Sennheiser X320 Gaming Headphone Review

Sennheiser X320 Gaming Headphone Review

Sennheiser X320 offers premium audio quality for Xbox 360. Loaded with all audio feature required for gaming environment, X320 is capable of delivering awesome audio output. Sennheiser has specifically designed the headphone for gaming console only. With great look and nice design the headphone features big in size with better audio output. We had seen that Sennheiser tries to add some some unique features to boost the output of audio. Everything is packed inside a black and green body with large comfortable earcups speakers. It will be better to say that Sennheiser has provided one of the best gaming headphones for gaming consoles. The manufacturer emphasis more on the audio, controls and clarity. These are the three prime aspects that make the headphone an ideal choice for Xbox. We will check out the same in detail and will see that X320 is meant for gaming purpose or not. Compare to regular music files, gaming audio is a bit different. There is no use of additional base effect on it. What matters is a clear 3D surround sound quality that allows you to listen each and everything in detailed sound. So the primary part is to check the output on Xbox.


The headphone features best audio quality, noise cancelling mic, bass boost and many more features.  You can also fix it on your gaming console via game pad using a separate 2.5mm jack cable.  Sennheiser X320 features dynamic sound quality. In a gaming headset the audio quality and clarity is what matters the most. In our last review we had shown you Creative’s Tactic 3D Omega Headphone. Compared to that Sennheiser X320 is more portable. It is a wired headphone and there is no wifi provided on it. Check Video Review of Sennheiser X320 here.



  • Exclusive Audio Quality
  • Noise Cancellation Microphone
  • Easy Control
  • Stereo Speaker
  • CircleFlex EarDrum



  • Cable length : 4 m
  • Connector : 2 x 2,5 mm + 2 x RCA
  • Weight : 280 g
  • Color : black
  • Frequency response (headphones) : 15 – 23000 Hz
  • Impedance : 32 O
  • Sound pressure level (SPL) : 113 dB
  • Impedance : 2 kO
  • Frequency response (microphone) : 70 – 15000 Hz
  • Pick-up pattern : Uni-directional
  • Sensitivity as per 121 TR 9-5 : -38 dBV/PA


Package Content:

  • X320 Xbox 360 gaming headset
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Game audio cable
  • Voice chat cable





In the image above you can see that Sennheiser X320 is an attractive product. The headphone has a very long cable. It is around 4 metre long. It is a USB headphone. You have to connect this headphone to your Xbox USB port. And to connect it to game pad you have to use the 2.5mm cable at the back side of the usb connector.  It has a plastic body and a mic is attached on it. You can simply mute the mic by raising it completely towards top side. The cables are not detachable. At first look when I saw the headphone I thought it would be a wireless device. But unfortunately there is no wireless support provided on it. It operates on USB connectivity. The audio jack is not provided on it. This is the reason I was not able to test it on a PC. Because for PC, to use a USB audio device you need proper drivers. Or else the system will not detect it. But there was no issue connecting it on the Xbox. You just have to connect it, manage the audio volume and start playing. It delivers a good audio quality.  Sennheiser X320 features an amplified stereo sound that manages better audio quality without missing any detail. Along with that as usually in many Sennheiser headphones, noise cancellation matters the most. That means when you are speaking on the mic, the background noise are reduced giving out a more clear output on the other side.



The design of Sennheiser X320 delivers maximum comfort while using it. While gaming it is common that players play games for many hours. So at that point if the design is not proper you can feel some pain towards your ears because of the headphones weight and design, within some period of time. You can see in the image below the actual look of X320. It is a single molded design where the speakers are fixed and you cannot move them from outside. Integrated with the headphone is the mic. The size is fixed and you cannot remove it. You just have to tilt it down and start using it. That gives enough space to the mic from your mouth to deliver best voice quality. X320 is a pro level headphone. Sennheiser has added a very long cable on the headphone. It is around 4 Meters long cable that has dual volume control panel in the center and a dedicated bass boost button. Dual audio control allows you to adjust gaming separately with a light indicator. The central panel allows you to adjust the audio and voice volume separately.



Audio/Voice Performance:


There is no doubt about the audio output of Sennheiser X320. But one thing that this headphone does not offer is PC connectivity. It is simply designed for Xbox only.  As I said before that for gaming you need an audio output that should be comfortable to wear, and also the audio must not annoy you. The speakers in the headphone are large enough to deliver a crystal clear audio with all details that are needed. Bass Boost is one of the primary features of this headphone which is less discussed. With single button you can increase the bass output and enjoy a much better audio output. That effect is necessary at the time of in game cinematic. One thing nicely done by Sennheiser is adding a Bass Boost button. So depending on the choice we can enable and disable the same.


Sennheiser X320 also features a crystal clear noise cancellation microphone. It rotates nicely so that you can adjust it as per your voice. The microphone is turned off automatically when you raise it up. Sennheiser has worked hard on the mic output also. While playing fps game, two things are quiet important. First getting commands and second telling commands. If you have a poor mic output then you would be facing issue with communicating with the players on the other side. Sennheiser is an awesome headphone for long gaming session. Integrated low noise amplifier allows you to get maximum audio quality.




Sennheiser X320 is a decent headphone for gaming console. We tried to test that on PC, but it did not respond at all. It seems that  it has some missing drivers or it is only designed for Xbox 360. High quality audio output, bass boost and noise cancellation mic makes this headphone an ideal choice for video games. It is capable of producing 113 decible audio output. With long cable you can sit relax far from your console. The headset does not feature any wireless support or 3.5mm jack that puts a bit limitation in usage. The cost of Sennheiser X320 is RS.8000 approx.



  • 2 year global warranty
  • Bass Boost
  • 4m Cable
  • Stylish design
  • Crystal Clear Microphone



  • No 3.5MM Jack connectivity
  • No Wireless support



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