Sennheiser Momentum Headphone

Sennheiser Momentum Headphone

Sennheiser Momentum Headphones offers luxury design and enhanced audio with maximum comfort. Built with rich material, Sennheiser has once again proved that there are a lot of things that can be done on this headphone. Momentum is a masterpiece. With unique design, luxurious looks and outstanding quality, the headphone is more than an audio device. It can be a symbol of class and features. Sennheiser has unique headphones that are costly and stylish. Momentum comes with minimum accessories but Sennheiser has added a stylish brown pouch to carry it. It is quiet large in size but it gives a comfortable way of keeping the headphone and all its cable at one place.


The headset is compatible with iOS and other devices that has 3.5mm jack. Sennheiser has used leather material in the headphone making it extremely comfortable for long usage. The material used in the design itself reflects a superior quality of audio device that is hardly found anywhere. It looks no manufacturer in the market really works hard on headphone devices other than Sennheiser.


There is a perfect balance of look and features which makes the product very innovative. The headphone features neodymium magnets. Due to which the audio quality is never compromised. The weight is also reduced to great extent and the audio output is refined compared to iron-ferrite magnet. That would be reason why this kind of products is so costly. They are not just built with anything.




  •  Circumaural Headphone to isolate the audio and maintain output quality.
  •  Smart Remote to deliver quick multimedia keys for easy accessibility.
  •  Luxurious material with soft leather fabric offering maximum comfort.
  •  Durable Design for maximum durability and convenient adjustment
  •  Metal Ear cup Slider that offers a durable design.
  •  An integrated remote that allows you to control Microphone.



  •  Ear coupling : Circumaural
  •  Transducer principle : Dynamic, closed
  •  Frequency response : 16 – 22000 Hz
  •  Sound pressure level (SPL) : 110 dB
  •  Impedance : 18 ?
  •  THD, total harmonic distortion : < 0.5 %
  •  Contact pressure : 2.8 N
  •  Load rating : 200 mW
  •  Weight : 190 g


Package Content:

  •  MOMENTUM headphones
  •  Stylish carry pouch.
  •  6.3 mm adaptor plug
  •  3.5mm Cable with smart remote
  •  3.5mm Standard connection cable
  •  Manuals




It would be correct to say that Momentum is an ideal headphone for those who love luxury with clean sound quality. Due to large size, the headphone delivers a nice bass output with every beat. The design consists of a stainless steel headband that makes it a durable audio device. The eardrums are placed well with slider adjustment above up and down side. Sennheiser has made it more durable with lucrative look. The headband on the top side also has soft leather that does not put any strain on the upper part of head. The ear drum are locked and do not rotate. It features circumaural headphone. This kind of ear drums lock the ambient noise from outside. That does not mean that it seals your ear completely but gives a soft pressure so that outer noise would not disturb you much. With detachable cable, the package content offers you two cables. One that has a SmartRemote in the center and the second that is plain 3.5mm cable.



The cable size is long enough that can be used with your laptop or pc. There is a mic available which is enough for taking calls. SmartRemote is a panel in the center that allows you to manage your music. A kind of quick accessibility feature. You can see in the image below there are three keys. A + – key with Sennheiser logo in the center. The plus/minus key allows you to control the audio volume while the center key is loaded with some preconfigured command.  It is called as SmartRemote due to many features.  You can change songs, play previous songs, play/pause, reject or accept a call and activate voice commands through this.


The functions are:

  • Single press for Play/Pause
  • Double Press for Next Song &
  • Three times press for Previous Songs.


For phone calls:

  • Single Press to Accept Call
  • Hold the button for 2 seconds to reject a call.


For Voice Command:

  • Hold 2 seconds to activate it. And then speak.


In our videos section we had shown all the commands in the video review of Sennheiser Momentum. As per the stated price I was expecting wireless connectivity on it. But the same is not provided. The headphone jack with SmartRemote tilts down pretty well to adjust proper connectivity. From design point of view the headphone is made from rich material and it is a worth buying audio device.



Audio Output:


The headphone is capable of producing 110 Decibel of audio output. Momentum has detachable cables. From one end it is a 2.5mm connector and on other it has 3.5mm. But still I found that the bass effect is limited. There are no additional options provided with it to increase the bass output. At some point it lands more on the clear audio output with clean sound. And if you are a lover of loud music then you might need to compromise with the base quality. This does not mean that the bass output is completely lost. I am talking about a mid range effect that will not blow your ears. In many gaming headset, bass output are more enhanced with an integrated powerful amplifier. On that basis this headphone goes a bit low. Sennheiser Momentum features more on giving a natural audio than processing it with a different type of enhancement.




The headphone is light in weight with good material used in the design. The headband is covered with soft leather material that allows you to wear it comfortably for long time.  It is a nice headphone that has ample of features compared to regular ones. Sennheiser has made it special by adding smart features. It is a very lightweight headphone. The weight is just around 190g. Momentum features style and comfort. There are hardly any models that has perfect combination of both.  Sennheiser Momentum is a classic headphone that is designed with rich material and features maximum comfort.


It is not at all a regular headphone. The closed ear cup manages pure audio quality that cannot be disturbed by outside noise. With plug and play quality, there is no need to mess with any drivers or additional software. With two audio cables you can use it with different devices even though it is marked only for iOS device. It works with all. It delivers clear audio quality with every beat. Sennheiser Momentum is a luxury product which deals with premium audio quality only. You cannot expect a high bass affects on it.  The cost of this headphone is around Rs.24, 990 approx. It is a very costly headphone but Sennheiser has fit the best quality material with premium audio output to justify this  price.



  •  Stylish and durable design
  •  Rich Material gives Luxury Look
  •  Premium Audio Quality
  •  SmartRemote to manage calls, audio and voice commands.
  •  Leather ear cups and headband to give maximum comfort.
  •  Detachable cables.
  •  Plug and Play
  •  2 year global warranty



  •  Over priced
  •  Mid Range Bass Effect



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