirements are eliminated. With 1TB Storage you just have to login on the router dashboard and configure it through Setup Storage. Add a password, put it on a separate workgroup, and enable DLNA, Storage, Share, iTunes and FTP. You do not need any third party media server for it. Turn on the router, configure the storage and in your Windows Network Places you can find My Net N900 Central under Storage. Add all your media files and access them on Smartphones, Tablet and other PC.



My Net N900 Central is loaded with Fast Track Plus Technology. This technology gives your router a smart way to manage HD content. It works on Data Packet level by persevering the quality of video you are streaming. There is no detailed datasheet out that really works, but somehow it prioritizes the media streaming quality. After testing it for a while on different devices we really did not find any effects. The best feature of Fast Track Plus is that it manages bandwidth allocation. For HD content more bandwidth is allocated so that it does not buffer. Other than Fast Track Plus it is easy to create a Personal Cloud on My Net N900 Central. Thanks to 1TB internal Storage. You might have used Google Drive, or Drop Box type of services.


This service allows you to store data online. You can store audio, images, video and files. But that is limited and requires upload time. My Net N900 Central offers a personal cloud in itself. 1TB Storage means you can utilize the complete space for storing file and then stream the content through internet from anywhere you want. The benefit here is, there is no need to pay for online storage. You get absolutely free space of 1TB that can be accessed through web with maximum security. You can check our video section to find out how to create a personal cloud. For that you will need to use WD2Go Web Access App.




The router features 450mbps on dual bandwidth. To some extent dual bandwidth offers you a better way of accessing files on wifi. While on a wired network the router performed evenly compared to others. It is designed for Wifi Entertainment so on that basis it gives a good output. With simple setup, you can instantly create a protected wifi network and start working on it. A separate Guest option allows you to provide temporary access. You can enable and disable that through web and mobile access. The router features only IEEE 802.11 n/g/b/a Wifi standard. For enterprise environment there is no support provided for 802.11ac standard. That can be ignored to some extent as WD has already highlighted that this router is a good device for home usage.  It is capable of working for hours and has decent output. My Net DashBoard is divided into set of simple category that takes you from minimum to advance setup. We performed some test to find out the bandwidth of My Net N900 Central Router. When it is connected, then it showed us a 64mbps of link speed. Depending on the standard you can gain more through the settings. The transfer speed was good enough to move files from lan to the Wi-Fi storage.




The cost of My Net N900 Central 1TB is around Rs.16,000 Approx and My Net N900 Central 2TB cost around Rs.23,000 Approx. Depending on your usage you can go with the storage space. My Net N900 Central is a good router for media sharing. With easy Cloud setup you can keep all the files at central location and access them through web. My Net N900 has ample of good features but it is to some extent not recommended for large enterprise environment.  It is a decent choice for mid and small network especially for home network. Due to 4 LAN ports only you cannot hook many systems on it. There must be alteast 7 ports that would make this router an ideal solution for offices.



  • Dual Band Router @ 450MBPS
  • 4 Faster Gigabit Port
  • Easy Configuration
  • 1 TB Internal Hard Drive
  • Web Access through Smartphones



  • Performance limited for home users only
  • Simple NAS Storage Functionality only
  • Fixed Storage



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