PriceBABA Website Review

PriceBABA Website Review

PRICE BABA is an innovative approach for mobile phone price search.  PRICE BABA is a wide platform to get all mobile phone prices under one roof.  If you are looking for information on latest mobile prices then you do not need to waste your time in searching on the entire web. There are tons of websites that are loaded with assumed price and also they do not tell you where to buy the same. PRICE BABA is a very simple website that has a search box. You just have to type the mobile model and you will be provided with price results. Along with that PRICE BABA also refers you the retail points with rating from where you can buy it.


Before using PRICE BABA I was looking on many other website for the exact price. And there was no option available to confirm whether the price is perfect or not. There can be variation in the market price compared to the one which is displayed online. To remove that doubt PRICE BABA refers some retail outlet with phone number for whatever mobile phone you search. You can directly contact them to find out the availability and the price difference. Compare to other price list website, PRICE BABA targets price of mobile phones only. With simple UI you can find out the latest model on the home page itself.


After using PRICE BABA I found out that it saves a lot of time to search for phone prices and the place from where to buy. The BETA edition may give you minimum results but as the final edition is provided we can get much bigger enhancements on the website. Instead of loading the front page with tons of menus, banners, ads, etc they kept the webpage very simple. The design plays a primary role in keeping the user to stick on the site. The site is divided into 2 parts only. The first one is – smart search box that is placed in the center (search engine type look) which is quick to give you complete mobile model by adding some few words only. The common habits are well integrated on PRICE BABA that requires less effort while using. You can also get a list of popular phone sorted out like brand wise or model wise that is recommended by PRICE BABA.



UI & Usability:


Talking about the UI of Price BABA there is only one word that comes in my mind which is its “SIMPLICITY”. Keeping everything straight forward and simple, the site can work very well with huge traffic. We are aware that mobile phones are the most happening products in India. And users widely around the country search for price and details of new mobile or smartphones. What matters is the trust and reliability of data which is provided. Unlike other websites if official price is not declared PRICE BABA will not give you any result. That is obvious. But if that was possible it can gain a bit benefit over competitors. PRICE BABA as the domain name says, targets Indian audience mostly. We also checked out  some of its blog section that offers more some guidelines and output on the website’s work. We found a bit humor in the way the site offers detail. Highlighting the “BABA” icon which reflects one who knows everything. We can wait back to find out the final output on the website when it is out of BETA. First we will quickly view the interface and usability. The image below gives you a glimpse of PRICE BABA homepage. As I had said it is having a simple UI that allows you to search for the price of any smartphone model.



Another feature which is very common and integrated on PRICE BABA is its instant search feature. If you are not completely aware about the model you just need to type few words and instant search will pull out appropriate results from the database. It is an important feature that offers a search engine service. After selecting your model it takes you to the article page where you can see the price with more information.



The result page gives you more information compared to other website. Like on the top side you can view the price with some related phones to the right side. Below it gives you locality search.



You can look for some local shops if you are willing to buy. You can also directly contact them and ask about the price availability.



The lower column offers you some information on the device hardware and short overview. It will also tell you more about the device.



At the end you can find a price history of device that you are looking for. It shows you the rise and fall of price. This is quiet unique way to tell users about the price history. It makes a visual approach towards choosing the right device as per the price history.



Mobile Access:


We also tested PRICE BABA on smartphones. We thought it would not work well as the website is not optimized from mobile devices. But somehow PRICE BABA manages to give you a common interface on desktop as well as on mobile phone without redirecting you to a separate server. The website is well optimized to work on Smartphone screen also. Almost keeping the identical interface on the phone, you can search your favorite model price instantly. But there is more work required on the mobile interface. You can scroll down but to some extent it is a bit uncomfortable. For example viewing an article page of search result. The result page or article page on which you see the information of your device is very long. There must be more changes in this which would make PRICE BABA a proper design for mobile platform. The site is in the BETA edition and soon going to be in the final one, and then we can find out more improvement in the interface of PRICE BABA.





PRICE BABA is designed by the team that was behind OnlyGizmos and SwitchME. So from that point of view you can figure out that this guys are bit expert in generating a wide and smooth working database with simple UI on the web browser.  We found PRICE BABA an informative website for instant mobile phone price information. There are limitations in search functionality. For example you cannot search on the basis of price, brand, or any specific model. The home page offers you two boxes where you can find featured and popular models only. Marked as BETA edition there are ample of limitation. But we hope that PRICE BABA will be much enhanced till the final version is out. This website requires constant updating due to which it will be able to give appropriate results. A mixture of custom php and java scripts gives the website  to boost and perform better on different web browsers compared to a ready to use framework.



  • Easy Interface & Smooth Performance
  • Instant Search for Mobile Models
  • Detailed Result Page with Price History
  • Retailer Info based on Availability



  • Limited Search Functionality
  • Needs improvement for Mobile platform.



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